Scorpio vs Pisces: Transformation vs Evolution

pisces estee lauderI was writing for a heavily Piscean client this morning who wished to transform her flaws. I am not that sure she has flaws that need transformed but I am sure that “transformation” is not her strong suit, or her natural way.

I associate “transformation” with Pluto and alchemy. I wrote this for Pisces:

“…Once you see this can be done (like Barbra Streisand playing up her big nose), it becomes a choice to use the flaw or problem in a way that is positive which is something you cam train yourself to do. Example, I could yell at grocery store cashiers with my big mouth… or I can write my blog. 🙂

With all your Pisces, I would think more in terms of redirecting flow (water) rather than transforming which sounds like something you do by fire. Nuance is a big friend of yours. I would think in terms of moving just one rock (block) and seeing the whole flow change.

Also try to think in terms of the tide changing the coastline (slowly, in a way that is barely perceptible, except over time). These are better metaphors for you because they are in line with how you are strung…”

When it comes to evolution, what method works for you?  

16 thoughts on “Scorpio vs Pisces: Transformation vs Evolution”

  1. My cancer sun can amputate pretty easily.
    My 12th house sun can trancend pretty easily.
    My sun/moon squ pluto can transform pretty easily.
    So I guess it’s just a matter of what is needed to keep the boat moving (cardinal here, move and clear a path or get to the side, please).

  2. I thought about this for long.It’s transformation.But it’s subconscious,and I only realise that I’ve changed with the passing of time.

  3. “…in line with how you are strung…”

    I love that Elsa has tailored her advice to present what would be most beneficial to the client. Really presenting a new way to approach the situations and providing fresh insightful perspective.

  4. i’m a transformer. always have been, always will be.

    this certainly makes me appreciate and understand my pisces friends more. they are so patient!

  5. I am primarily a transformer as well, however, I am aware off all the methods (via astrology) and will use whatever work best for the unique situation.

  6. That’s what I’ve been thinking about..transformation came as a natural answer,but I couldn’t think of any other means of evolution.

  7. Hunt it, gut it, put it on a stake, burn the village, salt the field, poison the well, pull up stakes, and REBOOT.

    I don’t know how to flow. I raze. *looks at halo*

  8. ThankYou Elsa P. !!!

    Great Post as Usual !!!

    For Evolution I Work Hard and Try to Learn as Much as I Can !!!

    Blessings Everybody !!!

  9. hmmm interesting. I’m good at Pluto transformation but have been a bit flummoxed by two recent Neptune transits. I think I understand a bit more…just move a boulder out of the way – don’t raze or rage or burn it down, just move the little boulder over There —>. Neat! I guess I’ll just have to figure out which boulder is moveable 🙂

  10. “With all your Pisces, I would think more in terms of redirecting flow (water)”

    Beautifully put. That’s been my preferred route for years. I’m part of the Neptune/Pluto sextile generation. I will burn down if need be but no– scorched earth isn’t my preferred route. Neptune in 12th likes the subtleties of Piscean energy.

  11. With my heavily aspected pisces moon, conjunct jupiter in the 4th, transformation comes to me through ‘running away’. Although that doesn’t sound like transformation per se, what it has afforded me is the opportunity to remove myself from limiting circumstances, and given me the luxury of a different space. From there, I’ve had time and peace for deep healing transformation to occur.

    I ran away to live in France when I was 18 and lived there for 5 years, during which I underwent great healing opportunities which ultimately led me to experience self love. Then again 2 years ago, I moved to Bali for 9 months, and the change of location and change of energy created the space I needed to transform.

    I’m sharing these two examples for a couple of reasons:-

    1) Transformation for me often needs to occur energetically, before I can consciously understand whats going on at a deep level. At the start of the process, all I know is that I need a location change so I am living/moving in a different ‘energy’

    2) Transformation occurs most beautifully for me, when I allow it to occur in a passive way. That way the right people, the right messages and the right circumstances flow into my life with little effort from me. When I trust in life in an open piscean way, the direction becomes clear quite quickly.

    Whenever I’ve made forced decisions based on sudden emotional pain, they’ve rarely lasted. True transformation takes months/years to complete for me.

    Hope this is useful to you. Other astrological birthdata includes sag 2nd house, sun, scorp asc, moon square mars/neptune in sag, moon trine uranus / trine saturn

  12. fire transforms? hadn’t thought about it that way… but my fire is mixed up with water (in water houses…) interesting.

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