Old Lovers Keep Popping Up! Pluto Transit To Natal Venus

pisces gold koiHey Elsa!

Help! What the freak is going on? Every male from my past is contacting me. Ex-boyfriends, old friends, I don’t want these people in my life right now, but they are intruding. I’m too busy for this crap. Should I respond? If I ignore them will they likely go away? I just don’t want to be filling my mind with answers to ex-boyfriends questions about our relationship from 8 years ago.

Pisces in a Panic

Dear Panic,

Yuck!! I hate it old lovers, dead and gone are resurrected, but this is par for the course, when Pluto transits your Venus. Yes, you can ignore them but I’m not sure they’ll go away. Physically yes, but psychically they may hang on until you’ve unraveled this.

You don’t have to deal with them directly, but I think you may be served by turning to face this thing, rather than running from it. Try to discover some sort of meaning. The fact this is happening suggests there is something in it for you.

Look for deeper insight and understanding, patterns around how you relate to others. This is the information trying to surface, and once you access it, these ghosts can get back in their graves and you can move along.

Finally, it’s my experience with Pluto transits, you go down (deeper) willingly or get you taken down. It’s far more classy to go on your own will rather than be dragged kicking and screaming.

Good luck.

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10 thoughts on “Old Lovers Keep Popping Up! Pluto Transit To Natal Venus”

  1. Isin’t it more human and kind to respond to thise guys if they wanna resolve problems and questions they have about your now past relationship with them? Isin’t it a bit selfish and cruel to dismiss a person who merely asks “what went wrong with our relationship yeras ago?”.

    IF this is all they ask and want of course! I don’t know the full story , I just reacted to the part “answers to ex-boyfriends questions about our relationship”. I may have misinterpreted it, anyways I’m sorry if what a said has no relavance for this story!

  2. I’m just now still going though a sudden break up with a guy friend 7 months ago and many things are downing on me still!

    Such a long process this is! I now em ready to talk things through to resolve every misunderstanding. But see this guy is libra energy and neptune energy. He is a “keeping things subtle” type of guy… or maybe thats an illusion aswell. Neptune has messed this relationship so hard, I can’t tell what is what sometimes—

    Anyways, we both got radio silent on each other for 7 months ago! And now we both won’t seem to resurrect things… its super weird.

    How the hell can we go from talking everyday to complete silence…

    For me it was like I snapped and was like, “its best to burn the bridge so we can move on for good”. I’m no quitter I mind you, I tried for more then 2 years to make this friendship work.. I failed misearably, started to act really unbalanced and weird, lost my dignity and got to see how he slipped away bit for bit, so I had to quite cold turkey. Thats the only way to quit an obsessions and addictions…

  3. I have Pluto conjunct my natal Venus.
    I’ve spoken with, haphazardly ran into or deeply connected with damn near all of my ex-girlfriends.
    It’s allowed us to reach a higher plateau regarding our relationship, healing or otherwise.
    Methinks this is great. I have Capricorn and Scorpio stelliums, with Aquarius sun to boot, so much of what I do is taken seriously, especially relationships.

    1. It is really interesting how some seem to run into or have exes “resurrected” all around them, while for some venus square pluto coincides with relationships going cold turkey, dead.. Both Pluto themes of course…

  4. Stop relationship immediately. If guy is hot then cold. He is only it for the sex hunt. Drop him immediately. If he cant or wont explain his coldness and refuses to acknowledge or discuss relationship. Walk away. He doesnt deserve an explanation. He’s immature.

  5. I have transit pluto trine venus now but will also have pluto square venus in the future (with transit aqua pluto). With my natal venus taurus opposite pluto, it was just last year that I completely stopped all communication with him because he kept calling and I also answered his calls. He has the exact placement, venus taurus opp pluto. We both have sharp Claws. Whilst today and tomorrow I also have venus square pluto transit and caught myself longing and remembering. I need to fast or something.

  6. Good evening.
    This could happen emotionally about a ex with a Venus square Pluto transit? I don’t want to live these thoughts again ☹️ Thank you very much!

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