32 thoughts on “Has Anyone Ever Regained Your Trust?”

  1. I’m one of those wishy-washy folks. I’d probably GIVE them my trust, all the while knowing I’m stupid for doing it and will probably be betrayed. I’ll fret about it, too.

    Pluto in Libra in the 4th.

  2. I’ve actually been struggling lately with what I feel is a betrayal.

    I’m the black hole of secrets, my friends say they love that about me. If you tell me not to tell anyone, I don’t ever tell. Not ever.

    Pluto conj. Virgo Moon

  3. I voted yes. I have Pluto in Scorpio. I think it depends on the person and the situation too much for me to say “Once you break my trust, that’s it” to anyone to whom it may apply. Somebody one knows as family (I’m thinking of my younger sister) will inevitably test or break your faith in them at one point, and while it may be difficult, I believe these people can earn your trust back. I think if you care about the relationship enough, making a effort to allow yourself to trust the person that has betrayed you is all part and parcel of forgiveness.

  4. Pluto square Gemini Sun in 8th. I try to be polite (Libra) but once my trust has taken a beating, it never really comes back. These days I am reframing everything, for example–it’s okay to walk away once betrayed.

  5. You will laugh…I’m not sure how to vote!! LOL (Libran Pluto) Generally speaking, I don’t trust them again. I can forgive all day long, but I never forget being crossed. But then, I’ve had people “fool” me repeatedly…was I trusting them again? Or just oblivious? I don’t know…I’m usually wary, but let my guard down repeatedly with people I love.

  6. I think my answer is very much Libra on this.

    I think in some cases it would be possible to regain trust, but in others, not so much.

    There’s only been one situation where someone I cared about broke my trust. Eventually I saw that he was nuts (abusive, pathological liar) and once I saw he was not trustworthy… well I can detach pretty easily and there is NOTHING you can do to get back in my good graces.

    In a different type of situation though, I think I could do it. I trust a lot, even when I probably shouldn’t, so you have to fuck things up pretty bad to get me not to trust you.

    Pluto Libra in 6th trine Sun and Moon

  7. I voted yes. However, in my experience it has been a mistake to allow someone to regain my trust and am not sure now whether I’d go for that anymore.

    Pluto in Libra, 6th house, square sun and Mercury, trine Venus.

  8. Pluto in Virgo in the 10th and Scorpio moon and ascendant AND Cancer Venus in the 8th. I never forget a betrayal. Like you I may not stay angry but I will never completely lose sight of the fact it could happen again.

  9. I’m not sure– I betrayed someone last year… And previously always thought of myself as a very loyal and “good” person. Found out that I’m not so simple.

    I’ve had a hard time trusting people after I think they’ve broken it- but I see now that maybe I shouldn’t be so rigid–

    And I don’t forget either… If I feel someone did me wrong, it’s always there, in the background and affects how I relate to them…

    Moon and pluto together in virgo, first house, sextiled all around the chart pretty much

  10. Yup. My mum. My Pluto is my 10th house. My mum and I both have North Node in Libra, a couple of degrees apart (mine is in the 10th but as I don’t have her birth time I don’t know what house her NN is in).

  11. I have not voted yet…I have to think about it. That is a Seriously Difficult question for me to answer without thinking about it……..alot.

    The main reason why is because there is no middle answer. All I can vote is ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

    No can do!

    And … I don’t even have Libra!

  12. I voted yes…and that was not an easy task. But the truth is my ex husband blew my trust out of this world. (I changed because of that, became someone who wasn’t really me. I have FINALLY found me again.)
    Then I have this dear friend who was a dirty dog (right along with me) for reasons of HIS own, but has become very dedicated and trustworthy to the one he has ALWAYS loved. How do I know this? Because my friend and I have always been brutally honest with one another. People who may have known him in the past would never get it , nor believe him, but, since we’ve remained in touch, off and on, I KNOW he is a changed and trustworthy man who will stick by his TRUE love.( as will I… if he exsists) He’s always had her on his mind and spoke of her often, as he was being stupid. Never would he cause her pain or hurt, there is NO DOUBT in my mind about this. I’ve known him for many years. He is HERS. I hope she sees it. I think she does. They are both very blessed, I pray they BOTH see it and HIS dark cloud will be lifted.

  13. It depends on the person and the situation.

    Ultimately Yes if I want to continue to have or rebuild a relationship with them – e.g. with some of my family. There I sustain huge emotional wounds and breach of faith but once I’ve healed I go up for another round because they are not bonds I want to break and I know that as I am learning hot to be they are also learning.

    I don’t automatically forgive every betrayal. Some people I consider toxic and better out of my life and there it’s no trouble. And some of them I decide to give a second chance to because it feels right even though it can blow up in my face.

  14. Interesting Nina, my Pluto in Libra is part of a kite too, but with Venus, Neptune, and Saturn. I feel like Saturn and the North Node are quite similar in nature but don’t know how far off I am with that.

  15. Pluto in Libra, cnj my MC.

    I like to think I’ve forgiven and forgotten but I hold that grudge forever. You can get back maybe 80% of the trust if you work at it, but I’m not going to rely on you unless there is absolutly no other way.

    But we can still be friends cause it makes me look sweet and forgiving. *shines up that halo*

  16. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    I voted yes.
    Pluto-stellium in Libra across the 8th/9th house cusp; the 8th house planets trine Jupiter in Gemini – my chart ruler and Moon in Taurus. Jupiter trines Sun in Virgo/8th as well. People deserve second and sometimes even third chances. I don’t see why not – as long as we’re not talking law-breaking, of course.

  17. pluto in virgo in 12th … no…..forgiving and regaining trust are two separate matters, i might forgive…but the trust doesn’t bounce back…

  18. I forgive but won’t ever forget. I don’t think someone could ever regain my trust after a major betrayal.

    Sun (virgo) conjunct mars/pluto (libra) 11th house

    Moon square mars/pluto

  19. pluto in libra/ 2nd. aspecting saturn, neptune venus, and kinda’ the moon.

    i forgive, i don’t forget. i only am willing to let myself get burned once.

  20. Pluto in Virgo in my 2nd house. It takes a lot for me to walk away from a person, but once I do, I am gone.

    Don’t lie to me…ever.

  21. I voted Yes, but it depends on the situation. With one person, I thought I was over something, only to see red when I had to actually be under the same roof as them again. I’m still having trouble with that one.

  22. Pluto in the eleventh, trine Moon/Venus/South Node in the eighth, square Saturn, opposite Jupiter, and ruler of my ascendant.

    The person I mentioned above almost destroyed my relationship with a family member who means the world to me – and their relationship with other family members. I don’t appreciate anyone being messed with that way – especially my family.

  23. No I don’t believe I can trust someone again who has betrayed me. I find it difficult enough to trust people *before* they betray me. There really aren’t too many trustworthy people in my book.

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