Mars Conjunct Mercury – The Necessity Of Spewing Words

volcanoI mean to be a decent person, but there are times I get pent up. Spewing words seems the only real way to release the tension. It’s my natal Mars Mercury conjunction in Libra. When a Libra blows – LOOK OUT!

Now with that same conjunction, I have a drive (Mars) to be nice (Libra). I am not so sure how nice it is to unleash a torrent (Mars) of words or ideas or information (Mercury) on another person (Libra), but  this relieves me in a way that nothing else will.

I am not necessarily talking about yelling at someone, though I may. I may write a lot, or just simply hit (Mars) someone with a mother-lode of information (my conjunction is in the expansive 9th house). For example, I might call my friend, Ben, and talk to him for several hours about whatever is on my mind.

Just contemplating this is probably horrifying to some. I understand! I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, nor do I want to be. But I wonder if it is necessarily wrong to think and speak in this way. Could it be my natural rhythm?

I am old enough now to have some control of this. I don’t interrupt people with the expectation they listen to me, or that kind of thing. But I do feel I’d have a difficult time surviving without the occasional eruption.

Volcanoes occur in nature. A mountain is not a volcano and I wonder if people aren’t similar.

Do you think it’s possible that some are designed to release in this way? Or should a tendency like this be controlled?

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  1. As long as you speak your truth during the explosion, I think it’s fine. If it’s mean spirited or driven by attack you have to rein it in. I should take my own advice! If you stab me I bleed! (anger)

  2. I have a big (Jupiter) problem with this. As a Virgo I weigh my words carefully, and with some fear of the consequences (Cardinal T square with Saturn opposing Moon square Venus and Mercury)and of unintentionally causing offence (Venus in Libra). BUT I also have a Mutable T square with Mars opposing Jupiter (conj AC) square Sun and Mercury, with Mars in Gemini. So sooner or later I have to speak my mind (Venus and Mercury in the 9th), I get ill if I don’t. And Jupiter (12th and AC) blows it all up, externally or internally, with Uranus in Leo (8th). What I’ve learnt is that who I’m talking to is the crucial element, and to develop better (Virgo) discrimination as to when and with whom I’m free to be me (rather than hide), and when to keep my mouth shut. Its a struggle though.

  3. I’ve also got Mars/Mercury conjunct (Pisces), plus they are opposite Pluto. If I explode, it feels more like a monster tidal wave than a volcano.

  4. Yes. My ex has Mars/Mercury conjunct (as did my ex). It certainly seems to be the case.

    My natal Mercury is under a ton of pressure. It feels great getting a good spew in. Too bad it makes people recoil in horror and run away…or laugh if they have a sense of humour…;)

  5. I think some are designed to be this way. Speaking from my own experience, that’s just how I function. As I’ve gotten older it’s a bit more tempered but that tendency will always remain. It’s just in the blood.

  6. One of the many benefits of astrology is to see tendencies and correct the negatives, specially when it comes to natal aspects hit by transits…easier said than done. I would never recommend the eruption…too damaging in the long run…all that adrenaline can’t be good, though it might give a momentary reprieve. I’ve been on both sides of the explosion and it usually makes the person holding the dynamite appear out of control, temporarily insane, and word gets around. Better to install a pressure relief valve or set the existing one to a lower threshold, allowing for a minor release. Speaking only for myself, I find that when I have too many out of control situations occurring simultaneously, it can be the next incident that blows up the chicken coupe. Better to let someone know way before that point that they’re a booger, while some form of politeness can be held. Or walk away. Danger…explode at your own risk!

  7. I have to do this too. I am sure some folks have seen my posts. It seems if I don’t I also get ill. I only aim to purge so I can get to the truth and have peace again.

  8. I have to do this! Luckily I have a friend who graciously allows me, and listens with interest!

    I have mars/merc conjunct in leo at the base of my chart. So this makes perfect sense to me.

  9. Like you, Elsa, I have merc/mars conjunct, but in cancer. Like you said about your conversations with Ben, I do the same thing, but with my Mom, lol.

    As for controlling this or not letting yourself ‘be you’ (merc/mars in 9th) well I just don’t see where that would work for very long; much less be beneficial to your or those around you. Being in Libra/cardinal, I do think there is some amount of control (that you can excise).

    To use your example, think of a volcano, you can’t just cap it off and think it’s never gonna blow or bury it and think it’s forgotten. At some point, somehow or in someway that volcano is gonna need a pressure release and it’ll find one, one way or another.

    So to answer your questions, yes I think that some are designed to release in this way (just like earth sign to earth sign can create mountains, think tectonic plates colliding). As for controlling a tendancy like this, if you can control it, I think that’s helpful. As long as your not going to extremes of spewing or stiffling. Hope that makes sense 😉

  10. I also feel much better after I dishcharge that energy. I do find that controling how, when or where I discharge to be helpful for those around me; as opposed to just exploding everywhere. That’s what I mean by control, not stiffling the need and letting it do internal damage,

  11. I haz 1H Mercury-Uranus in Scorpio, so spewing words is a great outlet for me.

    Also, North Node in Virgo = I need to check in with others in order to make sense of what’s going on inside me.

    So yeah, having a trustworthy sounding board is vital for me. 🙂

  12. For me, the obsessiveness of course comes from Pluto. I feel if it can be obsessed about it can be controlled. But, I’ve not figured out how yet.

    The part about it that always gets me is..why? Why is it necessary for some people to be compelled while others are satisfied with very little communication.

    I mean, are we the unaware messengers of something? Especially since it seems like it’s being driven by an outside source and half the time I have no recollection of what I said, where the idea came from, or what I was talking about.

    IDK. It’s part of me and if I try to squelch it I suffer. If I do squelch it I suffer. So..yeah.

  13. and, I wonder about people who are not spewing words. Do they spew something else? Purge through physical exercise? Creative outlets like painting? Do they purge with chemicals?

    I’m not one of those people so I wouldn’t know.

  14. If you just strive to control it in order to achieve your own vision of perfection, then there’s probably no point. We are not the judge of God’s plan… trust in it. Hope that makes sense. Think of the inspiration that some may find in your eruptions!

  15. I used to collect glass, like friends would give me their empty liquor bottles and such. When the time came I needed to release, I’d take my box of glass jars and bottles and go into my garage and shatter them, cussing the whole time.

    I got my rage out. I released it using inanimate objects so the people around me wouldn’t be harmed by it. To this day the sound of shattering or breaking glass brings a smile to my face. Other people gasp, I grin.

  16. i think things bubble up that need to come out, and other people can be good foils for this. i have this experience a lot… but i also have a mercury opposition to scorpio…

  17. I think it is fine to discharge like this as long as it is not abusive to the listener. Sometimes, you just gotta rant.

    “Do you think it’s possible that some are designed to release in this way? Or should a tendency like this be controlled?”

    I am similar. Mars-Merc in the 8th. If I keep it all in, I feel bad/depressed. The same thing is true for information (Mercury) I’m excited (Mars) about or really want to share.

    I see it as actually doing the other a favor because you are in healthy mind/mood and in the future you’ll not make a fool of yourself and/or ‘kill’ them in a uncontrolled scenario/over some small thing that set you off.

  18. Scorpioandproud

    I have Mars square Pluto…I know a thing or two about a little rage…so having a physically demanding job helps, so does the treadmill and the ellipitcal trainer. I can’t side step, I have to work hard on it. It’s been my hardest lesson to learn and I am getting better every day. But its there. Waiting, for someone to try to manipulate or control me.

    I can feel it building up and I have to really focus and remember to choose my fights wisly. I try. Sometimes I fail. Most times I do okay. I do not send anyone in to do my dirty work. I do fine with that myself eeekkkk

  19. So interesting, I was JUST thinking about this today. I do not have Mars conjunct Mercury, but I have a Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn stellium in Scorpio in that order (aka the poison pen), as well as a Moon in Libra in the 3rd (mercury’s house) which is exactly square Mars in Cappy. I am the type of person that I can withstand rudeness and certain behavior and forgive to a point. But one too many times and i BLOWWWWWW. I can remember the look on friend’s faces as I BLEW UP in the past over incessant b.s., friends who had taken advantage of me one too many times. Most recently I wrote a letter to a now-ex-lover who had spurned me one too many times. I know this sounds crazy, but when I wrote it I got a vision of myself holding a sword and dagger thrusting into him. Needless to say he was scared and never expected it. We no longer speak.

    Maybe when Pluto and Mercury hook up, especially in Scorpio, it’s like an A-bomb of words?

  20. I’m sure it’s natural to vent like this for some people. It certainly is for me!

    Since I live alone I used to go to bars so I could talk a lot and express myself – I got totally wound up if I couldn’t do that. After a couple of drinks I can talk for England. Writing’s not quite so satisfying.

    Now I have to use the web! Thanks for providing the means to express what’s boiling inside

  21. I need to discharge too and I do think it is an in-born trait. I have a lot of natural tension – Moon conjunct Mars. When I saw my physical therapist he was astounded how tight my muscles have gotten in just two weeks of not doing my exercises. The same way people’s bodies are built differently, our nervous systems are just as individualized.

  22. And to answer your question, I think the tendency has to be *mastered* but not repressed. You can’t build a social life by only being a hothead but it can also be a boon in other ways.

  23. Thank you thank you thank you for talking about volcanic anger. It’s not personal. It makes the spewer feel better. It’s all about the spewer. Whew! And another key turns to open the lock and release me from yet another karmic cage. Awesome!!!!

  24. This is part of why astrology is so useful for understanding yourself and others. If people use astrology to justify NOT growing they are not using it for self development obviously. Although it takes constant self awareness, once we understand a pattern, its up to us to develop it for positive expression rather than the negative. That can take a lifetime but I’d rather use this knowledge for good versus to perpetuate negativity.

    1. I find I’m not the same, but similar. With Mercury Aries opposite Libra Mars both at 20° with the 6/12 axis. Both square Jupiter Cancer/9. I’m very polite in public (Libra Mars) But man do I ever blow my stack over the simplest of upsets. For instance when I misplace an item or out right lose something,(this is a common occurance sadly) I am in my own space screaming and cussing at the top of my lungs, for hours even. As long as I’m not verbally assaulting others, and just exorcising my own demons, I tend find it cathartic and it’s simply a natural tendency.

  25. Elsa, I am curious to know if you have ever looked to see where the asteroid Lucifer (#1930) is located in your chart.

    Lucifer is the Bringer of Light…the Truth-teller.

    1. Oooh fascinating! I’m obsessed with Asteroids.

      I have exact Mercury-Lucifer. Explains a lot! I don’t blow up, but sometimes my words ring ..

  26. I have a 4th House Mercury conjunct Chiron in Capricorn. So throughout my life I literally found myself unable to speak, especially in places (such as home) where I should feel safe, but I do not. I’m mansplained, womansplained, spoken over and about. I’m directed and misdirected until I find myself stepping out of my body, taking my mind and watching it all unfold from afar.

  27. I do this. I have Mars in Libra square Mercury in Capercorn. Sometimes my verbal eruption surprises myself! I feel better right away, and then later realize I was a jerk.

  28. I make other people explode! Stellium in 3 H Sag and Mars/Pluto/Uranus conjunct in Virgo!

    I say things that sound ‘helpful’ but are designed to force annoying people ‘friends’ face the truth about themselves. I know, I am ashamed – it’s not a good tactic. I guess I explode inwardly and without showing emotion I make others feel emotional and explosive on purpose, if they are self deceptive and not thinking deeply about whatever it is we’re taking about. I really wish I could stop, but it’s like an inner devil takes over :-/

  29. This is interesting to me because I have Mars in Libra. My chart is full of 3rd house energy along with that, so I end up in similar situations, just needing to talk, to get it out. But the Libra Mars, I never knew it could blow. Well, maybe not that I didn’t know, but didn’t realize to what degree.

    I’ve got Mars-Mercury conjunct in my solar return this year. I think people would be lost without the communicators, although I can see and have experienced the realization that I’ve annoyed or offended. Some people can love you and look past it or try to understand, but wow when they don’t. Feels awful.

    1. And just to add:
      I despise having to hold back. I just want to talk. My Mercury squares Pluto so sometimes it’s rough, but I just need to say things, to be heard. I feel like I’ve been holding back for such a long time now, just because of how charged things can get in the current climate. But even with personal stuff people get weirded out. 🙁

  30. Natally I have Moon conjunct Neptune conjunct Mercury….so sometimes I just have let off steam….since this stellium is in Scorpio!?
    I totally get it about spewing words Elsa… You offer such wise insights that more people need to learn from you.

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