Oppositions In Astrology And The Division Of Labor In Relationship

It’s been interesting watching the solider land here. People have their natures and within 24 hours I could see he was plotting his empire and his various operations and we have had a big fight about this.

At one point he wanted me to plan with him. This was his move cross country specifically and I tried to indulge him but every time I offered an opinion he had a better angle.  It did not take me long to see it would always be this way so I wound up telling him to count me out.

“Plan your thing, tell me what it is and whatever it is – I will support you,” I said. ‘Whatever you want to do, however you want to do it, I am sure it will be the best way to go. I trust you and your judgement.”

He argued he wanted my input but I explained, “You’re too good at this. You spent your life in a room hatching a plan for Special Forces. You planned operations and you are inordinately good at it but I am not. Consequently this would be like me asking you what I should do with my blog or asking you what or how I should write.  And then you tell me and I say, no, no, no! That’s not a good idea. That won’t work because of this and this and this and all the things I know about writing a blog that you do not.”

He got it and has planned things independently since. I trust him implicitly and just occasionally ask him what we are doing.  “How long are we staying here?” I asked the other day.

“Well, I figure it’s going to be about 10 years,” he said.

I opened my eyes wide.  “No kidding. Well okay then. I am glad you do this by the way.”

“Do what?”

“Figure stuff out. I hate thinking about things like this – I have no choice but to wait for someone like you to come along. And hopefully they do because otherwise I am on my own to do stuff I don’t like doing so anyway, just thanks is all and 10 years, huh?  Well okay. I can see an advantage in knowing that. I can see all kinds of advantage so thanks for figuring it out, er… wow.  All right then.”

One thing about the soldier and I, we have the division of labor down pat.  I think this may be a consequence of having Mercury in direct opposition and in Cardinal signs.

If you are partnered do you divide labor pretty distinctly or cross paths all over the place?

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  1. With Sun/Moon oppositions [Aries & Libra] in our synastry and both Mars in Scorpio, my SO & I work well as a team. He’s the planner/prioritizer and I’m good at handling the details and dealing with people.

    It’s a pleasure of all who have Libra to have a really good partner. So happy for you both!! 😀

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