Uranus Transit – Pluto Flush – Massive Purge

I can’t even tell you why this is, but up until a week ago, I have never thrown away a picture.  You know how people get rid of pictures of old lovers and such? I have never done that. I have never even thought of doing it.  Last week, something changed.

I think the change is due to a string of drastic events in my life. All of the sudden so many things no longer matter to me. I see they have no meaning to anyone. How would they? They are my “things” and they have no meaning to me!

I’m a bit surprised. I’m surprised I’ve never come to a point like this before. It’s like a math equation in a way. In light of this, then that. Considering this, then that.  What took me so long?

When I was a kid, my father had an orchard.  These were mature trees bearing fruit and nuts.  My mother got pissed off, with justification, I’d say.  She went out there with an ax and chopped every single one of them down.

She also broke every window in the house…these were pane windows and I mean she broke every pane in every window; more than one hundred of them, right before she broke the windshield in his truck, as well as the windows, the head and tail lights and the rear view mirrors, inside and out.

She’s never done anything like this before. I guess most could agree, she snapped.

This is not the same thing but the drastic change is similar. My mother never chopped a tree down in her life. That’s her in the picture…she’s a double Aquarius.

I don’t mind being like her. It’s a Uranus transit.

Have you ever gone through a period like this?

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  1. I can’t see me ever getting rid of a photo, my Gemini great aunt would keep the photo but cut the person’s head out that she was mad at. When I do something my mom doesn’t like she calls me by my great aunt’s name.
    I will have a “purge fit” where I have to change the photos on the wall, move the furniture, get rid of clothes. I will even change what food I normally eat and what cup I drink my coffee out of. I have changed my hair after breaking up with someone I had been dating. I even bought a car when I lost my best friend. I guess this is triggered by me being sick of some situation and needing a change. Uranus/Pluto/Moon in the 4th house

  2. I haven’t gone through a period like this, except once when my brother died and my mother pissed me off. A neighbor called the cops because I was breaking everything I could get my hands on & was making ruckus in an otherwisz civilized building.
    Your mother’s breaking every window, windshield etc. reminds me of this. They say Aquarians don’t have emotions? I guess some transit provoked your mother’s Mars. Anger is an emotion too.
    As for destroyng pictures, all I can say is that I had an uncle who got mad and burned all the family photos, I guess he considred they were “his” and could do as he wished with them.
    I wish he hadn’t done that, but then again, that was the way he felt, & this is the way I feel, no connection.
    As for private pictures I can understand that comes a time when things have to be “let go”, that they will mean nothing to people on down the line. I seems sad, but unless they are historical documents what else to do? (and even then)
    Broken windows can be replaced, old family photos maybe not. But private photos are private, no-one will ever know about them and regret them, even if it was painful to let them go. Likewise old letters.
    Blessed the Iphone crowd who will never have old photos & letters!

  3. This whole year when uranus has been transiting in near opposition to my libra moon at 27 degrees, i have changed so many things in my house. We practically threw/sold away every piece of furniture and replaced them with new. Replaced black bed frame with white, painted black dresser to white too.. changed color theme in living room from black/brown couches to grey. There was this strange urge to re do everything. I am not sure if this is the similar thing that you are telling here but I never felt this urge to just let go everything i was owning.
    Besides this, it happened to me once more when I was doing mu under grad. I was living away from family and was holding way too many childhood memories and was constantly home sick. One fine day I was soo sick of feeling that way and holding to small pieces of papers, pen , note books etc that I threw away every memory so that I can just start movig ahead with my then current life!

  4. Oh Yeah! Pluto opposite Uranus, nadir/midheaven. Everything I owned a year ago could fit into my Honda Odyssey. That has NEVER happened! Got rid of everything, former lifelong pack rat. 3 storage units. Have done this at other times too. Must check those transits. Some of the stuff I wish I still had (photos, record albums), but enjoy getting new stuff. It really is a fresh start to have “new” things (from stuff like craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Buy and Sell, etc.) Just furnished a place and nothing in here is over $50 except for the bed (100) and the couch (150). Another thing I’ve purged is people (toxic ones). Changing my way of thinking and speaking. Being more careful.

  5. I never broke things until last year’s breakup. Even then, I broke a few small items only. A few months later I concluded that I had destroyed things of some worth or use. When I broke them I was alone and used it to express my emotions. Later I concluded that I’d destroyed things of value. I guess I should’ve used some creative outlet. But I felt really disappointed, disillusioned, let down and ultimately destructive at the time. I don’t know.

  6. I love this story! So passionate and couldn’t care less. She sounds special, your mom, in her own right. From this I sense a lot of your gifts came from her.

  7. Love your mum’s photo, on first glance I thought she had a small white suitcase in her hand. . . how Aquarian is that?! I made a huge move in 1992, left everything home country, job, career, family, language but not my soul . . .it was thirsting for itself and in order to find it I had to give up all the pretense, falsehood, blockage, untruth. I was depserate, I get your mum’s inner scream. I was 23 at the time. I left the UK for Poland, (80 km from Russian border). That was 26 years ago, married, two sons, career(s) – a bumpy ride but don’t regret it! Just had to do it! (I have MC in Aquarius and venus in 10 in Aquarius sextiling a moon saturn conjunction in 12 house aries. I’m sure thay had sth to do with it!)

  8. What I am finding in my research is that exact aspects from Pluto and Saturn, even semi-sextiles, have coincided with very major events in my life….

  9. My parents gave me my old school records and report cards sometime before Pluto crossed my Ascendant. As Pluto was making its final hit, I put them through the shredder. It was a hard decision, but I didn’t want to drag the past into the future with me. As far as I know, Uranus wasn’t involved.

    Pluto = PURGE

  10. In a change now
    I’ve decided to be me
    Love or hate
    No more no less
    Just me
    Isn’t winter a wonder-ful
    Thing; I am going to cherish everything meant for me
    And not meant for me
    A little Buddha

  11. Retrograde Uranus is right on top of my North Node/Aries/2nd house… I just decided this morning that I am sick of crazy people and their bullish*t at work and am finding another job. Done.

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