Pluto And The Shadow Of The Collective: JonBenet Ramsey And The Tabloid Reporter

About the exploitation of these abducted kids and/or murdered children (Elizabeth Smart And Suffering In The Collective), JonBenet Ramsey was another. And I happened to have a front row seat for that one, or rather a backstage pass because I knew main tabloid reporter working on the case. I met him, see.

And I got to know him pretty well. I knew him well enough that for awhile there, I was the one he called while en route to make his various bribes.

And this guy was incredibly good at what he did. In fact, he was the one (working at the Enquirer at the time) who managed to make the tabloids credible during the OJ Simpson trial which is no small feat if you think about it.

And he was roundly hated of course. He was a real Pluto figure, skulking around but boy is this whole thing misunderstood. There is frenzy for this kind of information and who is responsible? The person who digs up the dirt? Or the person who buys the magazine? Because there is no shortage of customers.

And what about the people who sell their soul or their story to the tabloid for $500? There are no shortage of them either. Are you kidding? This guy’s phone rang off the hook. But here’s what I am going to tell you.

This guy came to this area to cover this story and he liked it here. He did not want to live here permanently but he thought a year or two would be nice. He wanted out of a motel too. He wanted to buy a place (he was a Taurus) so he so he orchestrated this. He sold it.

“Yeah, they’re going to let me stay. I told them I thought I could get 12-18 months of stories out of this for sure. The magazines are selling like hotcakes so they said, okay…”

And he did buy his place. I know because he invited me over for pot roast.

So this is my chart working, I guess. I am forever winding up chummy with the taboo. But what do you think? Who is the real shadow here?


8 thoughts on “Pluto And The Shadow Of The Collective: JonBenet Ramsey And The Tabloid Reporter”

  1. It really is a supply and demand thing. If consumers weren’t so caught up in the whole celeb-reality, there would be no market for tabloids. No readers, no money, no niche. Granted, that’s never going to happen, and while, yes, the journalists are shady sharks (I hate, moreso bc they have a TV show), they would be out of a job if people didn’t want to know what every celebrity was doing all the flippin’ time.

  2. The shadow is the energy. I voted it’s just life. There is a dark side and yes, people are both attracted and repelled.

    But there are lessons in the dark side. And everyone who is touched, however they are touched, are impacted by this. If we deny it exists, then we can’t access whatever is there. And whatever is there is powerful.

    I don’t know. Sometimes it seems like it’s almost fashionable to complain that things are sensationalistic or exploitive, except you have to connect to the energy to know that. And when I read or watch something about something terrible that’s happened, I’m not getting joy from someone else’s suffering. I’m getting a glimpse into a side of life where I don’t reside. And while I hadn’t thought about it before (i.e. Elsa’s comments about some suffering in lieu of others), there is a lot of truth to that. I get some of the lessons and power of that dark energy without living it…

  3. I need to know Paris has farted thru silk once again WHY???? NOT! It’s the off button people, let us begin to use it more actively! And if we leave the dirty laundry in the grocery take out line, so much the better than skanking up our own family’s psyche’s with it! Geesh – like we don’t have enough of our own already???

  4. Tabloids lie through their teeth and invent stuff anyway. Seriously, they report that the Loch Ness monster crawled up out of the sea and died in front of hundreds of stunned onlookers a few years ago, then a year later they reported the the monster and its baby were captured; a 900 pound woman gave birth to Bigfoot’s baby, aliens landed at the White House and met with Clinton while he was president, etc. I know that those stories are in the REALLY stupid tabloid that has since gone out of business(or so I heard)but the only difference between that tabloid and the National Enquirer is that the Enquirer uses real news stories to print lies and that other one made up stuff out of thin air. But all tabloids lie. I’ve never understood why anyone would believe anything printed in any of them. If people want news, they should read REAL newspapers and megazines, not the tabloids. There’s a reason they’re called “tabloid TRASH”.

  5. Ditto. Supply and demand. Just another reason I like to support my local grocers (no rags about). Of course, I see them elsewhere.
    Taurus always wonders how people can spend $5 on nothing. Why not just wipe your arse with your bill and flush it down the toilet?
    I mean, SERIOUSLY!

    One thing people don’t mention enough of is that the current trend of reporting is completely effed up and misogynistic. Every rag has a story. They are, without fail, almost exclusively oriented towards the desperate push to keep women in a pathetic. And to people who says the media has no effect, let me say this: Hairstyles!!! The media so obviously has power in promoting the ‘hair of the moment’ so it just follows that clothes and yes, bodies, are not far behind.

    And I hate, hate, HATE the trend towards stalking families and publishing pictures of people’s families. It should be criminal.

  6. Gossip has been a part of the human condition since there were humans who could talk . . . maybe before. It’s up to the individual to read it or not. And if we as adults make it sound pretty boring than the kids we’re around will be less likely to buy into it. Just Life . . . 🙂

  7. Well to me the tabloid reporter could be categorized as ‘unconscious’. Which would be kind of modus operandi (sp?) for the sign since it’s more important to keep doing the same thing over and over if it gets you money. Who cares where it comes from or what it means for the future evolution of your soul…

    This was another thing I loved about being away from my place of employment. Trash magazines were always lying around and too addictive / sedating / mindnumbing to avoid. I was too tired to ‘really’ read and so there were the bright shiny pictures and the idiot he said / she did tales. You don’t know how destructive this is to you till you get away. There’s a whole realm where people are in no way connected to this ‘feeding frenzy’, they have nourishing, reality-based lives, and you can’t be there w/o making the effort to put yourself there. Which means at times stepping out of the current that’s partnered up with your inertia and leading you nowhere but the sewer.

  8. “You and me and everyone else are guilty of the crime that killed Princess Diana, which is morbid curiosity about someone else’s life.” -Elizabeth Hurley

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