Pisces 2020 Birthday – Solar Return

Pisces 2020 solar returnI am seeing a lot of Pisces solar returns that look like this. Specifically, ALL the planets (and lights) are bunched together. The exception occurs when the fast moving moon is *not* in one of the featured signs.

I expect this to be a really interesting year for the sign, with all the action focused in such a narrow area.  I have seen a number of charts with every planet beneath the horizon, like the chart pictured. I’ve seen the opposite too, of course.  Pisces is going to be a bit stuck this (birthday) year. Not that they won’t benefit.

Also note, Venus, Saturn and Neptune are in their home signs and Mars is in exaltation.

I think this is something to pay attention to – Solar Return Report. It’s not a usual situation.

Are you a Pisces? What’s up with your solar return chart?

10 thoughts on “Pisces 2020 Birthday – Solar Return”

  1. I’m not a Pisces but my solar return in May also has all lights and planets above the horizon, with action in every house 7-12. My limited understanding is that this sort of chart indicates a strong emphasis on the public areas of my life for the year. Are there any other ways to think of this?

    It looks like these heavily weighted charts will be possible all the way up through 2/3rds of Cancer season!

    1. “It looks like these heavily weighted charts will be possible all the way up through 2/3rds of Cancer season!”

      I didn’t realize that. Thank you!
      As for your thinking, you’re on track. I think people will be surprised at how condensed and concentrated their life becomes.

  2. Well,
    My Solar return this years is something I was dreading since 2018.. Stellium consisting of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter , Mars & Moon in SR First house. Sun in 3rd ( almost in 4rth) .. Venus & Uranus in 5th.
    My Solar return asc falls into my natal sixth …. Already full stuck in my new job role .. Corona Virus affecting my job… All my friends are from my work enviroment at the moment .. Hope it well get better AND NOT worse ..

  3. Im putting in my order for my solar return this morning. Im a Pisces and all the “bunching up” will be in my 9th house. Not sure where the concentration will be though. I’m not traveling or studying, not sure what my concentrated attention will be concerning.

  4. I’m one of these from the picture. Birthday was 20th february and the worst aspect in SR is Moon exectly conjunct Saturn at 27 degrees Capricorn. Both are opposit natal Saturn, same degree Cancer. That is one heavy Moon.
    I am happy Leo is my rising sign this year

  5. Born March 20th. My solar return report shows 4 planets and MC in 2nd house Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius 3rd house cusp, 3 planets in 3rd house Pisces and 2 planets in 6th house Taurus plus my Ascendant. Interesting! I have been feeling changes happening, but I don’t mind being “stuck” planning for another year.

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