Do You Have A Psychic Shield?

ESSENTIAL Leonard Cohen“I’ve got a pretty good psychic shield,” my husband said. “Yeah, I’ve got a shield up and it’s damned good.


“No one has ever been able to penetrate it… not once has my shield ever been penetrated.”

“In your life?”

“In my life. If there is a someone out there who can… well there is no one out there who can penetrate my shield though many tried, the stupid bastards.”

“Are they stupid?”

“If they think they can penetrate my shield, then they’re stupid. Smart people know they’re not getting in. They figure it out right away if they even try in the first place.” He stated this matter-of-factly and it’s not the first time he’s talked about this.

I have a good map of my psyche too. I have no awareness of having or not having a psychic shield. I don’t really think I need one because people are always poking my hologram anyway. This Leonard Cohen line from Tower Of Song applies:

“So you can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll
I’m very sorry, baby, doesn’t look like me at all
I’m standing by the window where the light is strong…”

Do you have a psychic shield? 

9 thoughts on “Do You Have A Psychic Shield?”

  1. I’m always going through my own psychic shield unconsciously. By this I mean there is something in me that forces me to face things I’m afraid of. I always think I’m “walking backwards” into things (painful emotional experiences) I’m afraid of so I don’t see it coming. I have a friend who introduced me to The Medicine Cards which are based on the Native American idea that all animals carry a type of power (or medicine) to them. The animals that you are drawn to, dream about or surround you in nature are part of your own personal totem (your personal medicine). I suppose one of my biggest totems is the Rabbit which is the way I deal with unconscious fear. Rabbits tend to attract things they are afraid of.

  2. I do.
    I work(ed) in the delivery business, and I was in and out of elevators with mirrors all day long, but could never look in them with other people watching. I was fascinated by people who could.
    One day I bumped into a lawyer I knew, and watched him as he preened in front of the mirror, completely oblivious to me. I thought “Wow, that’s so weird he can do that in front of me,not embarrassed.” Suddenly this horrible childhood experience (there was a mirror involved) came back to me like a tidal wave. It was highly disturbing but also very therapeutic to work through it all.
    Mind you, that was just the beginning of Pluto conjunct my ASC. There were more incidents like that. I honestly felt for a time I was reliving everything that had every happened to me. Weird.

  3. Was wondering if you could elaborate a little more by what you mean by a “psychic shield”? Do you mean not letting others read your thoughts, or your moods?

  4. Oh well, than I do not have one. I have little skills in covering up what I am thinking, or feeling. If I don’t like you, you know, and of course, the opposite is true too. I would never (not ever) cut it in the corporate world – I can’t “play the game”.

  5. What I feel is written all over my face and it is a matter of integrity for me that I be real. However, if I want to keep something hidden as in ‘don’t cast pearls before swine’ I am inpenetrable! I mean that in the sense that if someone is trying to be familiar with me and I don’t respect them I just don’t allow the connection. No entry! Scorpio rising to thank for that I think.

  6. My shield is so intense I’ve tried to respond three different times to this and each time had to delete what I’d written! It freaks me out that I may really be that protective of myself, even online with people I don’t know and will not impact much on either way. How much of it is my planets and how much my life expereinces, and how much my planets working in with my life expereinces (and so on with that circular thinking ad infinitum) 🙂

  7. I can’t hide anything; everything I do is broadcast, like Dorothy up there. If I don’t like somebody, everybody knows it.

    It’s harder to show when I like someone.

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