Do You Trigger Your Generation?

Hi, Elsa.

What happens when a personal planet is square one of the outer planets of a generation? I have Moon conjunct Saturn both square Neptune; so anyone born within a few years of me has their Neptune squaring up to my cuddly conjunction.

How does this play out in synastry? Do people with these aspects simply feel their generation’s experience of that planet more acutely or is their experience of their generation skewed?

Curiously from uk

Hi, Curiously.

Your question is interesting but confusing.  You mention, “feeling” because your moon is involved. The moon is yin and private. I think this will be easier to understand if I use a different example.

Let’s say you’re a Libra, born with Pluto conjunct your Sun. You go to school and your solar energy, your vital life force, energizes Pluto aka the depth of everyone around you.  You’d be a disturbance in the force, basically.

To everyone in your generation?  Yes!

The impact on relationships would be obvious. People would be attracted to you…and repulsed. They may feel both things simultaneously but what they won’t feel is “neutral”.

Specific to your case, Moon conjunct Saturn square Neptune, sounds like vague sadness to me. Depression that you can’t pin down. Alternately you may offer (or receive) some kind of ethereal support.

That’s a complicated aspect to address in this format. But hopefully this will clarify things for you to some degree.

Do you trigger your generation?

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  1. Think of the Pluto Uranus conjunction in mid to late Virgo in the 1960’s. Any woman with an Ascendant in mid to late Virgo is going to have that person’s Pluto and Uranus right on their Ascendent, and that energy has always rubbed me wrong. For that reason, I didn’t date men who were just a few years older than me, I don’t count women just a few years older than me as friends, and I am better off with a boss who was born before the1960’s. 1960’s bosses and I don’t last.

  2. Interesting… I noticed people born around 1950 bother me and they have pluto on my asc. I was just thinking about this today actually. My good ol mother in law has her pluto on my asc. something about just the way she looks at me makes me uncomfortable. And its really hard to explain.

  3. I didn’t really understand the question so I didn’t answer. I think a generational planet on the rising or the top of the chart would be noticeable otherwise a square? how can this alone trigger a generation? trigger how? But I think we can possibly trigger other generationsor they can trigger us even more so than our own. . Were used to our generation. I know the pluto in leo generation bugs the crap out of me. way too over the top self obsessed. . always taking about themselves and never letting anyone else have the spot light. The overwhelm me and unnerve me.

  4. “Let’s say you’re a Libra, born with Pluto conjunct your Sun. You go to school and your solar energy, your vital life force, energizes the Pluto aka the depth of everyone around you. You’d be a disturbance in the force, basically.

    To everyone in your generation? Yes!

    The impact on relationships would be obvious. People would be attracted to you…or repulsed. They may feel both things simultaneously, but what they won’t feel is “neutral”.”

    I’m a Libra Sun conjunct Pluto and square Moon, and can confirm this happened to me at school, all the time. It was very hard to come into terms with, too, because I didn’t understand what was “wrong” with me.

    Studying astrology and noticing synastry helped enormously. I still tend to feel it’s more simple to interact with people who are either older or, nowadays, younger than me. The people from my generation who “stick” with me tend to have strong Pluto themselves. My Husband has his Pluto exactly conjunct my Sun and a very tight Moon/Pluto opposition in his own chart. My Ex was a Sun/Pluto in Libra himself too.

    1. Interesting. I am attracted to Taurus women A LOT, but never run into Scorpio women that much at all. My moon is opposite my natal Scorpio Pluto.
      With Taurus women, there’s so much beneath the surface with us.

  5. I’m a Libra Sun with Pluto conjunct my Sun. This conjunction sits at the top of my chart.

    As a kid I always preferred adults’ company, instead of hanging out with my peers. I wasn’t on the same wavelength as my generation.

  6. Ahhh @candela, I see what you mean. Yes, I can see generational planets conjunct the personal planets making you stand out in some way and with pluto others can become obsessed or repulsed easily. I guess I just don’t get it with the square. It would need to be a total embodiment of the energy. That’s what I think at least.. . Or everyone would be so called triggering their generation, which technically, collectively, we are. Most of us have hard aspects to outer planets.

  7. I’ve definitely thought about this before, for two reasons. One, my Venus is opposite Pluto, and mars squares both. This is therefore true for anyone roughly my age. And yes, relationships are a total quagmire of disappointment for me. I tend to do better with older men who have Pluto in Virgo.

    Second, my ascendant is in Leo…so men with Leo suns conjunct Pluto in Leo have way too much power over me, and I have to be careful of getting into mentor type power dynamics with them.

  8. very tight pluto/venus opposition (libra/aries.) which is to say, yes. took awhile to develop a good sense of my own value. come to think of it,i’m still working on it. and most of my good friends (with some spectacular, stellar, generally aries/scorpio exceptions) are older or younger than me.

  9. If you think the current young people suck, remeber that there was a conjunction between neptune and uranus in the beginning of the 90’s. At some point this conjunction sextiled pluto. Makes total sense.

  10. My Moon is conjunct the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo plus my Ascendant is square the conjunction. When I get a bad reaction it’s within a few seconds of meeting them. Thankfully there aren’t a lot of bad reactions thanks to Jupiter in Cancer in the first house.

    1. Also, I get very polarized reactions from people. I’m either an angel sent to earth or the devil. I have never bought into the angel thing but I have bought into the devil image. Even very recently. And if I’m really honest with myself I can say that I have some kind of love for these people that can’t see me for me but I also have a deep disgust for them for some reason that I can’t articulate. And of course this affects me in a sometimes harmful way. Who wants to feel disgust for their fellow man? I’m usually just better off not getting too close to anyone. Its hard being isolated but sometimes it’s harder walking around in a crowded room full of archers with a target on your forehead.

  11. I wonder about this a LOT! I have Venus conjunct Pluto. I LOVE people my age. I LOVE my generation. I have Mars trine Pluto too. And Pluto conjunct my DSC. My most important relationships are all close in age to me. I don’t know the affect I have on my generation though, I just know how I feel about them myself.

    I also have Saturn conjunct my Sun and Moon. That’s not really a generational planet, but I do expect the best out of everyone my age. They are going to go far OR ELSE. I have high expectations and no doubt that they will be met. Saturn in Sag optimism.

  12. Oddly enough, I too, like ‘Tam’ am part of the Pluto in Virgo conjunct Uranus in Virgo ‘GenXer’ generation, and I can honestly say, and yet don’t know why, but I don’t get along well with my generation, for the most part, much either. It must be largely due to those Virgo planets falling in my 12H since I am a Libra rising. It almost seems like they bring me bad luck. I have a nice rapport and get along fairly well with younger people ‘millennials’ who have Pluto in Scorpio and Saturn/Uranus in Sag. We share a lot of knowledge & info with one another and are open to learning from each other, something that the older generations tend to hubris & think they know it all and have an attitude against anything ‘new’, ‘different’ and/or ‘young(er)’. I’m not as interested in the past as I am interested in the future (Moon in Aquarius 5H).

  13. well this makes sense now! mars/ venus conjunction square pluto, growing up I thought ppl my age were idiots, always tended to get along better with those several years younger and older. I even listened to music that was a decade old cause the current music rubbed me the wrong way. I can listen to it and enjoy now though.

    1. Funny – I have the Venus/Mars conjunction square Pluto as well (with Jupiter at the opposition) and I feel the same way. Plus we have the same name 🙂

  14. Wow, I totally get this. My Sun is square Neptune and my Moon is square Pluto. I’ve also felt like I don’t fit in with my generation, or that I even have a generation (born between Gen X and Gen Y).

  15. i’ve wondered about this. i have neptune conjunct sun in sag opposite saturn in gemini, both sextile/trine pluto in libra. these planets are all in very close aspect, maximum 2 degrees apart. so, logically, this neptune/saturn/pluto configuration would have been around in the sky for awhile in the early 1970s, which makes it a generational configuration. lots of people must have it in their charts. but i, and others with my birthday, plus or minus a day or two, happen to be working through the implications of this neptune/saturn/pluto thing in order to express the sun (i think) and/or any other personal planet that moved through. so i’ve wondered how the whole configuration might be manifesting for others of my generation, and i’m really not clear about what is personal and what is generational (darn neptune!!). asking how i affect or impact other people is different from asking whether i’m personally manifesting an energy that is also shared by many other people. and whether this manifestation then triggers something for the rest is possibly a third question.

    1. Very interesting, I have thought about this but never really been able to pinpoint whether I affect a generation. I should because my Sun in Scorpio is conjunct Pluto, so I in many ways I am the example you used! As well as my mars conjunct Neptune. What I have experienced is that when someone is going through a Pluto transit they inevitably meet me or come in to contact with me for an extended amount of time. I do know I disturb people, whether I like it or not. As for generation wise, I have no idea.

  16. I have Pluto conjunct my Asc within 1 degree in Scorpio, lying within my First House (along with Saturn conjunct Mars, H1) opposite my Moon. However, I have a Libra Asc. The obvious problem being that while my Asc is Libra, the conjunction of Pluto in H1 is in Scorpio…

    People my own age rarely understand me. I always have older friends. And, as this article asserts, I tend to drastically affect everyone around me. People act with revulsion for no reason at all, or completely idolize me. This is very infuriating, because in either case, their presumptions are incorrect.

    It was only when I disappeared overseas that I was able to see the extent of effect I had on everyone within my town’s social sphere.

    Now I clearly see that I am a magnet for other people’s negative energy. Learning to deal with this is harder than recognizing it exists…

  17. Placements for a generational rabble rouser:

    All my personal planets are in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo and they’re ALL in the upper horizon of my chart.

    All my outer planets are in Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius and they’re all in the lower horizon.

    To boot, Uranus and Chiron square my Ascendant. (I’m a magnet for wounded misfits. ? )

    Classmates couldn’t understand nor appreciate me. Teachers adored me but the elderly and I had a special bond. Calculating their ages now would put them with having outer planets aligned with my inner planets. Especially the Pluto in Cancer generation. (Sun/Merc in Cancer) I could listen to their stories for hours and cherished their old-fashioned values which I eventually adopted. ?

    I still don’t *get* my generation because I feel like the collective value such petty things while dismissing what’s important but I’m working on it. ?

    (Great article, btw!!)

    1. Now I have an old friend who has a stellium aligned with all their outer planets. All in the lower horizon. And with a Mars-Neptune conjunction in Sag, no less.

      It was an extraordinary study. Truly.

      He had loads of friends and parents trying to marry off their daughters to him. (Yes-in America! ??) He had the ability to singlemindedly achieve whatever he put his mind to. He could get promoted simply by breathing in the same air as the interviewer.

      But –he could never get too egotistical because he has a Saturn-Venus conjunction. Despite the hologram he involuntarily projects, he just can’t see how he impacts others and sometimes, his confidence suffers for it.

      (Anyways, just thought I’d put that contrasting study in there.)

  18. Not only do I have lots of water planets that trine my Pluto, I have an Aquarius AC and am highly unthreatening. This is part of my persona. I only threaten people who are afraid of weird.

  19. On this thread I’ve noted a few people who have Pluto/Sun in Libra like I do. There’s a distinct, a STRONG solid energy I’ve noticed coming from them. Like they stand out. Am I just imagining things, or do Pluto/Sun people tend to have a strong presence?

    1. I’m a sun Pluto mc too. I always notice sun square Pluto people more. Maybe because I am one, I’m not fazed by the energy.

    2. Sun taurus Oppo Scorpio Pluto. I think you are right. We do stand out. In my case, I just feel repulsive…

  20. I have a big red fucking square in my chart: pluto opp moon, sq ASC and Mercury. People can either take me or leave me generally, but a one on one I’m decent. I don’t mind mental or physical combat although I will try to avoid the latter, but I will debate without hesitation. Fun being the devils advocate at times.

  21. anonymoushermit

    Makes sense why I don’t fit in easily. I have Pluto in Libra, then I have all those Libra planets. Makes sense why I was hated as a teenager.

  22. My Sun in 9th house Taurus is oppo a whole generation with Pluto In Scorpio. Its bad. really bad. I repulse a whole lot of people :/. All my relationships ends with power plays sooner or later. My demanding nature takes over sooner or later. I hate it. I try to tone it down but its so hard

  23. I guess I do. I have 3 outer planets aspecting my natal Sun/mars/mercury conjunction. Uranus squares it, Neptune sextiles it and Pluto trines it.

  24. I have to take one of your classes my understanding of my track or pattern might fix my sometime alone feel. I have noticed, not a fighter, but I have a hell of a bite if I feel there has been a crime of the heart or human injustice;and I don’t tend to think I am a moral spiller?

  25. I have Sun and Mercury conjunct Uranus and Pluto in 12th House. That means my entire generation through their Pluto and Uranus are IN my 12th House and acutely aware of how intense and eccentric.
    YES, I trigger my whole generation, and I seem to do so before I even open my mouth.
    Thank you for noticing. =)

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