Can Astrology Predict What A Person Will Do?

orange zodiac clock An astrologer told a client of mine that some particular guy was going to marry her. Now I am sure this sounded good to this gal at the time but what the hell! How in the world would an astrologer know what this guy was going to do? Don’t people have free will?

I thought this was outrageous even though I know it’s common. It is called “I don’t know what I am doing but they seem to want to hear this, so that’s what I will tell them.” Get this loud and clear: Astrologers do not know what some random guy who lives down the block is going to do.

We don’t know what some gal in Venezuela is going to do or even what out own mother is going to do!  If you want to check this, just use your head. How does the astrologer know what the guy is going to do when the man himself doesn’t even know what he is going to do? It makes no sense.

And even if the guy does know what he is going to do, this does not stop the universe from hitting his car with a train, so maybe he doesn’t know as much as he thought he did!

Astrologers can help you. They can help you TREMENDOUSLY! But they absolutely cannot tell you what decision some random guy or gal is going to make. If they tell you they can, this would be your cue to run for you life.

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    1. I tell them I cannot predict their future because outcomes are impacted by the choices they make aka their free will.

      I am asked this a lot, by the way.

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        Ronald Laswell

        Yes, I only do transits for a year out into the future. I explain it as the current flow of energy. And going beyond a year is just too much guessing and speculating.
        For instance, I had told a woman that she and her husband would “divorce.” Well, they did separate, but a legal divorce would have bankrupted the woman, so altho they no longer live together, they are still legally bound.

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    Ronald Laswell

    Reminds me of the time when an elderly woman got all pissy with me because she insisted that I knew some numbers that would win her the lottery!

  2. Yup. Agreed.

    Sometimes the use of words that imply certainty is the enemy of astrology e.g. “will happen” versus “might happen” versus “likely to happen” etc. Words can change an astrology reading; which at it’s core is just the the “reader’s” interpretation, in other words humans are fallible. Nowadays, these readings are often computer generated reading … an algorithm predicting the future?!

    That all a said, I do think there are some very gifted people in this world with real psychic or clairvoyant abilities who utilize astrology as a guiding map. Perhaps for these special people, they can in fact predict the future.

    For the rest, we might be more mindful of the choice of words we use. Especially when the listener is more likely in a vulnerable state.

    1. If a person claims to be able to predict the future, they ought to be able to do it, without fail. Otherwise, they are merely *trying* to predict the future which is an entirely different thing.

      I have known a number of people who are psychic. It’s still 50% at best. You may as well flip a coin.

    1. Ooh! Very intriguing! I cannot claim to be a “sage”, but I have always enjoyed solving mysteries and this sounds like one to me.

      Except how does one see in a fog? you don’t, but perhaps if you shine enough light you may make out the lines of a path so you can move forward or take action (Neptune in Aries).

      In finance there’s this annoying statement that advisors say all the time “past performance is not indicative of future outcomes”, but what we know is that history repeats itself – different actors, different script(s), but same theme(s). On this premise, given that the last time Neptune entered Aries it coincided with the onset of the American Civil War. Then it’s possible that in ~2025 there will likely be widespread civil discord in American, which may go on to affect other nations. Man vs. Machine or should I say AI? Neptune in Pisces has given us spiritual awareness and with advancements in technology, the internet has propelled our acknowledgement and shared experience that as a collective we are connected.

      So in 2025, Pluto newly in Aquarius may very likely threaten the existence of the collective as we know it, and within that fog there maybe a rise to take civil action to regain spiritual independence from technology.

    1. I’ve seen people have good results with it. I know there is a great demand for it. But I’ve not been close enough involved with it to have a true opinion.

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