Oppositions In Astrology? Check The Dynamics Of The “Disruptions” On This Blog

bigrock.jpgThere are hot comments on Gaslighting Redux regarding people who hate me or get pissed off at me due this blog and May writes

“What if you’re just a naturally disruptive person? Like you just have this Uranus energy?”

I might be but I think it is more likely it is other who is naturally disruptED and disruptive. Because no one is contained here. It’s a big world and a big internet. If you come here every day or three times a day, you are CHOOSING to be disrupted.

I am like a rock. If you choose to smash yourself against it, you can’t call me a smashing rock! It’s not like I am out hunting anyone. I am here writing my blog, taking care of my family. If you don’t like me you can simply ignore me as many billions of people do!

The way I see it, I can only offend you once. It I offend you more than once it is because you are coming back here, choosing to be offended. If this is your goal, well it is going to be easy to achieve.

There was the one gal who read here and supported me for three years. Then I made a joke about Italians / mafia (I am Italian) and she came unglued. She wanted me to unmake the joke as she is sensitive to this and was offended. Well I am sorry. You’re sensitive to that, someone else is sensitive to this, pretty soon I can’t talk at all.

I wanted her to look at the piece that offended her in the scope of the several thousand published here; posts that she had enjoyed very much but NO. If I would not concede and take her opinion on this thing, well then fuck me!

Same thing happened just a week ago. Someone came across a two-year-old post. The advice I gave did not jibe with the person they (apparently) thought I was. Now how can I possibly control who you think I am?

Next thing I know I am explaining why I wrote what I did but again, I would not concede my position and that person… well I don’t know what they did but they not settle or resolve the hour long conflict (That’s how long I spent responding to them, kindly.)

I have come across astrology advice on the internet that I think is HORRIBLE. Know what I did? I clicked off. It’s really none of my business is it?

You can think I suck or you think I am delusional or whatever else you think I am but if you hang around, try to control me, fix me, educate me, etc. then I would say that you are the disruptive force but hey! I have a 7th house Uranus and could be projecting.

To me these “disruptions” are like someone seeing me on the street and telling me I need to change the way I comb my hair. Well come on! Change your own hair why don’t you?

Saturn (me) blocks the disruptive force (Uranus) from my convention. That’s why I think it’s funny when someone says they favor one side of an opposition or they represent it or that it is going to win. There is no ONE SIDE to an opposition.

Have you ever chosen to be offended?

13 thoughts on “Oppositions In Astrology? Check The Dynamics Of The “Disruptions” On This Blog”

  1. well, yes, in a way I have, (although the offended part I would put to the side to try to get at what is really going on) like with people I love, family for instance my mother or brother, I would just keep coming because I didn’t want to give them up, and both would tell you I helped them tremendously, but it didn’t help me at all…… well eventually I had to give up, (I still see my bro, I just don’t expect anything) and of course I love them very much.

  2. well, yeah, if it suits me I might choose to be offended (noted in some circles as the “Dora effect”).

    On the other stuff E, once my Libra makes up its mind to respond (I have practised holding my opinions to myself the past 15 years) and my Capricorn approves the message, well the time has passed and it seems somewhat cruel to bring it all back up. But I am always here for ya, in whatever capacity, ifyouknowhutImean.

    Saw this on Michael Lutin this morning, regarding Pluto in Sadge, and specifically my rising, Leo, and it rang true for you, so here it is:

    “On the other hand, who gives a damn? You know you are going to be open to a great deal of criticism no matter which way you go, because once everything is out in the open, which it is going to be, and cards are laid out on the table, which they are going to be, someone is going to be offended.”

    So there ya go. Folks are just gonna have to get over it or go the hell on.

    xoxo to your familly

  3. only as a joke 😉

    hm. part of my struggle in teaching at the moment: how to maintain structure (saturn) without crushing the maverick (uranus) – something i’m really sensitive to with my natal saturn/uranus square…

  4. Hi, I was referring to “you” as a general person, not as in “You” as Elsa P. Sorry if I came off that way. I wasn’t trying to say you attracted disruption, but it did bring a good point I did not see while reading this post.

    I said it because I believe I have a lot of Uranian contacts, and also an Aquarius moon. So I feel like when I go into a situation I just put the status quo on brake, or whatever the energy was, even if that’s not my attention, I just do and frustrate people in real life.

    So I was referring to “what if a person just has a disruptive energy? And wherever she walks, people are constantly offended?” Like if person A. has disruptive energy, and came to Elsa’s blog. That’s what I meant. And I think you covered that, saying “why the hell do you come here, leave me alone!”

    But mostly I was looking into self reflection. I learn a lot of things here on this blog. I’m grateful that this blog exists.

    But yes I do see it now that the person is “disrupted” and is passing off the “disruption” to someone else. Possibly maybe the person still cannot get over what was disrupting him or her.

  5. I also didn’t taken into account about the intention involved. What you were saying was that, people came here with an intention to change you, cut you off from being you.

    And I meant the disruptive energy (from my view from my question last post) as a neutral disruption. There’s no intention to change the other person, but because the person lives as his or her life as one example, it clashes with another person’s reality. That’s what I meant, sorry!

  6. You might be projecting.I have Aquarius on the seventh and people treat me the same way. Like they are just going to come in and do every little bit of nothing!! Can’t change me, can only think what you don’t know. You won’t be running me off. You will run yourself into a wall before that happens. If you’re projecting don’t you kind of have the right? I mean it’s your chart to use to get where and what you want out of life. As long as you are not physically or intentionally harming someone what does it give someone else the excuse to fall into the trap that’s on them and how they are using their chart! Which might I add should show a tendency to envy or jealousy for some.

  7. “oh I hit her back, your grace, but whether the stone hits the pitcher or the pitcher hits the stone it’s going to be bad for the pitcher.”
    –Sancho Panza, the musical “Man of La Mancha”

  8. Wow that’s a big rock Elsa! I also wanted to say Thank you for the Astro News section! I am finding lot’s of great articles to read there.

  9. I’ve chosen to be (self) righteous. As for your blog, Elsa, I’ve chosen never to be offended by anything because I chosen to respect your work instead.
    There’s more to learn by listening…

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