Transits In Astrology: How They Work In Theory (And In Reality) – An Introduction

zodiac-transits.JPGIn theory (and in reality) when a planet in the sky transits in aspect to one of your natal planets there are various events.

In theory (and in reality) when that same planet transits the same natal planet there are more events that relate to the prior events.

For example, around 7 years old every experiences a Saturn transit to their natal Saturn. Generally this occurs when a kid starts school which is a pure Saturnian experience. They go public (Saturn) and are forced to grow up. No more mommy at school, see?

Now at 14, Saturn opposes a person’s Satturn, generally as they are entering high school and it is not hard to see how these two periods are related.

For example if the kid did not clutch it up in first grade they are going to have far more trouble in high school than the kid who did and this is how transits (and I mean all transits) work.

So I am have Pluto transit my Moon at the moment which is a transit I had when I was 8 years old. When I was 8, my mother was ill; this time around it’s my daughter.  So that is a gross example of how the transits relate to each other but we are talking Pluto here which is unfathomably deep as they say so I want to illustrate this if I can manage.

I am going to come back on this but meantime are you aware of ties to your past that bind and/or support you?

11 thoughts on “Transits In Astrology: How They Work In Theory (And In Reality) – An Introduction”

  1. joana- yes. Sorry about that, duh. I was writing not thinking and I edited! Thanks for pointing this out, I’d have confused a lot of people.

  2. in the last several months Michael Lutin has made references to what was happening in certain time periods. I coudn’t think of anything when he mentioned ’88. today I just realized saturn was in same position it is now, in my fifth house, and I’d just met the person I am seeing now. interesting…

  3. Do you mean thatat 14 Saturn opposes Natal Saturn? Because it doesn’t always opposite the Sun, it depends. But it always opposes N Saturn.

    For me I had Saturn conjunct the Sun at 3 years old, that’s when I went to kindergarden and it was a very saturnine experience.

  4. weird, i’m (sort of) reading about the saturn cycle lately. i was looking at my own saturn-saturn hits a bit, too, though i ended up focusing on saturn aspecting my sun/moon/ascendant. it’s vaguely amusing how such physically/literally distant times are connected to each other.

  5. hm. and pluto was stationing back and forth sextile my moon while i was pregnant. (and a good year after.) and i was miserable and readjusted a lot of the things i learned during the square and came to a more adult sense of my own power in relation to the primary women in my life.
    like figuring out how to carry on a civil conversation with my mother. that’s a bonus. it seemed to take my motherhood for her to realize i was an adult and could make my own decisions.
    i had awful awful PPD -it did quite seem like huge chunks of myself were dissolving. i wouldn’t know what to say about it except i went through the dark and eventually i fell through a hole in my own head to the way out. like the floor collapsed and i fell down the hollow tree as if i were alice.
    *shrug* i imagine pluto is pretty unique for everyone…

    anyway, yes, quite. the past is what made my present and looking down those stories arcs and adjusting how i choose to see them has been an extensive process the past several years. experience is what made me who i am, i just get to choose what to do about it in the neverending now 😉

  6. I guess Pluto has never transited my moon, no wait. My moon is in Leo 10 degrees; I guess Pluto squared my moon at some point, I’ll have to go look it up. I can’t imagine I’ll live long enough for it to oppose my moon…hooray.

    Interesting issue though, I had a very noteworthy experience when Pluto went over the DC the 3rd time, but I have not thought to look at it’s aspects to my planets. Other than when it opposed Mars along with the Taurus stamped also hitting my chart in 2000.

    Intense things have Always happened, but I guess they are not necessarily as intense as the things that happen to other people. It just feels like they must be, but I know others have more intensity.

  7. Saturn square at age 7 is interestingly enough the age when the Catholic church considers that a child know right from wrong and can take first communion.

  8. crrrrrrrrrrrrrrap, those were the exact years I suffered from horrible, life-threatening depressions. Freaking woo hoo to my saturn return.

  9. Pluto transited my moon mars conjunction @ 7 degrees Scorpio when I was in my last year at school. It was also the last year my parents were together. I tried to commit suicide almost to the day now that I look back. After going deep into the underworld for the next 7 years I have spent my time since healing that trauma. Now almost 20 twenty years later with some passionate learning of astrology I can understand that it was not me who broke down the family although it felt like it and I am always discovering more of what this particular conjunction means. I have a partner with moon saturn conjunction in Aquarius so at least I can talk with someone and whenever his mother gets to him I can bring some sanity and vice versa.This is not strictly on the topic I know…

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