Pisces Mercury And The 12th House

earplugsI had a lousy sleep last night. I was awoken several times by loud, sharp noises that I’m pretty sure didn’t actually occur in reality. Then this morning I yelled at the kids to “cut it out, I’m sleeping here!” only the kids weren’t being noisy, not overly so. Even with a pillow over my head it’s like my hearing was so acute I could hear the grass grow. After a cup of coffee I realized, ahhhhh, retrograde Mercury is going back over my ascendent into my 12th.

The 12th house is Neptune’s house. I have Jupiter there, “embiggening” anything that transits . I already have Pisces Mercury. Mercury transiting your 12th house can be a lot like having a smidgeon of Pisces Mercury. Mercury is communication but it is also your senses. Neptune can confuse things, obscure them, pixilate them (in the fairy sort of way). The 12th house is associated with the unseen, the unconscious, and sometimes sleep. Well I tell ya, an extra pinch of Neptune Mercury was enough to over-salt the soup because what I’m hearing is insane (also associated with Neptune and the 12th).

In my late teens I had my hearing checked because I was certain I was going deaf. They told me I indeed had a hearing deficit but it was not physical; it was psychological. I had been exposed to loud sound over a period of time and my brain turned the volume down on me. They said that over time, if not exposed to such a loud environment it would get better. I said, “what??”

Ever had a wackadoo (that’s the formal term) 12th house transit? Where’s Mercury retrograding in your chart?

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  1. pluto.. in 2004 he passed over my 12th house neptune….. there were several events that i will call “spiritual”, that brought me to be utterly convinced in some form of life after death.

    i’m not sure if i should go further into the wackadoo explanations, or just leave it at that..

  2. I’ve been up since 4:22am, horrible sleep… I have pisces mercury too, but mercury is transiting my first house.. I also have pisces mars and mars is transiting my 12th house.. Maybe that’s why all I could do today was spin in circles?? It was awful, and I had so many things I needed to do for the 48 page job application.. :p

    It’s interesting about your hearing. I have super, sensitive hearing. Everything above a whisper is a loud noise to me and when I’m sleep deprived, ugh..

  3. I am going to check that out right now. I seem to have zero tolerance for noise lately, and everyone has noticed it…

    btw I was looking at my transits this morning, thinking that I would actually understand what I was looking at..(not a chance lol) This was perfect! Thanks!

  4. summer 2004, i befriended a man who claimed to be a medium. he helped me see many a thing i never thought possible, and communicate with “realms” i thought lay beyond physical reach.

    there is a place in this valley called auriesville. it is a catholic martyrs shrine that sits in a bluff overlooking the river. the coliseum is a massive round structure that was built directly atop the ritual grounds of the mohawk tribe known as ossernennon.

    the shrine is for a french missionary who was beheaded in the 17th century, as well as the first native american female baptized into catholisism, kateri tekakwitha.

    it was the night of the new moon, and i was there with my friend. we both could feel something in the air. the shadows were restless, malicious.. angry because we were trespassing (along with all the other white folks who had ever been there).

    i could feel the agression, and i was terrified. i ran through the trees to the shrine.. it was quite inside. but as i stood and let my eyes adjust to the dark, i could see the shadows move.

    there was a rotation, counterclockwise about the center alter.. wisps of darkness moving about. now i was even more terrified. i was about to run, when the light came.

    the purest blue light i could ever imagine.. starting from a single point and radiating out, it ignored solid mass, passing through pillars and pews. clear and ice blue like electricity. i was struck weak, and fell to the floor. on my knees i began to cry. i had no more fear. only love.

    moments later, my friend found me huddled on the floor sobbing.. it was time to leave. to this day i don’t know if what i saw was through my minds eye or if it was a physical layer unknown to waking life; if it was imagined or really happened.

    but, i have seen that blue light since. it chases away the shadows, and i have no fear. ever.

  5. gotcha.. there is an incredible amount of history in this valley. i’m sure a lot of people here would be interested in a place like the shrine. some believe it is at a crossing of lei lines. and i’ll tell you, that massive round building has some incredible acoustics. i used to go there and sing.. when you hit a note it will resonate for a good 10 full seconds afterward.

  6. Merc is floating in 8th house and with lack of sleep i’ve been a wackado myself and the kids (@work) like it. 🙂

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    Ranteras I was considering working with blue light tonight. I will take your post as an awesome confirmation on a 12th house matter. Thank you for your post Satori! 🙂

  8. i haven’t had a decent sleep in a month, if not longer. i’m losing track. i have a twelfth house merc that mars is screwing with. and t-merc is all over ME. all over ME. that includes venus all over ME. (i mean by that 1st house.) when i do manage to fall asleep i wake up an hour later like a freaking cat in heat. the sun is there too, i guess. and i surely know neptune is messing with me, as well.

    i wouldn’t mind if the cosmic soup settled down some.

  9. oh yes in the 12th 🙂 l have insomnia, anxiety you name it…hm! it’s all there in the 12th now for me, sun, venus&mercury and my pr moon ingressed into Pisces 6th house, how cool!!

  10. i hear ya. it’s been happening to be a lot lately. i have neptune-moon trine mercury-jupiter with merc in late leo, so yeah, i get the heebie jeebies at night far too often these days.

  11. I used to work opposite someone who talked AT me all day long, a partner who was not happy where we were living + wanted us to move + a credit card company who were ringing daily. I wanted them all to SHUT UP. I then suddenly lost my hearing. I was ill with other things but still wonder if my brain also turned the sound down. This was 2yrs ago + I still have no hearing + these situations are no more…. Mercury 12th house conjunct Sun + Mars in Cancer.

  12. Neptune just finished transiting my 12th. Lots of nutty dreams. Entertaining. Yes. Exhausting, Yes. And I’ll be darned with it retro right now it just dipped back in there and they are starting again. For about a week in a half. I was wondering what the heck flared them back up. This morning I woke up saying, “You know what Mikey, I’ll do whatever the heck I want.” LOL. Dreaming of arguing with my oldest son over whether I should drink a glass of wine or not.

    RX Merc is transiting my 6th. I’ve been talking a lot in my sleep lately. Neptune and Merc are both pretty close to that AC/DC angle right now

  13. Transiting Neptune is in exact aspect to Mars in Moon-Mars-Mercury.

    Sometimes I hear, smell, or imagine things that aren’t there.

  14. “whoooooose house? Neptune’s house. Whooooose house? Neptune’s house!”

    satori “amusing my own damn self since 1967” star

  15. I have a tendency to think of everything as having a soundtrack.

    Right now what I hear is John Prine, David Allen Coe and Mr. Hank Williams Sr. and, oddly enough, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

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