Why Does Gemini Lie So Much?

Diana asks:

Why do Gemini’s feel the need to lie so much and so often and for no reason?

Diana, I don’t think feeling has anything to do with it. It’s to keep things interesting, stave off boredom.

Anyone else?

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112 thoughts on “Why Does Gemini Lie So Much?”

  1. The fact that there are some Gemini’s that lie, there are others that are brutally honest. There are Capricorns,Leo’s,Scorpio’s, etc… that lie and there are those that don’t.
    People of all races,zodiacs,countries lie, it has nothing to do with being a Gemini but more to do with insecurities and fear of not being accepted as you authentically are so you create stories. Geminis get accused of being 2faced,back stabbers,liars,fickle,moody and a countless number of other things which are unfair assumptions. I have 2 Gemini sisters and can tell you that they are very funny, happy, faithful honest women. My point is that you can find a liar in every Zodiac Sign but you can also find an honest person as well. There for I think It’s unfair to categorize all Gemini’s as being Liars.

  2. I was just sent to this page, because I am a Gemini and am being accused of lying. I don’t lie to people. I know how it feels to be lied to, so in return why would i do it to other people? I am faithful, and brutally honest. Apparently all Geminis are all the same? Uh no we’re not. There are liars in every sign, because they arent all the same

  3. Aquarius here who just recently left things alone with my Gemini ex. We both have lied to each other, but I’m always the one who comes clean because I can’t handle the guilt and I never wanted to hurt him…but that’s also why I lied from the beginning, so I wouldn’t hurt him. With him though, he’s the type of manipulative psychopath who’ll lie even when he’s caught, until something FORCES him to tell the truth, or he things I already know. If only I could show all the shit we’ve been through during the almost 3 years that we’ve known each other, you’d think I was the crazy one for ever looking his way, My ex Gem has such a way with words and tweeking things to go his way that he LITERALLY uses EVERYONE in his life for one thing or another. I called him out on it not too long ago, told him he’ll never have anything worth having for long if at all due to his means of gaining it (usually through playing someone else), and the superficial empire he’s working so hard to build will crumble before his eyes only because everyone will eventually turn their backs on him unless he changes his ways. I have learned from him how a simple white lie can totally destroy people in the end, so now I’m brutally honest, fuck your feelings, at least I was real! He was the icing on the shit cake of Geminis for me. EVERY one I have ever gotten to know was a hoe and a liar. Hot in the pants and cant sit they sick asses down. His parents had the nerve to spoil him too?? AND he’s young and immature…evil!

  4. I’m a Gemini who’s been accused more than once, of being truthful “to a fault”..? I’d never say anything hurtful, intentionally, so I don’t know what’s meant by that, except that at least one of the people who’ve said it, has the habit of leaving facts out, to manipulate the truth..and doesn’t want the missing info to be provided..somehow making even the truth she tells, (Pisces) open to misinterpretation. Seems that’s a form of lie, in itself, by omission. My mother (Taurus) was queen of the “little white lie” that “wouldn’t hurt anybody”; and passed that permission on to my dtrs, who use it, as a given. I, on the otherhand, was raised early on, by church-going grandparents, who abhorred a lie, as did my dad(Scorpio) & my son & I(both Gemini). I think, lack of morals, in most any part of society, is the cause of people not taking boundaries seriously and over-extending their space, into others, taking greater liberties with achieving whatever they want, as in “the end justifying the means”. The general breakdown in society, has been accelerated, exponentially, with the liberties taken; chipping away & breaking down trust, at every level. Coverups, begin usually, as that so-called “innocuous” little white lie.

    1. The coverup, yup that’s where it all began in the bio unit. Took me 50 years till the truth leaked out. They all turned on each other and then it came out. Yikes. I came to understand it all then, but it was one rude awakening. Probably why I don’t believe anything anymore. Lost my friggin innocence. Rat bastards.

  5. I guess my interactions with Geminis are rare or brief so I don’t have much to add. I did work with a Gem who admitted he occasionally started rumors (nothing evil) just to see how the story would change by the time it got back to him. Also to see people’s reactions. The Aqua in me laughed and thought it was weirdly funny, but all my Virgo thought about how I could never do that, just throw rumors out there.

    1. Oh man, ‘those’ geminis. They are pros at the grapevine. So much damage and pain I’ve experienced and seen others experience with those antics. So destructive. Humiliation is a fun game for some of those people and for others they use it to denigrate others to get what they want as far as I can tell. I can’t go there or I will get depressed. And I have snow to shovel today.

    2. @allie, that sounds like they are bored. ew. playing games too.
      if they are so bored, they need to read a book. plenty of lovely books out there, or write one. OR they are suspicious types and want to see if the story stays the same. sounds like they have trust issues too and have been burnt before so they “test” people and have no trust.

  6. I’ve been thinking about gemini. I thought it was just me, cuz gemini is my eighth house. I was raised with alot of gemini energy in the house. I have come to the conclusion that that energy runs on two tracks and it shifts tracks randomly. And I mean in the middle of a conversation. Two members in the household had (have) mercury mars conjuncts there. It takes time with geminis, for me anyway, to see what the truth of the matter is and then I can just blow off the rest. Probably the most frustrating is the really mean person who on the other hand is always gifting me things like the person is really nice. I don’t understand. Have had two relationships with geminis. Can be fun. But both of them ended up zinging me really bad. It is my lesson to be more discerning. I want to believe all the lovey dovey, I am so wonderful talk. But then that other hateful thing comes out. And I’m like so what is it? You love me or you hate me. How do they come up with all those despicable unacceptable things about me if they do not find them true. And it comes with such force. Gemini . . . I just never know for sure. Keeps me on my toes. That’s for sure.

  7. LOL my dad is a double Gemini and boy does he like to exaggerate things. I sometimes get embarrassed and I’m a Geminj myself. Lol I think you’re right it might totally be to keep things interesting.

  8. There were three Gemini people in my family and they were always so different from each other. I don’t know if the stereotype fits everyone quite the same. The older ones seemed calm, witty and centered. Maybe I was seeing more the rising signs. The younger one well, he definitely fit the Gemini mold.

  9. My ex has a Gemini Venus and I loved that about him. I loved his charm, his intellect, his conversation… But long term, I think my Scorpio Moon neeeeeds more or I just couldn’t make peace with the energy. Now, I’ve got my tripple Gem daughter to observe and love.

  10. Wow so I literally came across this page while googling: why are Gemini’s liars

    And now in Nov 2017 let me tell my story.

    I’m a Scorpio. My best friend of 15 years who I am no longer friends with cause she was just a shady ass liar who told what she had to to whoever to get what she needed. Same thing with an irresponsible coworker last year.

    I dated one guy once and he was a total compulsive liar, another Gemini I went on one date with and he was a self absorbed ass hole and I didnt really care to dig deep enough to know or not know anything.

    Now I spent one year with the Gemini who takes the cake. He was manipulative, totally a liar, controlling and abusive in more ways than one.

    He would want to extract whatever out of me and barely tell me anything about himself even in 11-12 months of being in a relationship. I believe in lying to protect someone such as if you start a new job and don’t want people knowing where you live maybe you might say you live in neighborhood 1 when you really live in neighborhood 2 but eventually when you warm up to them and build up trust, you’ll eventually tell them where you live and why you said what you did. I’ve done that before because my personal information especially the safety of my family and love ones is no ones business.

    Anyway. This guy would lie through his teeth. He was the liar and cheater this whole time. And he is a textbook sociopath. He would portray this image of me that I’m an evil entity when it was him the whole time. It’s actually insane how wrapped I was around his finger and NEVER AGAIN WILL I DATE A GEMINI.

    it’s just too much. The mind games kill me. I had a miscarriage due to his emotional and mental stress he would bring upon me and I will never forgive him for that. I’m over it but never again.

  11. GEMINI. Uggghhhhhh!! If you are into astrology PLEASE do not believe the HYPE about Gemini and Aquarius compatibility!! Maybe as friends, but dont EVER try to love one. You would end up just as Bipolar as they are! YES Liars! Yes Exaggerators! Yes superficial! YES TO ALL THE NEGATIVE stuff said about Gemini!! I will add that they are definitely charming, even to the point of initial intoxication for about 3 seconds! Then after the first realized lie and over-exaggerated accusation aimed at you, you see DEMONS appear!! Unbelievable! I recently got involved with a Gemini who lied from the gate! I could tell the story but its not even worth the words. I dont trust her and she has never really given me a reason( that I know of) not too, its just that I can feel her fakeness, I can tell by her energy that she can NOT be trusted! I am just so devastatingly disappointed in who I thought her to be, as well as my inability to see that she was FAKE!! At 49 years old, I should have known better. I thought I had met my wife, the woman of my dreams…. but Im back at square one, but this time Im ok with it because, Id MUCH rather be alone than to deal with her fake, superficial disposition. I really hate to be stereotypical, but Im sorry, Im NEVER dating another Gemini

    1. Wow Jay, This is an old story you wrote but my Gemini GF of 4 years was exactly the same. The over-exaggerated accusations aimed at me made me crazy. How can you reason with someone like that? You can’t. My distrust from the beginning had me seeing an ex. She lied about insignificant things. We had a bad argument that got out of control and she left. FAKE was the word I called her also. I must never try to get her back as this girl pushes me to insanity. I never believed in this horoscope stuff but your post Jay has my GF fit to the tee. I’m a Taurus and Gemini’s are low on the compatible list for me. I don’t know who is compatible with this crap she does. I guess Cancer Or Capricorn is compatible for me but don’t really want to ask a date this stuff. I guess it time to get back in the game at 61.

  12. With all this Capricorn these days Gemini is taking a beating. The least popular sign in my world. They wish to entertain in the moment but miss the forest, the bigger implications of their show. More conservatives are Gemini’s than any other sign. Liberties can be taken when the rules of the game are clear.

  13. Gemini is the spirit of lies and deception,God help anyone who marries one if these. Push them to the side.
    That isnt intelligence they display and witt,its all smoke and mirrors fails Hope’s and dreams. The destruction of family friends and community for self pleasure and gain.

  14. as a 16 year old gemini i will say that i get bored occasionally and make up a story that “happened a few years back” i only do this because i love to see ppls reactions to stories i fantasize about actually happening, i come from an abusive family who gave me up to my aunt because i was “too much trouble” all i did was read books write stories and stay in my room, my aunt died when i was 7 so i was passed onto my uncle and after a few months he had to move to a different state so he passed me onto my grandpa who stayed with me till i was 13 then died and i was adopted by my math teacher who i still live with and who has treated me with so much love, i read him some of the stories i have written when i was younger and he loved them all and he got married a few months ago and she is the sweetest person ever and she calls me her daughter even though i’m not the both treat me like i’m their own to cherish and keep but i stopped lying and instead of saying the things happened to me i started making them into stories i wrote down and share with my friends and mom and dad 🙂

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