How Do You Want To Be Seen By The Public?

public-opinion.jpgKingsley writes on People You Know Or Think You Know

I would be interested to know how you would like to be seen by your readers Elsa.

Perhaps the missing part of really “knowing someone”, that is, the lack of body language over the internet may have a different result when standing next to the person.

Idiot savant?

That’s an interesting question, Kingsley and I don’t think I care.  With Saturn and Neptune mashed, I don’t think I have the ability to care what the public thinks.

I like the idea people are provoked and/or challenged, moved and/or soothed by my work and beyond that I don’t think about it much. I very much have a ninth house perspective about my writing – I put it out here and then whatever.  It is up to the fates how or if it is received.

The problems come when people try to interact with what turns out to be my hologram.  At that point there are problems for them and problems for me.

The problem exists backwards in my real life where I am routinely misjudged and problems are created when my “voice” does not match what they see or think they see in real life.

How do you want to be seen by the public?

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Abe Lincoln, picture is a Capricorn Moon and rising known to be concerned about their public image. 🙂

7 thoughts on “How Do You Want To Be Seen By The Public?”

  1. Depends. Sometimes its necessary to be “seen” and sometimes not. I prefer to stay under the wire & not be noticed. Not sure what was going on a couple of weeks ago, but we were out shopping with the kids & I could NOT seem to stay under the radar. All day people were striking up conversations with me in lines, or just as we shopped. It was truly bizare.

  2. I have no idea, but I have Uranus rising, so I am going to be seen as OMGYOU’RESOWEEEEEIRD no matter what I do. It’s not under my control! Even if I am “pretending to be normal” and keeping my mouth shut, most people (thankfully, not my relatives who don’t like weird) can figure out on some level I’m not like them.

  3. normal in this age is crazy. Even if i were obbsessed with how the public sees me , there would be no way to tell if i was anywhere close to how they do…However i do like to be presentable when i go out in public.

  4. I want to be seen as strong, powerful, yet approachable and a candidate for confidence. Something between the sleeping tiger and the one pacing the cage. And I think I pretty much put that out there. I think. 😉

  5. Maybe the question could be “How don’t you wish to be seen in public?”

    I like the way you wish to be seen in public Daeshii

  6. “Maybe the question could be “How don’t you wish to be seen in public?”

    Kingsley – I can’t see the distinction. Don’t/can’t care means don’t/can’t care. This is like asking me how I would like to drink the ocean. Huh?

  7. Jennifer, that is funny. Sorry if you don’t think so, but the way you said it is funny. I have Uranus harmoniously aspecting my Asc, and for better or for worse, I get noticed and sometimes labled as a character. I feel like it, too. A cartoon character, this came up before. Like, I do not know how to dress, and I can look a bit disheveled even when sober. heh heh (seriously, I don’t drunk anymore, …. Really, I don’t!)

    Nah, really, I’m a Taurus so I don’t give three hoots how people see me, but I’m a Leo moon, so as long as there is one person in the world on any given day who is willing to say I am gorgeous, I am cool.

    Back when I taught college I was very frequently mistaken for one of the students because I just wouldn’t get dressed up. To make up for it I had everyone call me Dr. but it didn’t really help.

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