Living With A Psychic Redux: The Story, Then And Now… General Patton and Joan Of Arc

pattoncrop.jpgCarielle asked on Living With A Psychic:

“What the heck kind of device does he use to enhance his psychic ability?”

SaDiablo asked the same and while I am not going to tell you because I think it would invade his privacy, I will tell you the story that the soldier told me, 30 years ago.

He was about 10 years old, walking about the way he does and found a branch lying on the ground. He picked up and started walking with it, all the sudden he could see and feel all kinds of stuff. He put it down of course, but then picked it up, put it down, picked it up. He soon found he could do all kinds of things holding one of these branches and he began to experiment with it.

What he found out was that other branches sucked. It was only this one type wood that worked well so he stuck with it but then he moved. And when he moved, he moved out of the country and there were no more branches of this type wood to be found.

Now when I met him, he had not yet found a replacement so he just used to wish he could get a damned branch. He lamented his loss, he used to go on and on.

It all sounds so crazy, we were teenagers but then you fast forward 25 years and in 2003, he told me the story again. Except he updated it to say that he’d found a replacement for the branch and the replacement kicks ass. It’s as good as a branch, better now because he’s refined this over the years… his whole life. So he’s got his device and he carries it with him most always. When he is home this is, it is always nearby and if you want some more information…

joan-of-arc.jpgHe believes that Joan of Arc’s banner worked in a similar way. He thinks she could see things when she had it which is why she always had it, and same thing with Patton’s riding crop. If you watch that movie, he holds that riding crop out, thinks a minute and then announces his decision or the direction he is going to take.

Throughout the soldier’s life (everyone knows he does this) other people have tried to use his device (or one of them because he’s had a series) but no one can do anything with them but him. No one in his family, none of his friends, I sure as hell can’t get anything off it, no one has ever been able to do this however his grandfather had similar abilities.

Like I said, he’s got the thing all the time. He really suffered driving the truck because he could not do this and drive and he worked so relentlessly it was work / sleep / work / sleep and he definitely gets backed up if he does not access these other realms.

He does this and needs to do this as much as I need to write so you can see how we’re all set here. I’m writing and guess what he’s doing, hmm?

We are both curious what the other is up to but only ask… about 5% of the time. It’s pretty amazing, you’d think we were made for each other or something. 😉

10 thoughts on “Living With A Psychic Redux: The Story, Then And Now… General Patton and Joan Of Arc”

  1. That is truly fascinating! I’ve never heard of anything like it before.
    I suppose it would be some kind of focus, like how some people say they get visions when reading tarot but not at any other time. I’ve never noticed anything in particular that helped out my psychic-ness, but perhaps I just haven’t found my doodad yet. I do have an affinity for rocks, though. I don’t think I could live in a stone house because of that, some rocks just feel completely ick.

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    Hey atleast you have some warning that he’s being psychic. You can see when he plays with it and when not. Much better than my mother who calls at the weirdest times. Like 5 minutes after a car accident and asks me what happened because she knows something is wrong. Does that with everyone around her and they either get used to it or freak. That’s the least of her psychic mess. She’s pretty shut down nowadays because of physical illness from too much input.

    All in all I think… good for the soldier. Sounds healthy to me.

  3. i wondered about it too, but figured since you specifically didn’t say what it was, it was a privacy issue. and i also figured that what works for him wouldn’t work for other people, anyway. probably pretty individual to each person what they can tune in with.

    i play with a crystal when i’m doing readings and found that helps me but it’s not as refined as you’re describing for the soldier. and siDiable, there are some rocks that are defintiely better than others for me, energywise.

  4. Cool! Like the Ace of Wands in the Tarot, or a divining rod. Can the soldier douse for water or pick up earth energy like grid lines? Like Goddess, I use crystals. I am also a student of Reiki. Perhaps the soldier would be good at this?

  5. I can hear that, goddess! Someone gave me a chunk of fluorite because they knew I was a rock-hound and just picking it up makes me feel sick. I keep it away from all of my other stones and crystals so they won’t get tainted. *lol*

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    Little Miss Hermit

    I agree with SaDiablo that the soldier’s method probably has to do with gaining focus. It makes sense that it should be personalized, I think:)
    I have a white (could be marble) pebble from a beach in Greece that I rub when I have to think and my mind has gone into a rut – but the less psychic input I get then, the better;)

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