Eris: Bad Fairy At The Christening

“Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
— C.G. Jung

Eris (ee-ris) is a dwarf planet farther away from the sun than Pluto. Its revolution around the horoscope is even longer than Pluto’s. Because of this, everyone alive today has Eris in Aries or Pisces. With such a slow-moving planet the focus in interpretation will be on house position and aspects to quick-moving planets as everything else will be generational. Its sign association is yet to be named, though I’ve seen Libra and Virgo mentioned. It seems pretty Scorpionic in my estimation.

The mythical Eris, the namesake, is the goddess of Strife and Discord and the sister of Aries (Mars). She threw the golden apple that resulted in the War of Troy. Most of us are more familiar with the story of Sleeping Beauty which is a derivation of this basic archetypal character. To put it simply, she is the Bad Fairy at the Christening, a female representation of negativity and the disowned shadow which comes around to bite one on the butt.

Shine a light on Eris in your chart. Invite her to the party and you’ll get a better gift than if she shows up uninvited and PISSED.

Where is Eris in your chart? Do you embrace the shadow in this area of your life?

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75 thoughts on “Eris: Bad Fairy At The Christening”

  1. Interesting. She’s actually conjunct my name asteroid in my 3rd house. (I guess I’m Eris.) She also conjuncts Vesta and Karma along with my North Node, so I’m fated to learn about her. Eris also squares my Mars.

  2. 7th house with a square to Neptune. I need to sit down and have a think on how this one plays out in my chart, as it’s escaping me now.

  3. Aries Eris in the 7th House conjunct Jupiter, opposing 1st House Libra Mars. I’ve read you have to pay attention to the house opposite Eris because that is where she throws the apple. Makes total sense to me. I love partnerships and my partners until I win them and then I feel cornered, a loss of independence.

  4. She’s well represented 🙂
    nearly exactly conjuct my venus which in turn aspects most of my chart. the only conjunction i have, actually.

    1. Would have been disappointing if she wouldn’t be well represented. Inspired me to search, but there seems to be no celestial object to represent me.

  5. I have the The Iris Asteroids Report
    Rainbow Messenger of the Gods and Goddesses done by Elsa, I don’t see Eris in this report, should I get the deluxe report?

  6. Avatar

    Making the unconscious conscious SHOULD allow its grip on your life and choices to loosen and transform, but if what’s bad still feels good even when you understand the source of it, it remains an unsolved problem.

    1. Wow, that is so profound. I understand the source of my problems but the “bad still feels good” so I tend to perpetuate them. I’m not a victim – I am definitely, deliberately choosing the problem over the solution – it’s not fate, or anyone else’s fault! I am waiting for the bad to feel repulsive, and then “what was I thinking?”, and then laughibly gauche and boring and then neutral. Neutral means I’ve released it.

      1. Avatar

        Virgo Vixen, can relate so much to “choosing the problem over the solution.” You put that beautifully.

  7. In my 4th house, Aries , 4-8-12 Grand Trine, with
    Eros/Transpluto(8) and Venus(12).
    Yeah, I got some hot issues. Kept under a lid.

  8. Eris in my 9th. I don’t resonate with the faith I was brought up in. I don’t reject it, but I interpret it far differently. I want a deep, complex relationship with spirit–the light and the dark.

    She’s also trine my Venus. I find this interesting because when I was very young, I embarked on a short-lived marriage with a spiritually manipulative man who did a lot of damage to my psyche (most of which I’ve recovered from). I’m also the one who threw the golden apple, as it were, into that union and walked out.

    (It amuses me that Venus/Aphrodite was one of the goddesses fighting over the apple, but that’s not why we’re here.)

  9. I have Eris in my 8th house in Aries conjunct Chiron (by 1 degree) and it exactly trines my Leo Moon in the 12th. Intimacy and shared resources (loan debt) have been painful experiences which I’m still coming to terms with in my late 40s but I do get help from mother figures in my life (trine of the moon). I’m also very sensitive and able to help others from my experiences.

  10. I am very interested in Eris because Eeis is conjunct to my NN (Life mission. Soul contract). Seen that my SN shows that i was probably an womanizer and mamipulator, my intution is that i cam in this life to “seduce” women into owning themselves by integrating their Eris.
    So here goes my tip to anyone trying to integrate Eris: the way you behave when you are drunk, that is your repressed shadow. Find ways of integrating that behavior in your life without the need of alcohol.

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