Playing Your Part – Your Own Humanity

TroubleYour natal chart provides copious amounts of information in regards to your nature. I ran into this idea – maybe we’re just supposed to play our part. This makes a lot a sense. Who’s part would you play, if not your own?

The problem arises when a person doesn’t like their part. I’ve had this happen in my life.  I’ve been very angry at times, at what I’m stuck doing… but if I think about it on a deeper level, it’s obvious why I’m the one doing the deed.

If you’re mixed up, you can wind up resenting your own humanity. I’ve felt this way myself. I JUST DONT’ WANT TO BE DOING THIS BS, even though it does suit me quite a bit.  It’s a weird situation.

But these type problems are made far worse when the public or the collective or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t like your type of character.  Maybe it’s a trend. No one should be assertive… or wait! I mean, no one should be passive.  There is a lot of pressure applied to see you lose yourself essentially.

There’s also pressure from family and friends. “Why don’t you get a degree in psych, Elsa?”

Er… do you even know me?

That’s me in the pic. Capital T-T Trouble, as someone I knew used to say. My real self. Looking for a game, which I already know I’ll probably win.  I just can’t wait to match with someone, hopefully a short, dark-haired man with a big nose!

See that attitude? It’s no good at the moment.  We’re not to be confident, happy or having fun.

But what if I’m a confident, fun and happy person. Shouldn’t I play my part?

Can you deal with who you are? Are you living true at this time?

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  1. You just don’t know? Who, I am.
    Here by my own volition the psalmist tells. Some time for rest and recreation.You have the Kennedy complex she exclaimed. In the sixth grade we played softball and the teacher said let’s make this fun for every home run I shall buy what ever dessert that young man likes at the Dairyqween. He stopped at three. And now here we are and R&R is not what I expected either. I come to find it Restoration & Resurrection. I tell those who ask ” Why don’t you start a business?” Oh no this is my hobby and that would remove it from my pleasure. So I have Mercury in Gemini next door to my sun and Mars. And in my driveway 2 1967 Mercury Cougars along with the 68 Mercury Montego MX 2 door in Acapulco blue with a white top.My wife is a Phoenix sun, Leo moon with a Vergo ass.. 5 foot 2 green and gold eyes along with Siver like Sterling. Strait and fine as a spider’s web. we have weathered Pluto in my Capricorn sense 1983 which is less than a degree from the AC. Saturn’s back dooring Neptune in her Libra at 22 & 23 degrees con-junking my Venus in my Aries with mother moon standing close by. Of course Venus is doing a hard 90 to my Pluto in Cancer whose sharing in on the show with Neptune and Saturn. No Probl-lemo?

  2. I think one needs to think;
    What if ,this story we are living !is about
    YOU !and everything else is just props?
    Doesn’t it mean a WHOLE LOT MORE?
    This life we’re living?You are the premise!

  3. Love that pic of you, Elsa. I need to read your book again. It was great.

    As for the subject matter, yes you describe it perfectly. I’m a “servant” type and sometimes I get really pissed off that I’m always in that role, but the truth is that I place myself there because #1 shi– doesn’t get done unless I do it (read: others don’t want to do it) and #2 because that’s how I’ve come to see myself. It’s actually something I really identify with. Don’t always like it, but I’ve had to face it.

    I’m getting ready to leave my living situation because I just can’t take it anymore. I have to laugh because 3 years ago I came on here talking about how this housemate and I have a good comparison and it seemed like a good fit. He told me at the time that he’s an asshole who can’t keep a girlfriend. I now understand what he meant. He’s conquered the girlfriend part (found someone and it’s going well -but I’d never tolerate what many women put up with, including her) but yes… he’s what he said he was. Is.

    “Living true” often means getting away from people who don’t like who and what you are. And make fun of it. And call you an idiot and a dumbsh– behind your back. Make disparaging remarks about your interests and your beliefs and your very intelligence. I’ve had enough. As someone who marches to a different drummer, I’ve often found it necessary throughout to hide out from people (or stay quiet) – especially nowadays. It’s sad, really. As an uber-Libra, I don’t like that that is the case. I’m tired of harmonizing with opinionated, sarcastic, arrogant people. Why do these people think that others are going to change simply because they spot off?! OK, rant over!

    1. Thanks Starcrest.

      ““Living true” often means getting away from people who don’t like who and what you are. And make fun of it. And call you an idiot and a dumbsh– behind your back. Make disparaging remarks about your interests and your beliefs and your very intelligence.”

      Yes, I encounter a lot of this; these things are also said in front of me. I recall when phones became “smart”. I did not want to upgrade and I was wildly mocked on my own site.

      It didn’t like it. To be honest, I was confused by it – why would anyone care?

      This was before I realized the heavy conditioning to comply.

      I’ve struggled over these last years, to color inside the lines, but if I do this today – go with the flow…well, I’d rather flush myself down the toilet, lol.

      I’m designed to have integrity so I’m going with it.

      1. Thanks for that, Elsa. Yes, we really can’t be anything but ourselves and either suffer the consequences or enjoy the fruits at different times. I am basically happy with who I am, meaning that no matter what happens to me, I never lose my humanity, integrity and compassion. That doesn’t mean I don’t get pissed off at times.

        I think too, that different people are more naturally reclusive, even if they are outgoing, if that makes sense. In most of the places I congregate online, people will say they “like their space” or solitude, even though they are outgoing. I’m looking forward to spending more time alone, time living the way I want to (being a nomad) and time being around people who are of like mind. Not that I would shun others if they don’t think exactly like me. I, like many people, am tired of all the debating, squabbling, accusing, and most of all gaslighting people when they share their experiences or their reality.

        Oh, and as someone who was the black sheep of the family (many of us here are in that category) I have compassion for and understand their feelings, and want to be of service if I can, even if it simply means being a positive presence.

  4. What if playing your part is the only thing that will ever bring satisfaction, even if your part is seemingly small and humble?

    I had this neighbor, an old man I loved, who died one year ago, tomorrow. There’s not a single day that goes by, I don’t think of this man and his character, for inspiration. You never know how you touch people (for good or ill).

    1. I’m sorry for your loss, Elsa. Older people are to be cherished, especially the ones who inspire us. I have someone in my life who is like that. She “saved” me during a particularly terrible time in my life, especially the first year of the pandemic. She is 86 now and in good health, but you never know when your time is up. She’s old school, and it’s both reassuring and gratifying. (There have been times when I’ve been frustrated by the fact that she only has a cordless phone! Actually, her family convinced her to get a “smart” phone recently. It’s not a bells and whistles type, but it’s still “smart.” She doesn’t know how to get the voicemail! LOL I love her dearly.

      1. Thank you. You can get to a point where you don’t want to progress because you can see where it’s headed. You can also be fifty years ahead of your time.

        Case in point, my husband’s grandfather was disgusted by the moon landing on tv. He stated it was BS and everyone called him old and crazy. Turns out he was right.

        My grandfather started on “health food” in the 1950’s; you can imagine the mocking. Raw goat milk. Avoiding preservatives like the plague, as well as food dyes.

        70 years ahead of his time (for some). Others still think this stuff is fine.

        What really matters? Big breasts? A Camera angle? It’s so boring.

        But anyway, there are people who figure it out and if you’re one of them, you’re not going to continue in lockstep.

        Tell me how stupid I am to grow my own food, if you must. I can stand against that. I continue my family line.

  5. There is an astrological angle to this, at least for me. Fixed signs on all the angles, Saturn in the 4th. I have lived at the same address for 47 years. I used to take pride in that; stability! Freedom from crisis and drama.

    But now, my Moon in the 9th is crying out to travel and see the world. I get so angry at my younger self for the choices she made that tie me down. The role that used to feel so perfect is no longer in alignment with my desires. It’s uncomfortable for sure.

    1. I too have Saturn in 4H Scorpio, conjuncting Pluto… I wish I had home stability in my life. Every few years I have to move out because something happens eg job loss. it’s exhausting, I crave security..

      1. I finally surrendered to constant change. Prominent Uranus, amongst other things. Have lived with people, especially family, thinking I’m crazy. I’ve long said that if I didn’t know astrology I would have been dead long ago because I wouldn’t have known that “this too shall pass” and “nothing stays the same” and “there’s always a solution up ahead.”

  6. I’m going through my Piscean progression, hidden away. Very lately I realize, a true Capricorn Sun, I have been moving toward my own true self. I am wondering if the Aries progression will complete that.

  7. with Pluto Saturn in 4H I am working hard on building something and then it collapses. I have to start all over again. it’s exhausting because there is no reward at the end or doesn’t bring a change for the better. it’s a combination of ask and you shall not receive.. Uranus can make things difficult especially on a too fixed chart

    1. So sorry. That sounds extremely hard. Pluto, Saturn and 4th house are all about starting at rock bottom. I hope your delving leads to discovery of a rock that can be counted on not to collapse. These planets are unmerciful, but they (supposedly) do eventually reward persistence.

      1. unmerciful is the right word to describe it. it’s a conjunction of pure pain in life especially when it’s activated by transits or eclipses. you can feel the energy is blocked. currently pluto transiting is squaring those two planets. stagnation is the theme right now, I keep trying to get myself out of the bottom but it’s a big no 😡🤬

        1. I read this yesterday and I started thinking about it. You have my support and respect for dealing with this. Things have always been challenging (as they are for most people) but when Pluto entered my 4th house by transit that’s when sh– got real. It will be there for the remainder of my life. Once I finally accepted that (what are ya gonna do?!) I started thinking about what it would really look like and how I could handle it. That’s certainly a challenging life lesson, having Saturn and Pluto in your 4th house.

          1. thanks for your support, life is constantly testing our survival skills.. Pluto by transit is hard as well but I hope you will have other supporting aspects in your chart to handle this one in your 4H. What I really crave is the easiness other people have in getting what they want or getting rewarded for their hard work..

            1. Yes, it does often seem like it’s 2 steps forward, 1 back, or 3 forward, 3 back!, etc. I keep asking “How Much Patience Do I Need To Learn?!” “How much surrender do I need to develop?!” Don’t I already have enough?!

              What I’ve found with Pluto is difficult living situations with mentally ill people, very different people, plumbing problems, living in a house where people died, living in a house with myriad critters that get in through the cracks, living on a homestead with no electricity or indoor plumbing, etc. It’s been wild, strange, sometimes ugly, always “interesting”. Can’t help wondering since you have Pluto/4th natally what that’s been like!

              1. that’s true, my parents had bought an old house and renovated it but money run out before installing central heating. it was after i left at 18 that they installed it.. the home I moved in for 8 years was so old and cold, no central heating but cheap for my tiny budget.. then I moved in to a better place but still heating was an issue. my previous flat was tiny but at least I had enough heat during winter. All houses I lived were old, cold and with problems.. Money is the issue, always in shortage hence settling for such places to live in. I wanted to escape my family’s money shortage karma but I have pluto transiting my 6H since 2008 and was not able to get a good paying job. I have to be thankful to Jupiter as it gave me (and always does when possible) financial support when it was needed otherwise I would have lost my mind!

  8. This came so timely, it gives me chills.
    Humanity and Humility…. these two words were a lot on my mind yesterday, when I couldn’t sleep!
    I went up and boy, did I get some crazy downloads. The Human Experience, the humility of being a human being (Pluto transitting my 12th house), it starts with gratitude, letting go of fear and being humble. Not humblED, but humble. It takes integrity to be humble! It takes GRIT too.

    As 4 times Scorpio, I realized that eversucces I’ve had, comes from the sexual energy of this sign, which again is connected to The Creative Force of the Universe…. I mean, think of the bible, eh? It has its own Genesis. God was in a way a bored creative person that needed to create. And as a creator I can totally relate.
    Creation is expression. It’s life. It’s The Creative Force of the Universe, yes?
    And that force is what Scorpio is vining so deeply with.
    Think of sex. Not only the physical act, but the mere act of CREATING LIFE. We also talk about “sexlife” in daily speech, yes? Which means “sex” + “life” = relation, eh?

    And with that energy, Scorpio attract power, money, succes, love… Whatever ressources they need. They get to the top of the mountain with a whole different energy than Capricorn.

    But Pluto transitting the 12th house, those two potent sources of energy, goes bump in the night. Like a light going out.
    Since Pluto went into Cap, I have been humbled, humiliated, to obtain HUMILITY. I have had money, homes, resources, status, trust and practically EVERYTHING that was in my power, being ripped away from me. And to reclaim it, I had to get to other side of that .. of the “I DESERVE this or that” – and be grateful for having it. As humiliated I was, I had to let go of the anger, to truly become a truer self to my own dark shadow.
    I had to be stripped for everything to let go of my entitlement and become A Human Being and in that – living my own humanity.

    A very humbling experience in itself, Pluto in Cap is HARSHMENT in the truest sense.
    Your knees are bare, your throat is sore after climbing only to fall and get up.

    So in all this humanity, remember kindness, if one ever needs to remember anything. Kindness is hard to come by.

    Sorry, Elsa, it was not the exact spirit of your post, but I got inspired to put my experience into words, maybe for the first time I think I could, after so many years now.

    So much love to all here on this site.


      1. I am glad it resonates – I have felt like walking in darkness for so long. That darkness… Sheesh! That’s a really potent beef right there just in and of itself.

        I think the whole thing had to strip me of so much to gain a insight into how to be or become a deeper spiritual being, and connect it to my own forcefield of Scorpio energy. Like… being in a furnace, yes, to come out, like a silver edged sword afterwards?

        Isn’t there a song with a lyric sounding like “You got to be kind to be cruel” ?
        This process reminds me of that. So, when you obtain that spiritual side, after this furnace shitshow of Pluto in the 12th… You can merge the spiritual power with the Scorpio power, yes?
        Rise up, just not in the classic sense of power. Like a spiritual forcefield of kindness I’d call it 🙂

            1. ps, I’m a big fan of his; however he also wrote a song about a famous actress who died in her home and was eaten by her dogs…

              “She was winnnnnner…
              Who became the doggies dinnnnner…”

              1. LOL, dog eat dog they say. No, dog eat dinner… Because she’s a winner.

                Sorry, I haven’t had enough sleep… bad humour 😉
                But the text sure is interesting. And it’s a reminder of how we forget our inner animalistic side too often to be comfortable.

    1. Pluto in Capricorn was a hard one for many people. I too have it transiting my 6H. It affects both houses on the axis. These are very karmic houses along with 8H – 10H and hold painful lessons for everyone.
      For some it was full of opportunities for others a walk through hell.
      Pluto transit in 6H wants you to be humble, serve others and not expect anything or have ambitions. One must endure all this to survive

  9. This post hits the nail on the head for me. How can we possibly attain peace on Earth if we do not each play our God-given part in His creation? I pray everyday for knowledge of His will for me, and the power to carry it out. I ask for strength, wisdom, grace to be the instrument that is required to make the marks that He intended in His wonderful design. I am learning to deal with who I am, and discovering my truth is my top priority. I have found support for these efforts, and am enjoying making progress on these fronts.

    Love the picture of you, Elsa! Confidence, happiness, and fun clearly suit you well!

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