Pisces Man Thrilled And Defeated By Gemini Woman

Dear Elsa,

I’m a Pisces guy… dating a Gemini woman! I did read about how difficult the relationship can get, but give me a break. I have learned how the Gemini girl can
be such a charmer, when she wants to conquer a guy, she does it just right. She got me thinking I was the most amazing man over the planet, and that I totally won the lottery with this unique, full of talents, amazing girl who’s Universe was me.

Then all of the sudden, everything become exactly the opposite! Many times I wonder, who is this girl? Where it was just kind words now is rude comments, even the most silly stuff I say becomes a big deal to her.

Before I enjoy to spent hours and hours just talking to her about everything. Now I’m lucky if she has the mood to talk about anything. I used to expect all day to talk to her but now, its just a pain. She seems like it’s a total pain to even get to talk to me, like if I were a obstacle in her life. Just wanted to vent that really, I would like to say to all fishy guys out there who gets capture in the nets of a Gemini, to prepare to see both Heaven and Hell in just one woman.

Pisces Man

Comments? Can anyone relate?

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13 thoughts on “Pisces Man Thrilled And Defeated By Gemini Woman”

  1. As a Gemini woman with Scorpio I am very amused by the phrase “heaven and hell in one woman”.

    Pisces Man, sorry that Twin got you down.

  2. I had a gemini boyfriend, saturn was transiting my fifth. I saw hell mostly. he was really abusive verbally. it wrecked whatever self esteem i might have had till then. Then I left him and started to be my own lover, started painting and puting pictures of me around, going out alone. someone said as a joke that geminis are karmic agents. for me they have been.

  3. Depends…I have lots of gemini and so does my Pisces SO. His rising, moon and saturn are with me in gemini so we bond more than not. He does say I can be distant sometimes…with all his pisces and my gemini we invariably clash but nothing that is deal breaking. Maybe you have a bit of gemini in there or she a bit of pisces??

    Good luck and hope that things work out the way they will.


  4. Ever heard the old expression “A bird might love a fish… but where would they live?”

    A relationship like yours could theoretically work, but the challenges would be greater than usual. As dual signs, your case is more like two birds in love with two fish…

  5. I was once in limerance with a Gemini for eight very long years – get out of the vortex at the first opportunity and don’t look back Sweetie, you deserve and NEED on a soul level sooooo much more than a Gem is able to give you!

  6. I am Scorpio rising Libra and I had exactly the same story with Libra rising Leo guy. I don’t think it’s about her being a Gemini. Many people do that. It’s about loosing an interest, that’s the main problem.

  7. She’s bored to the point of throwing herself on a sword. Take her somewhere interesting for heaven’s sake! I wouldn’t even want to sit and listen to Brad Pitt talk day in and day out week after week.

    Double Gemini

  8. No. The issue is that Air signs need a lot more space than Water signs do. He expects you to be clingy, but you aren’t and he doesn’t understand it. I described only the typical issue of Air with Water, but there can be more issues, which can only be discovered in the detailed synastry.

  9. I’ve never seen anyone respond the way I’m about to but this may help. I’m a gemini woman in love with a Pisces Man. We’ve dated on and off for the betterment of 17 years. From the first day I saw him I instantly was intrigued. I fell in love with him hard! He fell for me too but he never really showed it… So that hooked me even deeper. He won’t let me conquer him and it drives me CRAZY! I’m kinda greatful that he hasn’t because I fear that I would’ve been bored and lost interest A LONG time ago. So him being so mysterious and me being so inquisitive has added SO MUCH EXCITEMENT to our relationship. I still find things going to good sometimes and kick up shit just to stir the pot for the hell of it. The sex is very passionate and sensual and it drives us both insane. He’s always in my head. I can never stop thinking about him. He’s not perfect. He has a wandering eye… But the upside to that is so do I. Lol. We’re kind of in an open relationship. We come home to each other every night though. This adds drama and spice to an already beautiful thing. He’s in love with me and I him but without the hot and cold give and take away thing we have going on it would be horrible for us. Imo.

    If she’s pulling back from you SHE’S BORED!! When Gemini’s are bored WE’RE MISERABLE! You must ALWAYS keep her mentally stimulated and never allow yourself to get too comfortable with routine. If she feels like she’s conquered you she’ll eventually leave. Go cold on her. Stop swooning over her if you wanna keep her. Just don’t do it for too long because we lose interest easily.
    My Pisces is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve never been in love like this in my entire life. I met him when I was 17 and Im still with him now. I’ll be 34 next month. He’s 36. Keep her interested and she’ll never leave.
    Good luck!!

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