Pluto In Virgo in The 8th House – Concentrated Mental Power

Pluto landscapeThere’s a discussion in the forum about Pluto transiting the 8th house.  I have Pluto in the 8th (in Virgo), natally.  It’s a great placement as it puts the planet in it’s natural house.

The main thing you hear about this transit is it indicates a natural affinity for psychology. I agree with this, fully.  In my lingo, you can see people, naked.  The example I use to explain… I see my neighbor crossing the street, to come talk to me.  I would expect to know what’s on their mind as well as the mood they are in, before they arrive my door. It’s a deep, naturally occurring, processing of information. I think this is also why I almost always know when someone is dying and conversely, not dying.

I am not meaning to put myself up and others down, when I say, that not everyone with Pluto in the 8th can do this.  The entire chart has to be considered as does the person’s environment, their character and their competing interests.  The sign matters as well. Virgo likes to know. In my case, I grew up in quite the petri dish.  Figure out what’s going on, or die!

This is the idea that surfaced in the thread. Pluto in the 8th is a lifesaver. It’s how I know, as a homeless fifteen year old, not to take the $1000 and go on the modeling shoot, so I wind up starring in a snuff field.  How about, NO?

This morning’s notes on that thread sort of melded with my thoughts in today’s newsletter, regarding the mental effort I have underway, personally speaking. I guess I mentioned this in the previous letter as well, referencing the fact, the upcoming Mercury retrograde period will extend the time the planet spends in Aries, squaring Pluto.

It’s all about trying to drill down to core in order to access some kind of organic power. I am focused on this, now, like a computer humming in the background, running ’round the clock.

I literally want to break something. A spell? A block? It’s like a football player wanting to break through the line. If he’s successful, it’s exhilarating. If he fails, it’s nothing.

All or nothing. I can live with that.

Who can relate?

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    Aquarius Rising

    Me. I too have pluto in my 8th on my sun and I am able to know other’s moods and I read their body language. I learned this early due to my mother having severe mood swings. I could tell her mood by touching the door handle. When she was in her worst state, she’d throw mugs.

    So, I have this ability and it has saved me several times. On the flip side, I can see every flaw and let people know them, when I get angry.

    I have the ability to detach and not see other’s moods. My husband accuses me of not paying attention. Lol. But he knows that I can lock onto a target.

    This placement cuts the gullibility down considerably and I am grateful for that.

    1. I also learned this with my mom. She was extremely angry and stressed and I learned how to “read” her foot steps and act accordingly.

      1. same as all of you.

        pluto 8th natally. ive learned to deal with mental illness, how to deflect, and how to cope, and how to heal. but it’s neverending. it’s a continual fight, of transforming, death and rebirth.

        i also have 12th natally so thats another issue, but 12th is simplier in terms of suffer or sacrifice. sacrifice it shall be.. no ego or being proud to sacrifice here.

  2. I feel the same, Elsa. As a Pisces Rising and Pluto in the 8th, I have a very strong intuition and other people’s energy often drain mine. I am thankful for this placement as it has Brough me self awareness.

  3. Pluto is currently transiting my 8th house- I also am at the Pluto square Pluto stage of my life.
    I have been working on my overindulgence of food, alcohol and responsible spending. I want financial security more than anything else and the sense I have control over my weak spots.
    During our consultation 2 years ago, Elsa gave it to me straight – “ It’s do or do not do, there is no try.”
    Well im doing it- it’s hard. Tracking my spending – every penny to make myself fully aware of what I am up to. Eating healthy- I’ve been pre making all my breakfast and lunches weekly. Not drinking. A small glass of wine maybe with dinner, most likely I won’t.
    Currently changes that I don’t want are making the changes that I do want more difficult to gain traction. But Elsa also said, “ stay in the boat” and I’m certain these changes I’m making will become greater than current circumstances.
    There is death also, my mother is dying. In typical death fashion there is also the drama dynamics hard at play.

  4. When I was way younger I thought I was going insane. I took the bus to the mental hospital and turned myself in. So much happened in there it would fill a whole book. But the short story is I learned there is no ‘going insane’ for me. Alas, I am always right here.

    I also suspect I will not die. Pluto in Leo in the 8th. Not just me – I do not think any of us die. Stay tuned. We shall see.

  5. I have Pluto in Virgo; I overthink I have a bit of performance anxiety, no matter how small the act my mind plays with the material before me when I just jump in easy and done, but my mind rolls like a rough ocean with strong winds . I seem to find my calm Harbor Sandy Beach relaxed thoughts but there’s a symphony sometimes within me I’m not sure why I need or notice all that’s around me I’m a bit hypersensitive I know I’m defensive. I know I have an assortment of fear constantly working to de-escalate as far as others, I’m learning constantly to shake them off . New day new opportunity get something done even if it’s just a tiny little thing other people I seem to play next to their heads really never know what somebody’s thinking or been through but I do give it to old detective angle. Why are they like this? What kind of person is this, especially in the dating world. I’ve really been disappointed of my sister always say to me that I don’t pick them they pick me they see me as an easy bark too kind. Thank God it’s Friday.

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