Advice For The Venus, Mars & Uranus Conjunct In Aries

Tarzan action figureVenus and Mars are heading into Aries at this time. They’ll meet up with Uranus in the sign the first two weeks of March. This is one hotted up situation!

Aries has the capacity to act impulsively, but it also also has the ability to be less reckless and more tactical.  Being able to act quickly is an advantage…but so is the ability to hold your fire when this is what makes the most sense.

Aries is associated with violence and aggression. When you add Uranus to the mix, things can happen quickly. They can be shocking (like the beheadings in the news). Pluto is also involved here. Pluto = death. You can see how potentially dangerous this is.

This stuff hits my chart hard. There is a real edge about me at this time. You’ll read about it my newsletters. I’m embracing this energy and it’s working well for me. If you’re being hit as well, you might want to do the same.  It’s like finding yourself riding a wave.  Clearly, you should ride it, rather than be taken under and drowned!

For everyone else, please check the the house in your chart where the stellium in Aries falls.  You want to assert yourself in that area of life.

For example, it falls in my third house.

I am making endless phones calls and pushing people to push paper. I am talking about a home loan, new insurance policies, my tax returns, canceling of cable services, making sure there is a mailbox at my new rural address, getting a receipt for this person or that, working on this website, writing a newsletter, setting stuff at the curb for my (3rd house) neighbors to take away…

I’m basically a focused (Pluto) tornado on a mission (Aries).

Where does the stellium in Aries fall in your chart (0-15 degrees)?  Can you see the effects?

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  1. Aries is my 5th house cusp, but this stellium will fall inside my 4th house therefore I have no idea how to read it 🙁

  2. Depending on house system used my 8th & 9th (Plac 9th house starts 0.18Aries; Equal it starts 14.56Aries; Koch starts 6.39Aries).
    My natal Venus is 10.45 Aries and my natal Jupiter is 18.14Aries.

  3. It seems the deck is being cleared. Let er happen. I have started using the solar house chart. That puts it in Virgo’s 8th. Alot of blaming coming my way. I just cannot carry that weight at this time. I have decided to be superficially pleasing and light in my relationships. (Duh, mercury’s lifelong residence in libra, about time.) Let em hire a shrink. I can’t do it anymore.

  4. 7th and maybe 8th house. People who read the boards may know I have Ascendant and Moon around 15′ degrees. Also, a lot of stuff 8-14 degrees Air and Fire. I’m bombared by the transits right now.

    I think things are building up here for a major break through, or should I say break free? My health is failing where I am now, workwise, so I have to revise that.

    Also, my Husband has a Stellium, also 7th/8th house, in Aries. Something is definitely going to happen here.

  5. Whoo! You sound crazy busy Elsa! Ride the wave indeed!

    I don’t know exactly why, but none of this is particularly affecting my chart that I can feel, see, understand at the moment, other than our getting a new care giver for my father. I see ramifications of this all over the place though in other folks lives, like crazy. Every time there are major things going on, my chart is just “that” enough off, that I seem to duck the really harsh parts. Pure luck? Who knows. It’s not that I haven’t had my sudden events happen, like having to flee a rental due to a bi-polar room mate having gone seriously off the rails, but I think that Grand Square that summer affected her much more than me, believe or not, because I had complete support during that time and escaped unscathed. I may have spoken too soon though. I have a few of Aries astroids (Pallas, Eris, Sedona and Vesta)in my fourth and fifth and will be visited by transit by Mars Venus and Uranus, while Eris and Sedna will be visiting my natal Pallas and Sedna at the same time. Will have to maybe start keeping a journal as the days approach and see what happens! Best of luck everyone!

  6. How would I go about finding where this would fall in my chart? I use’s chart, should I put a certain date to see where the transit will occur? And is so, what date/date range am I looking at? Thanks

    1. Thanks Elsa! It looks like this will be hitting my ninth house and my tenth on the tail end. I don’t have any really strong aries prominence in my chart. My MC is aries but that’s about it. No planets in the 9th or 10th so not sure how this will affect me but I’ll be on the look out. It’ll be a good learning experience for me since I’m new to astrology. Thanks again for your reply and the links:)

  7. Oh no, that will hit my sixth house–and it’s a horrible idea to ever assert myself at work (I end up being very sorry when I’ve tried). Not good, not good.

    1. 6th house too conjunct my saturn, health, work & your day to day. Looking forward to it. Applying for a volunteer job, hope I get it.

  8. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    It falls in my 3rd house too — I hope to start being busy with the same pre-moving stuff soon to escape this frozen Siberia to return once and for all to sunny CA, please!!!

  9. This scares me. It’s hitting my 8H, squaring my Venus and Mercury. I a pm currently job hunting, trying to patch things up at home. This hits my husband’s 5H. He’s not really happy with me now, although things are inching forward slowly. He’s not the most patient person.

    He may be travelling during that time which gives me a breather, as I continue to fix things. My stomach is already in knots most times.

    Well, this should help me prep. I have my transit report, which helps. *breathe, bite my tongue*

  10. Wow! It falls in my 7th house. My descendant is 5 degrees Aries and my Vertex is 15 degrees. I expect some fruitful amazing encounters and so on and so forth. I have been focused on broadening my horizons and welcoming romance. I am ready to share. Let me repeat, Wow! There’ll be some hot times in the 7th house! Thank you, Elsa.

    1. My configuration is the same as MoRich’s (same descendant and Vertex), with the addition that the stellium will be squaring my 10th house sun in Cancer and trining my moon and Venus in 11th house Leo. Jupiter is also currently conjunct my moon. Maybe I should channel it by getting out and spending more time with groups (that 11th house trine), I’ll have some important/lucky/fated encounters that are important one-on-one.

  11. Looking at the total picture, my progressed moon is 6 Aries in my fourth house. My fifth house is also Aries. My mouth, my arms, my eyes and my heart are wide open. I will hang loose and ride the wave!!!!

  12. Hmmm, I’ve already been talking about this so much. . . getting burnt out with it. I have mars at 13 aries in my ninth. I wonder what the significance of the Aries south node is in all this. I also wonder about the “critical degree” (13 cardinal) and the significance that plays in this. Seems important. . .

    1. I feel like the Aries critical degree has been highlighted throughou the square. Not just cause my mars is there. they squared off exactly at 13 last year. then again last month while simultaneously the south node hit 13 aries. seems to indicate crisis. Possibly urgent crisis stemmingfrom karmic forces. The urgent need to act and take a risk. Or chop someones head off. . . that works too.

  13. Uranus is transiting my 4th in direct opposition to both my natal Sun and Jupiter in my 10th. Pluto is transiting my 2nd house conjunct my natal Mars. Hmmm interesting I have Sadge rising makes me eternally optimistic so I am hoping for “good” interesting. Unexpected, transformative, from root to tip, call me crazy but it just may be awesome.

  14. Uranus is trine my Pluto for the year. Aries is my 11th house. I’m unemployed but just got a jury duty summons for the week of 3/16. Venus will be out of opp with my Neptune by then and the Mars trine Pluto will just be passing two days before. Will I be out of the woods?

    Maybe they won’t call me. I won’t be paid unemployment benefits if I’m on a jury and I can’t afford it. I need to google ways to get out of it. A friend was lucky enough to call in everyday for a week and they never told her to come in. Fingers crossed!

  15. 10th house. But it squares my Cancer Sun. I need a job desperately. Because I just moved. And have tantamount bills to pay. Including making a bid on a new condo. But it has not been easy. Am dreading these planets. Think the orbs are still close. 5 degree on separation from U and P. Powerful planets get greater orbs in my book. And Mars in Aries has always sucked for me. But things are happening so fast. I do have to ride the effing wave and suck it up. Maybe I’ll do Uber driving with the new car I had to buy just yesterday. I have a Cancer Merc and Sun both in the Aries house. First. I’m so selfish for my sign, it’s not funny. But on the inside I’m incredibly shy and sensitive. NOT WORKING. !!!!!!

  16. Aries in ninth house (7 degrees). I have a christ complex when it comes to Harmony, Wisdom, and Truth. It’s mostly good.

  17. Stellium is falling in my seventh house.currently uranus and jupiter is trine my natal venus. Things in love department has already been started…very excited

  18. Hi Elsa, a great topic – Glad you’re getting to grips with this energy, it is highly combative and combustible. Just when I think I’ve got things ‘sorted out’ so to speak, along comes a whammy – out of nowhere. It’s awful, I’m combustible by nature (aries moon, saturn and north node.. all in the firing line)and the situation / battle I’m in is wearing me out. While I’ve always considered myself fairly steady and strategic (sun and merc in capricorn 8 house)I’m actually more like the guy in the picture along with this post (recognised him immediately!)There’s a constant lack of predictability in the air and this is getting to me. Emotional minefield…along with Mars and Venus’ incline into Aries I can’t imagine there will be much let up. Hope I fare as well as you and get the pieces into place by April! Wishing you well Elsa.

  19. The stellium falls in my 12th house – I’m thinking that I will go pray. I don’t know how and I don’t know if it is effective, especially since I have a long-standing conflict with Divinity – since it has left me in the lurch so many times, but I simply don’t have other choice and I can’t do any better than this. And I NEED to do better.

    1. Elisei,

      If I may suggest – same here, early-mid 12th house – “fire it up” ! Create, know it, drive it, do New Moon rituals. Prepare for, anticipate the last square with Pluto. It’s been a bumpy ride since 2012, but you’re still here. 🙂 Cheers.

  20. Conjunct my IC 11´in aries – I am actually doing a lot of inner spiritual work related to my roots. Also getting quite creative. But feeling pressure to get a “normal” job (cash)..My true work is really about writing and healing – that is my true self. And I want to live my true self now.

      1. Thank you Elsa!And they will also trine natal Venus and Jupiter.And also thinking about Pluto…well,I can’t complain that life is bring!I’m sure of that!

  21. For me, this will be in my 6th house where my Sun and Venus reside. It’s interesting that this is supposed to happen during the first week of March because that’s when I’ll be moving to a new city and starting a new job. I’m also trying to start freelancing work as well to make cash on the side.

  22. I thought of this last nite. The conversation got to a point where I did not even know what it was about anymore. I used my pisces mars avoidance. Oh, someone’s at the door, I’ve gotta go. Es-Cape. Or is that a gemini lie? 😀

    1. I think I need to do some examination of the types of relationships I am in. If I am a go to person when the weather is foul or when there is indecision. And I go through that process with someone. That’s it. That’s what it is. It is a very intimate process for me. That does not mean that we have to be able to do social situations together. Especially if the person is big on public persona. I’m involved with them on the deep end. I really don’t like it to be that complicated. But for my own well being, I guess I have to re-consider invitations to social situations or do mental preparation if it is a have to do thing. And hallejuah for those who can do both, at least practice common courtesy in social situations.

  23. It falls on the cusp of my 7th and 8th house, near Jupiter and North Node. I’m trying to sort out the ending of a 7year relationship with my (still) best friend. The next 2 Venus/Mars conjunctions this year fall near my sun and Venus in 12/1 house and I forget the other. Nervous.

  24. 3rd house Aries Chiron? Not a clue lol. Anyone more experienced have insight they’d like to share ?

    On a separate note, love what you do for us all Elsa. Continued blessings to you.

    1. Yes,work on making a connection with your heart….that is where that part of you that knows everything…pack your bags and move out of the emotional body into your true home..the heart of your being…..and ask questions….love you…..

  25. Venus/Mars 11/12th house cusp. Opposite my natal Pluto. Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Chiron in the 12th. Seeing this energy very positively. Death to my old, wounded victim psychology and a portal to a newer wiser self. I’ve been praying, preparing for this since the 15th. I am starting over within. Externally, my older child had a very sudden, violent encounter with another child yesterday (we were both startled but he is fine) and my younger child is quite suddenly ill. I can see these forces at work in the world and I am staying firm in my conviction and holding fast to my prayers and self-sacrifice, and going inward, the only place where I have any control.

  26. aries in 1st house, yep about to move,new hair color red wow hehe,complete overhaul n the body maintenance department,ita all about meeeee. out with the old in with the new,partner of 10 years kicked to the curb,new beginnings for this gal.

  27. The stellium brings Venus, Mars and Uranus conjunct my 9th house Moon!!

    I am working on creating some courses and doing a lot of writing and am about to publish some things. Those things I can control. I am able to work hard and do something about those things.

    Uranus is in a separating conjunct (3 degrees) with my Moon and it seems something may be happening in relationship to an Aquarius. I cannot direct or control that.

  28. Depending on the degrees, 1st or 2nd. My 2nd is loaded. Have Venus in Aries, natally. I know my bank account is drained due to all the work I’ve missed due to snow/ice. Hope I can work some overtime. Or sell a painting. I got some shocking news that affects my work. I guess I need to see how this is affecting my 6th house.

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    sad and lonely

    I am feeling extremely lonely and depressed right now and I cant take anymore of this astrology stuff aaaaaah !

    venus mars and Uranus in my 7th house

    born with all the planets on the other side of my chart forming a string from virgo to Capricorn.

    Also I cant take anymore of the horoscopes in our newspaper these sunsign reports are useless

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      sad and lonely

      thanks this is my second reply on this website, what great work you do here. its just that how can I keep my faith alive ?

      Eris and Lunar Lilith were both in my 7th house at birth and I thought this was finally my time 🙁

    1. Welcome! If a person has these aspects naturally, they embody the energy that describe. What they do with their energy is up to them. 🙂

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