Pisces Woman Inundated With Heartless Cheating Scorpio Men


Hello Elsa.

I am a Pisces who grew up with a very strong, almost abusive Scorpio mom. I’m not sure if my anger and resentment towards Scorpios comes from that – all I know is that it is there. Well, I have had a few scorps as friends, a little weird, but we got along all and all. A couple of months ago I realized hat Scorpios are nearly heartless and decided I would no longer associate with them, or try my hardest to avoid them.

Well, right after I said that, I met about 5 Scorpios within 1 month. I started to date one and he just about used me for a good 3 months and left me for his ex-girlfriend. Again, I swore them off again… not even 2 weeks later I fall for another guy that happens to be Scorpio.

Now, it is definitely NOT me going after them, they come after me. Also, as soon as I start liking them back, they stop calling. What am I doing wrong with these Scorpio guys? Is it because they feel I am interested and lose interest? Also, why am I attracting Scorpio people all of a sudden?

Is a Scorpio man capable of being faithful because I have yet to meet one who can. Also, this Scorpio that I like now called me everyday for about a week and stopped calling me, when I called him – he didn’t answer my calls or call back. What now??


Dear Confused,

Scorpios can be faithful when they choose to be and are in fact well recognized as one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac. Matter of fact, I would be more apt to trust Scorpio than any of the other signs by far, so I don’t think this has to do with some shortcoming universal to Scorpio at all. It’s more a personal problem you’re having and all through your post I was thinking about Mixed Nuts.

See, I am attracted to Mixed Nuts. But every time I open a can of them, I eat the whole thing. And the size can is of no consequence. If it’s a small can, I eat the whole thing. If it’s a standard-sized can, I finish it. If it is a family-sized can, I will still finish it by the end of the day and this is true even if it is family-sized can with “30% more, free bonus”!

So what do you think of that? What do you think I should do when I pass the nuts section of the grocery store and all those cans of nuts beckon? Because they do call out to me, you know. “Elsa! Elsa! Come Hither!” they say. “We’re on sale, maaaan!” ::smiles::

Well obviously I can respond to that. I can dutifully put a can of nuts in my shopping cart just like you can put another Scorpio man in your bed, but I don’t think either one of us should expect a miracle, do you?

Look. I have a problem with Mixed Nuts and you have a problem with Scorpio. I am down to just one or two cans of nuts a year. Someday I hope to blow them off all together. And maybe you should try this with your Scorpios. Damage control, you know?

Good luck.



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  1. This is entirely insightful to me. I have the exact opposite situation. I am a Scorpio, four planets there in a tight conjunction, and my highly abusive father was a Pisces. And I am telling you that my mother had an abusive father as well, my grandfather, and he was part of the same decan of Pisces. These guys just did a number on my head during my childhood.
    Now, I am so attracted to Pisces. Especially that first decan. I’m trying to date someone now whose birthday is only two days after my fathers, and it’s hell. We have to talk about our feelings all damn day long just to set down a foundation of understanding how not to destroy one another’s mood with a single comment.
    I’ve never heard a lot of other people talk about it, but I personally feel that’s it’s karma somehow. I mean it’s the bad water in my bloodline, it’s turning around in me somehow to re-anchor itself in the right way. I keep trying at this relationship because I really really want to understand … what happened to me, what the meaning of my suffering was, how I benefited from the harsh things that happened to me … you know, heal.

    I can understand that you may want to call it quits, and if your head is sore then you should. But when I found myself returning to the Pisces scene again and again, I finally accepted that I need to work harder to figure out how I can fix the problems that stop me from having success with this dynamic.

  2. i went through a bunch of men who reminded me of the worst of my mother’s character untili caught on and did something about it. it’s not just attracted to scorpio, i think, but to the ones that work as foils for working out your personal issues with a specific one… and not the most healthy way. i started working stuff out with my mom directly and suddenly my problems finding decent men disappeared.

    that’s me, anyway.

  3. eris – I think your way is much smarter for being more direct. if the parent is living it’s definitely a better thing to confront the problem where it began.

  4. I’ve been dating this scopio guy for 1 year and 4 months he cheated on me allot I kind of kmew but didn’t care am n pisces girl and I also cheated on him several times but I still loved him more than anything .he always told me he loved me since we started dating but we never had sex until we dated for 9 months but the truth was he never loved me he was still only with me cuz I was a challenge to him becuz I told him to wait for sex I thought he cared for me cuz he respected my request for not wanting sex yet but he screwed me over one night when I got really drunk he took advantage and we had sex ever since tht day our relationship was never the same and I found out he was cheating on me so I desided to confront him he denied everythng so I told him if he doesn’t confess thn I want nothing to do with him he eventually confessed and we ended up 2gther again after tht I found out I was pregnt and told him he was very supported but he still cheated on me once after tht he later saw he was hurting me and called me so we can talk so he promised me he will never cheat ever again and thts whts he been doing these 6months he stopped partying and spends his whole hours and days with me making me laugh and smile all the time and we hve a open relationship ever since .the funny thing about this is he told me everything about him and with he cheated on and he evn told me he didn’t love me he was oly playing with me but then he fell inlove with me without knwing it and he says he never wants to be a player ever again cuz he found his soul mate he does everythng I ask and he let me go through his fne when ever I want 2 we are jst very happy 2gther but still hurt cuz of all the things he put me through when he didn’t love me but tht is over and am expecting his bby nxt mnth and srry for the long. Story here is my advise scopios are very selfish abd like to blame others for their actions they are cruel and and evil but if u hold their hearts ure everthing to them and they will do their bst to keep u happy

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