Passive Aggressive: The Unconscious Mars

Mars city in ruins card Astrologer, CF Perez, is interested in women and Mars. I was writing on her astrology mailing list some years ago. She was attracted how overtly I express Mars energy. We became friends.

We both feel that many women (and some men) have problems expressing their Mars energy (their anger, their hunter instinct, etc) and that it wreaks all kinds of havoc in their lives and in the world. But last night she came up with a new phrase…. “the unconscious Mars”.

“Yes, many women have no awareness of their Mars at all,” she said. “They have no idea how attacking they are. They just haven’t the slightest idea.”

“You mean they are bitchy and they don’t know it?” I asked hoping I had understood her correctly.

zero line drawing“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.”

“Oh. Well that actually makes me feel better. Some people are intentionally nasty but others are unconscious? They are oblivious about how nasty they are, how biting and what not?”

“Yes. They have no awareness whatsoever,” she said.

“That explains a lot,” I said, as the information filtered in.

I recalled a conversation I had with Satori. “Maybe they don’t know they are a bitch,” satori said. I didn’t understand her at the time.

“So they run around being nasty, no one wants anything to do with them and they have no idea why?”


“I know a lot of people like that. They think they are sweet but they’re horrible. They are horrific.”

“Yes, hon. You would know a lot of then, there are a lot of them out there.”

“And you mean no idea?” I asked, just to be sure. It just seems like a person would know.”

Satori confirmed, “None. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.”

Have you ever wanted to get away from someone because of their attacking / aggressiveness when they would never see themselves as aggressive?

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