112 thoughts on “Why Does Gemini Lie So Much?”

  1. I have a Gemini acquaintance (demoted from her friend status due to the lies ) whose life is completely compartmentalized. She has areas of her life that are completely separate from the other. For instance, she calls me, confides in me, and finds me to be completely interesting. But she lies to her husband about talking to me because he thinks astrology is evil . πŸ˜‰

    I asked her about the lying before when I friend dumped her and her response was just that basically she found all these people in her life to be of value, but none of them mixed (in her mind). So she lies to each person about the other, fearing some sort of judgement for her flippant ways.

    She’s like Stevie Nicks. . .”Well, they are just little lies. . .they don’t hurt anyone. . .”

    Another Gem gal I know lies all the time, about the most seemingly inconsequential stuff. I think for her it is to keep things interesting, but I would also attribute some of this to being a little mental.

    1. It’s okay, I feel your pain! I fullheartly FEAR Geminis! My grandma is so Gemini and has been bluntly cruel throughout my whole life, getting out of a relationship with one that has the same characteristics as her, they make you feel horrible about anything (in their opinion) that you’re doing wrong. “Why this” “why that”!! My Gemini co-worker is the same way!!! Ahhh!! I’m going to hermit myself away from geminis for a while & NEVER date one again!!!!

      1. I don’t blame you. Geminis can be incredibly hurtful. They twist things in such a way to make themselves look good and make you look being in the wrong. They can be charming one minute and kill you the next. One cannot depend on their word, as it will change the very next minute after they said it. I think, in the end, they really believe that what they are doing or saying is right. I find it very difficult to understand, how one can look you in the eye and totally deny something they just said a minute ago. Very strange people, they should come with a ‘health warning’, certainly, if possible, to keep one’s distance from. RMS

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            Stanley Badgley Jr

            RMS is exactly right. My wife of 16 yrs is everything mentioned couldn’t have said it better, its her to a T .LIE, cheat,argue ,my goodness its horrible.

        1. Nailed it. I just ended an almost four year relationship because I couldn’t take the lying anymore. I miss him, but I have to stay strong and respect myself enough to know I deserve better.

          1. I listened to stories and then listen to contradictions about what she just said an hour ago. She would lie right to my face when I knew the truth. I WAS THERE I WOULD SAY. Then she would bring up things I’ve already admitted to side stepping her own lies. I loved being with her and intimacy was great. I don’t think she was cheating but all the lies just made it seem to be infidelity because she would lie about insignificant things and just made herself look like a cheater. I thought she was cheating from the get go because after an argument she wasn’t at home. She couldn’t understand why that looked suspicious. So I was doing the same I thought. I asked for transparency when she spent the night at a “guy friends” house but it kept happening. I just kept thinking I was an idiot. Unfortunately I love her and rationalized the bullshit to get intimacy. Yes. I’m an idiot.

        2. Reading what you wrote I find this very interesting. I am a Gemini and I do agree with you to some extent that we can be incredibly hurtful, however and I’m sure alot of my fellow Gemini’s who read this will agree with me, you hurt us to and more then you realize. I do have a tendency to lie, I do it for three reasons, one is not is to stray away from being bored, the second is as a means of defense and the third is I want you to give me my space. It’s my twin talking. Us Gemini’s need our space and a lot time we don’t get it. I don’t need someone knowing who I’m talking / texting on the phone, where I’m going all the time, who I’m with, etc. It’s frustrating for me because I don’t do that. Gemini’s don’t do that. We don’t care. That is your business, not ours. Us Gemini’s are very sensitive people. Since we are the mis-understood sign of the zodiac we are also the most judged. Everyone in my family (outside of my niece who is also a Gemini) is of either the signs of Earth or Water. My niece lies usually because she is busy doing something else at the time and really doesn’t care what you are asking her. However, on the flip side of it, I will tell all you other zodiac signs that we catch you in your lies as well and you don’t even know that we’ve caught you. Remember there are two of us and one of you. When I catch anyone I know in a lie I twist the words that they say on them making them sound incredibly stupid. Then a lightbulb goes off in that person’s head of, ‘Did I just lie to him?’ We are funny, we are loveable and we know how to turn a frown upside down. Don’t think of us as being evil because in all honesty we care about you more then you realize.

          1. everything you said was bullshit and a lie
            and poorly twisted, thats why we all be looking at you stupid…………..

            1. When are you born? Before you decide to just criticize my sign like most, that wasn’t bullshit as that was all honesty and I can see I will be in a constant debate with you. Wondering about my sign and losing myself I decided to do research one day. While my sign is labeled as that it’s not the worst. My dad is a pieces and that is the worst. My dad never admits his lies and I’ve caught him redhanded. Gemini’s know they lie and eventually we confess to them because we know we were wrong. Do some research, you’ll discover what you think you know is actually not accurate.

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            Well Gm Gemini i hAve some questions for u.
            I think i have been played this whole time have been a little cool with it up until now. Well here i will tell u and u tell me what to do. I have beem seeing this Gemini for 4 months now.i give him is space to come and go dont care i need mine I am a sag. But just moved in to a new house he still comes and gos as he please until i find out he have another girl. I know it was something so the whole 4 months i would asked him little shit like are u see someone else the answer would always be NO. so then i talked to the other woman and she told yea tjey together. So i waited to talk to him about it but when he did call it was him telling me to leave her alone and we would talk later about us.so i let up for a couple of days. When he did call he broke it off with me smh. But still talks to me why? Then yesterday i told him i did have feeling for him and wasnt going to walk away from this without a fight. So i told him me or her his woulds were U i am still tryimg to make something work with u is this all bullshit. It is so much to this whole story i have some much more to tell but i think this is gettin a little long so pls just help me

    2. Coming from a Gemini’s stand point, nobody makes any sense. One minute you love us and the next you hate us. I don’t understand why everyone frowns upon us. I have problems with Virgo’s, Taurus and Leo’s but I don’t go say the things about them that all of you say about us. Im not being mean. Gemini’s are very sensitive. I’ll give you some reasons why we lie, 1). Asking strange questions, 2).Asking stupid questions, 3). Asking the same question over and over after we have already answered it, 4). Being to nosey, 5). Being judgemental, 6). Putting us down, 7). I know from experience. I read this above and I side with my fellow Gemini’s, not because of what they’ve done but because I feel their pain. I think it is sad that someone would think a person has mental problems because of her lying. Are you really sure it is her with the problem? Nobody is perfect, it is in our genetic make-up to lie and to yell and argue, however, I’m sure you do have some pretty bad weaknesses to. Like I’ve said below, don’t think we are evil because we really care about all of you, more then you can ever realize.

      1. Jeff, for the second time since last September, my boyfriend has been lying and cheating behind my back. No matter what zodiac sign, cheating is disgraceful and deceitful and it also can spread diseases! I don’t feel like getting a disease from another woman because my Gemini man can’t be honest and true. Typically, it is not just the twins, but some other issue, perhaps childhood issues or whatever. Nonetheless, if anyone out there is looking for a stable and honest relationship, you just need to steer clear of certain zodiac signs and get to know them. Good luck, Geminis!

        1. Without a doubt, having read this and knowing this website very well. It seems that Gemini’s are constantly put down when in fact they are very fun and sweet loving people. How do I know this you probably wonder? Because I am one. Yes we do lie, we do argue but we enjoy making people laugh and happen to be very insightful on many things. I have a niece who is also a Gemini and acts just like it and she’s 6. Nobody’s perfect. Look at your better half for the good qualties, not judge by the bad. As I’ve said to so many people on here,we love you more then you know or realize it. I’m in a relationship with a Scorpio and have been teaching her everything about Gemini’s. She’s accepting I am one and isn’t judging me.

          1. I have to defend my site! I personally recognize and admire Gemini’s cleverness and mental dexterity. I have stated many times, I am flat out envious at time. I feel like a slow-moving slug alongside someone with a lot of Gemini.

            “Scintillate, scintillate, lilliputian orb…”

        2. Interesting I had no clue you responded to my previous comment until I re-read what you wrote. I don’t come here much. Discovered this website one day out of the blue. I know what it’s like to be cheated on. I was torn apart when it happened to me. Lost full respect for the person I was with and couldn’t trust her. When that relationship ended it took me about a year before I felt comfortable enough to approach a girl.

  2. I lie because I’m a people pleaser πŸ™

    I can’t help it. I can’t stand people being upset with me and if that means sacrificing the truth, so be it. I actually hate being this way though. I feel really fake most of the time.

    BUT lying to keep things interesting…What’s up with that, Geminis? lol

    1. I read on here once that it is believed we lie out of boredom. I lie once in a while but not all the time. I do as a means of defense, my niece does it because she wants you to leave her alone at the time.

  3. This reminds me of a comment a while back – never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

    I’m actually really conscious of this gemini-lying thing (thanks Elsa) and honestly? I think we’re wired differently or something. Sometimes the stuff other people would consider an out and out lie wouldn’t even occur to me as such, and I wonder about that. I don’t have an answer or anything, it’s just something I notice and wonder about.

  4. LOL. I have Gemini rising and I tend to compartmentalize my life. Apparently, I appear to have a different persona in each compartment! To one person I am X, to another I am Y, and to another I am Z. When they get together and talk about me, it sounds like 3 different people. But it’s more like an optical illusion: everyone sees something different, and sometimes it appears confusing or like contradictions/lies. I’m still the same person, only the surroundings have changed. I just adapt to fit the environment. But having said that I do enjoy keeping things interesting, and I’m not averse to the typical Gemini amusements. Gemini is always up to something…and that keeps things fun πŸ™‚

    It’s funny, I figured a lot of people were like this, it made sense to me. I just never thought it could appear any other way to others. But now I do – thanks for that.

    1. Yeah its all lying if you don’t tell the truth. Irreguardless of why you are lying you are not a spy or in the intelligence field. So no reason to lie to random people in your life. This just says alot about your character that you are not trustworthy. My mother is a gem and I am an psychic intuitive and an empath. If I am not emotionally involved I KNOW your lying. If I am all it takes is for me to remove myself emotionally and all your lies display themselves for my intuition. Your only fooling yourself….which I even more pathetic.

      1. I am a Gemini. I have a lot of friends. But not the real ones. I can attract a lot of opposite sex(I don’t know how), but I can’t get along with them. Everything seems to be temporary in life. I don’t like to lie but sometimes I do. It’s just people(including me) can’t really listen to the truth. Noone seems to know me fully. If one person knows my one dimension, the other one knows the other. Maybe it is because I don’t show them my multiple dimensions as I fear they wouldn’t understand and leave. Through all the manipulations to keep others and myself happy, I’ve ended being alone. And the funny part is I’m still young. Seems like everything I do is wrong. Earlier I used to think that people misunderstand me, but lately I realised that they are all right. Maybe you too are right. Gemini aren’t trustworthy. Should I hate myself?

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          Christine Chandler

          You shouldn’t hate your self just be honest and your feel so much better about yourself in the long run.I have a long time boyfriend who is a Gemini and he can be so charming at times and it’s so hard to trust anything he says.We went to church faithfully for bout a year and a half he was some great then.Since we move he has been such a nightmare to me.He can be judgemental when he can’t get things to go his way.I asked him why throw stone for stone when it’s you who can be truthful about things.I want to marry him but it’s playing in the back of my mind girl you need to run like hell but God put me in his life to help him cause he really needs a good women like me A real Virgo.He’s not so bad but love is blind.He understands not to disrespect me while he’s not in my presence and I do the same so cause I let him know we are in this good place don’t throw it away over a selfish lie.

          1. You need to break the soul tie and release yourself form the responsibility of saving him. You will go down and he won’t. It’ll be a stressful miserable mate choice for you. Run like hell. Your infatuation or so called love will keep you rationalizing and justifying to your own detriment.

            1. YES !! That’s exactly how a feel. Us Virgo woman always feel like we can fix people at our own expense by continuously
              Justifying their behaviour I’m don’t justifying it. He’s a compulsive liar and cannot be fixed

          2. Hey I’m also a Virgo with a Gemini, how do you do it ! In the course of only five months he’s lied to me 4 times already that I know of. I can’t trust him. He doesn’t know who he is. He keeps saying he does but I know he doesn’t. He doesn’t love himself he thinks he does everything wrong and I’m there to remind him as the good woman I am that I have faith in him even if the world doesn’t. But it seems he has no faith in me. To acknowledge that I deserve the truth not comforting lies. After this relationship is done which will most likely be soon cause I’m over it. I’m never dating a Gemini again

            1. Well hello Virgo. I dated one of you and I am a Gemini and I will say this after what I went through with her I will never date one again. Her constant comparing me to her ex drove me crazy. I never lied to her but I got tired of hearing about him on a daily basis. I always showed her respect but once in a while I would question if she showed the same for me. Part of me wondered if she loved herself more then being in the relationship. In the end, you Virgo’s are very complicated to me and I couldn’t imagine going through that again.

        2. Nice that I saw this. I to am a Gemini. I to have a lot of friends, very few close ones though. Attracting the opposite sex is very easy for us and we do it through our charm and our flirting. We are the flirts of the zodiac. I always seems to draw the opposite sexes attention in that manner. I can get along with anyone very easily, regardless of who the person is. I’m curious to know what my life has in store for me but like you, right now everything seems to be temporary. I don’t like lying but it seems that my twin knows when it is time to come out and thus I do it alot. No one in my family (outside of my niece who is also a Gemini) can figure me out. They are of signs of Earth and Water. My relationship with my niece is very close but with the rest of my family one hardly exists and as time has gone on and she is getting older I’m seeing her drifting away from everyone else, in the end the two of us being completely seperate. When I’m around my family one twin is visible, around anyone else the other. I’m very happy away from home and semi-happy at home. I’ve been alone for many years and wonder when it is going to end. The part that worries me is the fact that I am not young anymore. What can I do to make things right? For years I thought that my family understood me, but for the past 10 years I’ve come to realize that they don’t. At times it can tear at me, at others it doesn’t even effect me. I wouldn’t say that we aren’t trustworthy altogether, just not most of the time. We are mis-understood and judged because of that. People forget about all the joy we can bring to their hearts and the smiles we can put on their faces because they label us as being compulsive liars. I don’t think you should hate yourself, I know I don’t because there is one great quality we have and that is we are very sympathetic. I am all the time. I wouldn’t be to hard on yourself because it will only make things worse.

  5. yes, Shannon. I tend to not see something as a lie if the person genuinely believed it at the time. A lie to me has to be a known falsehood that’s transmitted as truth. It’s all relative.

    Liar, liar…pants on fire πŸ˜›

  6. One of my very best friends (I’ve known her since kindergarten) is a Gemini and she is scrupulously honest, sometimes to her detriment. It’s one of the things that bind us.
    Both of our moms are Geminis as well. My mom is not so much dishonest as convinced of her own truth and slightly conniving. My friend’s mom will twist the truth to cause drama but is basically honest if fireworks aren’t involved.

    However, I’ve never seen a bigger liar than my mom’s boyfriend – a Sadge! πŸ˜€

  7. Liar Liar is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I wonder if the person who wrote it is a Gemini. Or, maybe Jim Carey…I think he is very Mercurial/Gemini like.

  8. Actually, Jim Carrey is mercurial: turns out he has a Gemini moon. Sun in Capricorn,, Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Capricorn. Gosh, that would explain the mild crush I’ve had on him every since πŸ˜›

  9. Ah! You looked him up! I would never have made the guess on all that Capricorn. They do have a great dry wit, but I don’t associate them with, what I might call ‘speed humor.’ Gemini moon, in my experience, seem to be brilliant. I just remembered that I do have an ex who had a gemini moon. Yes he was a liar, but not the worst one I ever experienced.

    Another one who seems very mercurial to me is Robin Williams. And that guy from Saturday nite live, Chevy Chase.

  10. I once knew a Geminian who used to compulsively lie through her back teeth but interestingly enough had a talent for being able to tell immediately when someone was telling falsehoods to her. You can’t kid a kidder!!

  11. i’ve got gemini moon, but don’t think i lie a lot. in fact, i have very little patience for it in my peronal life. lying pisses me off! i feel like my time and energy are being wasted when i’m being lied to. why should i be listening and caring about what you say when it’s not even real?

    i may not tell you everything i’m thinking, however.

  12. I used to lie compulsively, now I just cover things up, or dare somebody to ask me with a mean mug. In truth all of your life shouldn’t be everyone’s business or concern. If I lie it’s to keep other’s out of my personal business and not a regular thing. Since, I am a pro when it comes to lies, yes I can smell a fake person from a mile away and they’ll get fed with a silver spoon. I have found myself lying, then coming right out to say you know I just lied to you right? No one seems to be surprised. You only have one life why not experiment? don’t lol!!

    1. Takes one to know one basically (“yes I can smell a fake person from a mile away”)so in essence you are fake yourself super fake. If someone is involved in your personal business. It is not personal anymore if it directly affects the other person. it is not for you to decided what they can and can’t handle in terms of information. You need help if you feel the need to lie and you are only fooling yourself. My intuition tells me when losers like you are lying. I also have a talent for lying to liars. You are not an expert and there is always someone better at it lol. You sound ignorant and a bit genuinely stupid. One day someone will break you and lie to you. You will never see it coming and it will be some one so close to you it will burn your world down. You cant just put out that energy and not get it back. Universal laws side note I am an empath and a physic intuitive so your attempt at lying to everyone is laughable to me.

  13. I have a Gemini Mercury…and I exaggerate almost with every story I tell. People who know me understand this. The poor souls who don’t look at me with awe at these amazing stories.

    I’ll also relate full conversations to them and they have to ask if I really said that. “No,” I say, “But I was so thinking it.”

    However, when asked for the truth, i’ll always tell it with no exaggeration or fun, sparkley effects.
    And I compartmentalize like a demon.

  14. You know what? I love gemiliars.
    I find I am always enormously entertained and so I always have a gemini friend (or a few) and while I wouldn’t necessarily blend them . . A week without some gemini is like a week without sun.

    They have so many different perspectives (which I love because I have massive internal six-sides-to-every-issue debates myself), and new ideas and I just dig’em lies and all.

    As to why they lie? Well there are probably as many different answers to that as you can imagine.

  15. Sorry to disappoint you all but I’ve got Sun, Moon and Venus in gemini… and I have never in my life felt the urge to lie or found it useful whatever the situation.
    Sorry guys, but you know that’s not as simple as gemini = lies

  16. lexie says – I’ll also relate full conversations to them and they have to ask if I really said that. β€œNo,” I say, β€œBut I was so thinking it.”

    ——that i can definitely relate to! when i’m telling stories, i add the subtext of what i felt like saying all the time. but i think it’s reasonably clear that it’s for comedic effect. what we’re thinking is almost always funnier than what we actually say, except for those times when what we’re thinking escapes our mouth. πŸ™‚

  17. Lexie, that post was totally funny.

    They do that in movies. It turns out the event didn’t really happen, but the person was dreaming it. And in books, it turns out that the event didn’t really happen, but the person was imagining it.

  18. i hate this question. it’s baiting a particular reaction assuming ALL geminis are liars, which is absolutely false.

    i really, really do not like to be stereotyped as a blanket liar just because of my month of birth when most people lie to themselves, with their amazing virtue and apparent desire for truth, every day. maybe i’m nuts, but i don’t think many people actually try to figure things out, and tend to take what they hear at face value even when they’re perfectly capable of figuring out otherwise, so they’re easily subject to ridiculous gossip and the kind of assholes who do lie to achieve things and gain advantage over people. ask questions and be cynical, kids. don’t let people think for you!

    and don’t get me started on how geminis are ADD-ridden, unemotional, superficial, overly talkative, technology addicted sluts. it is no mystery why astrology hasn’t seemed to get off the ground as a profession, having this kind of stereotypical nonsense floating around in the public, feeding fear and dissonance instead of tolerance and understanding of other people.

    1. Yet my brilliant Gemini brother is exactly like that ADD description. πŸ˜‰ I hadn’t thought about the compartmentalized life others mention but that kinda rings true too.

  19. I can think of better ways to stave off boredom.

    But why the fuck would anybody who knows I’m a Gemini believe me?

  20. june, I agree with you. I might not be conscious of my lying, but I don’t think I lie that much. I’m gullible and sensitive, so I don’t like profuse liars who lie to me just for the sake of it, I get bored rather quickly. I am also curious about the truth, I like to be told the truth. A Libra friend of mine (are Libras liars?) spins lies just for the hell of it and because I’m gullible, also because he doesn’t like to talk about his personal life, but things outside of it, which annoys the hell out of me and makes me uncomfortable. I usually tell my parents the whole truth, everything, just because it spills out, but since sophomore year I’d been lying to them and it came easily, but I would do it in an obvious way where they could kind of tell I’m lying. Maybe if I slipped into it, I could lie a blue streak, but that’s called telling a story, especially when you do it well.

  21. My Mars is prominent in Gem conjunct the Midheaven. I think most of my hassles are because I don’t lie. I find it gross and extremely negative. I have told people, be careful what you ask because you will get the truth, and sometimes you don’t have to ask >:P

  22. june, thank you.

    I knew I couldn’t possibly be the only person here who considers an accusation of “Liar!” to be very serious, very personal, and very nasty.

    This is also a button issue because I had some people accuse me of lying last year and use it to try and assassinate my character. When I’m a person who sweats blood in the effort to be honest. Not that anybody here SHOULD know that, because (oo, look, a Gemini is saying this) nobody here knows me.

    But I’m not perfectly zen and detached, so bs that people spout online still hurts sometimes.

  23. this has been a lesson in life for me…I am a scorpio so i want the truth, i don’t care how much it hurts. BUt who is the truth anyways… whos truth.

  24. I do not see that particular post saying that Gemini’s lie disproportionately in comparison with the other 11.

    I saw it as wondering why those Geminis who lie actually do so. That could be applied to any sign:

    maybe when lying Gemini’s lie it’s to keep things interesting and stave off boredom.

    maybe when lying libras lie it’s to keep the social harmony and peace

    maybe when lying Leos lie it’s to build themselves up & have a bigger audiance

    maybe when lying Virgos lie it’s because they feel like fucking with your head, maybe even for a good reason

    maybe when lying Pisces lie it’s because they like to be vague and illusive and muddy up the waters

    maybe when lying cancers lie, it is because they are in the mood to lie, and because they like to do things sideways

    maybe when lying capricorns lie it is in the interest of greater upward mobility, like a politician might do

    maybe when lying sagitarius lie it’s by omission because they don’t feel like telling you where they are going

    maybe when lying Aries lie it is so they can become more bossy or to say anything to be first

    maybe when lying scorpios lie its to tell you they love you so that they can have sex with you

    maybe when lying Taurus lie it’s to tell you that all the cookies are gone, when really they know where there is a a secret stash

    maybe when lying Aquarius lie it is for some kind of very good or unique cause

  25. Loonsounds, I liked your break-down. πŸ™‚

    When this Sun-and-Merc Leo lies it is almost always to make myself grander (like when telling a story and “embellishing,” as others have mentioned). Or when someone asks an intrusive personal question and I make up something so patently untrue it makes them look ridiculous (Pluto in 4th trine Aquarian moon, don’t ask about personal things).

  26. Thanks SaDiablo, The only one I really had trouble with was Virgo. I had to make something up, because, truth be told, I don’t know any Virgos who lie. This morning I remembered a Virgo who lied sometimes, but he had a Gemini Moon.

    So I have changed Virgo to:

    Virgos never lie but oftentimes you wish they would.

    1. Maybe virgos lie to themselves.Projecting an air of purity and perfection, while leading double lives that are a little more down and dirty.i.e cocaine and hookers?Have seen this with my own eyes on more than one occasion.

  27. Gemini Ralph Waldo Emerson is remembered most widely for his remark: Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. His friend the Gemini poet Walt Whitman wrote: Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. Is it that Geminis may be aware that truth is something we seek and travel towards, continually shedding old interpretations, experiments and mistakes behind us? Or maybe they’re just whimsical. The true/false dichotomy is not least of the dualisms that the Twins invoke.

    Gemini, the twins, mirrored, mimics, mimicry, imitation, the lie is the imitation of the truth, so a gemini may enjoy the lie, the fiction, for its own sake. It can be compulsive, it can be useful, it can be amusing . . . For attorneys, writers, boxers, it’s punch, counterpunch. The statement’s immediate effectiveness is not related to its truth. And Geminis have a fundamental love of language and communication — sometimes, they remind us the act of communication is more important than the content. As the 18th century Gemini letter writer Lady Mary Wortley Montague put it, “When one loves, one always has something to say.” Inconsequential chatter, gossip, (“garrulous to the last,” Walt Whitman), who cares if it’s true or false? Gemini’s planet, Mercury, is the god of thieves and liars.

    Geminis are the great networkers, always pairing off, putting people together. (Timothy Berners-Lee, inventor of the www was born June 8.)
    They are often productive with siblings, importantly partnered or paired. It’s interesting to observe them pairing with each other. Two writers, Mary McCarthy and Lillian Hellman,had a famous feud. McCarthy gratuitously accused Hellman of being a liar on the Dick Cavett Show, and Hellman sued her. A 1990 book, “Telling Lies” contains chapters on both women.

    According to interior decorator Billy Baldwin, Cole Porter called Elsa Maxwell “Miss Liar” to her face. All three were Geminis.

    I’ve been posting Geminiana on my blog, astrodreamer.squarespace.com

    Loonsounds, I love your list. May I share it with my two readers?

  28. PErhaps it is a need to define truth on there own terms. So much of what we blindly accept as truth is lies.

  29. I’m a gemini, and yes, I lie a lot… 70% of things out of my mouth are lies/tweaked truth. I lied because it’s fun, to see people react in different ways, or walk down a path you just set up split second ago.

    I’m the type of liar who can lie so bad that with hard evidence in your hand, I’ll make it seem like it’s natural for it to not have anything against me. immediately creating a story, which would cover up events in the past 3 months, to cover up any leads. Very proud of my ability.

    Not all lie have fun ending though… One that I’ll never forget

    A pisces tried to lie to me, I see through it, I counter the lie, stating that her friend informed me of that “lie” she set up for me. Worst mistake ever, she was so pissed off at her “friend” that she was in a bad mood for weeks(even though I did not tell her who the friend is, she is never theless angry to know that there’s a “rat” is in her group)

    I guess you can’t kid around with Pisces’s insecurity of betrayal. Although, she forgave me instantly after I told her the truth.. she even gave me a thumb-up for my great counter… but, that’s the last time I’ll ever lie to her about her friends.

    I adore her for her for her nature though… although she’ll never be as laid back as I am, I am proud that she have priority, maybe it’s the short live of Gemini Pisces relation. Clearly, we can never be^^ She’s too serious.

    Despite how much I adore her, I know that being with her would hurt her a lot more than it’ll ever hurt me. I took the road and walk away, only wish that she’ll find security in others, kinda regret for never starting anything with her, but I know, it is best for her.

    Me? Still living as a liar, trying to find my next victim. Don’t worry, this story I left is not fake. Hopefully it’ll help some of you to see how a gemini thinks.

    1. I was very sad to read your story. I can’t believe that one can knowingly feel proud to lie to people and looking forward to “the next victim”! This is just cruel! If you only would take a minute and think how hurtful you are to the people around you. Would YOU like to be treated like this? I don’t think so! RMS

      1. I agree, Marion. O_O that’s just so stressful not having to trust someone in close confidence. however, i can see how a lie can save a life. For example, in world war 2, people were questioned harshly and tortured to find out the truth of other people’s whereabouts. these people who were tortured lied, and of course when they found out that the person lied they would die. It’s a very brave thing, but that’s in extreme circumstance.

        or in the real life story of Oskar Schindler who has a dominant Gemini in his chart. He was a taurus sun, Aries moon & Saturn, but a packed 3rd house (with Gemini mars/Venus/Pluto gemini) Very brave, and quite the trickster to use it for good.

  30. Liar, you’re a cute, insightful Gemini, especially about Pisces. My mom was pisces, dad gemini, subsequently I had 4 intense relationships with sun gemini moon pisces people. What a trip . .

  31. I am a gemini with my sun in the 12th house, mercury in gemini, and rising sign in gemini. I make an effort to be a responsible reliable person, not like the typical “flaky” gemini(one of my pet peeves). I pride myself in being truthfull and sometimes a little blunt. I am pretty good at reading people and sometimes getting things to swing my way.lol

  32. “when someone asks an intrusive personal question and I make up something so patently untrue it makes them look ridiculous”

    SaDiablo – lol πŸ™‚ I do the same thing! Pluto in the 4th as well, but Capricorn moon. Ask me something too personal and it becomes…comic relief. Gemini rising trine Pluto in the 4th.

  33. I think we’re more like the type that like to keep our second face hidden from others. I don’t think we ever live with our real face, because in fact, I don’t think we understand our real face.

    If you ask me who I am? I can only tell you, “It’s depend on the situation.”

    I believe us Gemini may not only be confusing to others, but confusing to ourself too.

  34. Liar: check out astro.com
    I love Geminis. I’m lucky enough to have a few uber Gems. in my life: one Sun&Moon; the other Sun/Moon/Ascendant.
    My SO is Gemini ASC
    My favorite sister is Gemini Moon
    and I have countless Gemini friends.

    I think the attraction lies in my Gemini Jupiter.

    Ha. I like my own pun!

  35. I’m glad I reread this thread. I can’t wait until the election is over and Loonsounds comes back online.

    I didn’t realize people took the lying accusation so seriously. I’m a Taurus and I am not a fat, greedy, lazy, material obsessed pig, but I don’t care if that gets bandied about or not.

    One of the reasons I took my astrological studies further was because I felt so disconnected to my Sun sign. I learned about the rest and now I see more of my Sun sign in a positive light. ::Shrugs::

  36. I kinda feel bad for being a Gemini… my urge to lie is strong, and i am very inconsistent. Good thing I got my brain to depend on to get myself out of trouble.

    Not very proud of myself, I hope I’m more stable and know what I want.

    But… I don’t think it’ll be fun that way… confusing T.T

  37. Me too Kashmiri, I love Geminis πŸ™‚ They lift me up and make me happy, always have something interesting to say. I like having them in my life, Gemiliars or not, they’re just so much fun!

  38. Okay EVERYONE lies. the difference with some geminis is that they can look you straight in the eye and omit the truth. They aren’t trying to be hurtful, they just don’t seem to feel guilty about not being real, and they live by their own rules. I’m an aquarius with a gemini man and we both have lied to each other but I always feel guilty and eventually spit out the truth. Every lie he’s ever told me, I had to dig up on my own, and when I’ve confronted him about them, he just lies more. He is also EXTREMELY good at knowing when I’m telling the truth or not because he knows bullshit like the back of his hand. Sometimes I think he’s psychic, or maybe I’ve just got guilty eyes. gotta love him though! he is so playful, fun, optimistic, and energetic! As an aquarius I forgive but never forget. I could never stay with him forever. He will get bored/curious and wander, no matter how much he loves me.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. I am amazed that you can live with it. The worst I find is when they look you in the eye and swear that they are right and it is you who is lying! RMS

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