What Does A Man With Venus In Aries Want?

Venus is the planet that rules what we intrinsically value in relationships as well as how we value ourselves.

If you’re in love with someone with Venus in Aries, they appreciate the direct approach. Don’t beat around the bush, just tell them what you want. So go on, make the first move— he likes his partner brassy and bold!

Out shopping with him and see something you like? Tell him! He is likely to impulsively pull out his wallet and buy it for you. Men with Venus in Aries aren’t good mind readers, they need you to speak up. Subtlety is not understood! Don’t say “that ring is really pretty”…. Say “I want that ring!” Even if he can’t get it for you at that moment, he’ll appreciate that you spoke up.

He loves women who are adventurous and spontaneous. Feisty, but not vengeful. He prefers a flash of anger over silent brooding—he just isn’t hard wired to sit around wondering what’s eating you.

Venus in Aries loves “action”. “Let’s go somewhere” tells him you want to be with him. Physical touch tells him you’re hot for him.

Look at the placement of his Mars to get more information about just what kind of relationship material this man is made of.

Tell us about your man’s Venus in Aries.


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  1. My son has this, as well as Mars in Libra! He’ll be three years old soon, and already knows that his sweet little romantic kisses are a way to distract me from noticing whatever thing he’s not supposed to be doing. Haha!

  2. Shelly, that’s interesting! Your little man is definitely going to be the type that likes the ladies to take the lead– Venus rules Mars and Mars rules Venus!

  3. My Taurus Sun and Moon boyfriend has Venus in Aries and Mars in Taurus. He likes adventure, is an accomplished sportsman (sagittarius rising adds to his athletic spirit) and feels quite okay with my taking the lead in many areas.

    He is very independent (goes well with my Venus in Aquarius) He has a lot of Taurus energy and venus conjunct saturn so he can take his time in a few areas too. Luckily his chart ruler Jupiter trines his Venus so the venus/saturn conjunction is quite evident in him yet he also has optimism and a real joy for life (glass half full view.)

  4. My husband has this along with Aries asc, sun and merc. Great legs from all that running, however his mars is in Taurus so he has quite a nice tummy too. We can talk about everything directly and honestly and I appreciate that he doesn’t hold a grudge, brood or seek revenge. He has a great sense of humour (has a capricorn moon!)and he has a spark about him, every ready for action, coming up with a solution for something, an arguement sometimes, perhaps. He is manly, sporty, and he has stamina with that long standing loyal mars in Taurus (he has saturn here too! – that must explain that fact that he has loved me for sooo long — 23 years married! I have a feisty moon in aries but perhaps that helps.)He likes changes (which suits me as I have gemini asc)and while he’s not really a romantic, he is manly and with mars in Taurus, he’s sensual, (mmmmm)the fridge is always full, the house is always warm and he likes renovating! I couldn’t ask for more. We have two sons whom he spends his free time with. Nice combo – mutual reception – his venus in aries and his mars in taurus (thumbs up!)

    1. My husband has Taurus rising and Moon, Mercury and Venus in Aries! He sounds just like your husband. LOL All of it! ?We’ve been together almost 20 years.

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      Astro enthusiast

      I dated a Venus Aries, Mars in Taurus man and I am a Venus Taurus Mars in Aries woman. Sparks, fireworks, adoration…. Even though he was stellium aries EVERYTHING. His mars in Taurus, Pisces Asc shown through more than anything. I was the initator and more dominant which he loved loved loved. He was slow, masculine, steady, sensual, and gentle. His fire could coax out suddenly out of nowhere and wham!

  5. I am a woman with Venus in Aries and that is generally how I attract. When I want to attract someone, I am very sort of agressive about it but my Neptune is trine Venus which softens up my approach. The first thing I do is say “let’s go somewhere!” I like to be spontaneous more than anything. I also do not hesitate to show flashes of anger but I usually get over things very fast. There’s more complexity to it of course because my Venus opposes Pluto/Saturn. So I guess I can also have a broody side and if my little flashes of anger don’t work to make whatever is pissing me off stop, well that’s when the pluto kicks in and I can definitely start to hold on to resentment.

  6. My husband has Venus in Aries. The “let’s go somewhere” is me LOL and I never get a no. I always get a “let’s go” LOL I have Venus in Gemini. He has Mars in Cancer. He’s definitely a man who protects and does everything for his family.

    His Venus sits right on my ascendant. 1 degree Aries.

  7. I’m a venus aries woman and can confirm everything Diane says. I’m a pisces sun, merc so I have softness too – w/scorpio mars/ascendant edge, and jup in cancer. But I struggle finding suitable romantic partners and I’ve always blamed my venus. The one love of my life (that got away) had venus pisces of all things, but it was sitting on my sun so I guess it worked. I’ve often wondered who could put up with a venus aries and its nice to see there are some folks. I wonder if I attract a guy because of all that water… and then my venus scares them away…??

    1. Try venus in Scorpio – we are obsessive when it comes to love, we’re like the female spider who eats her partner when he’s bedded us ? Men tend to sense that… so only the brave (or the stupid/fucked up types who wants a challenge in bed seems to apply here…)

    2. L, we attract (venus) love, warmth and money via resonating with what we value in life and how we express our love nature (venus again.)

      I’d think that with scorpio rising (and possibly you have said you also have Mars rising or Mars in scorpio) you would have a strong need to assert (Mars, co-ruler of scorpio) yourself and go after what your strong desires want (Mars, scorpio too.)

      There are plenty of men who would enjoy dating an assertive and independent woman with a soft (water) nature. Don’t despair. The men going away are those who are looking for something different so they are not really for you, right?

      Taurus energy coupled with aries energy (like venus in aries) would love getting to know the type of woman you are describing yourself as (water/fire.)

      Venus or jupiter conjunctions are lovely to have in synastry so fingers crossed that you will have another venus conjunction or a jupiter one in your next significant relationship.

      The painful bit of dating is getting to know someone who doesn’t really like us once they’ve peaked in more on how we are. The rejection is painful yet we all do it to others at some point too.

      What I notice is that cases where someone ends up not liking another often happens with neptune people (strong neptune chart aspects, or sun pisces) as they might project outwardly (almost automatically) what the other wants, and then there is disappointment when true natures emerge. It is not done maliciously, it’s an energy thing.

      Better to show glimpses of the Martian/Mars nature a bit early on in dating with the soft hits. If you do rock climbing or car racing or a bit of boxing (examples), then drop those hints earlier (together with the soft ones) to filter out men who won’t appreciate those sides of you.

      Saves time and attracts others who will appreciate those qualities. Possibly people with Taurus/Aries, Aquarius/pisces, venus square Mars, etc.

      Apologies for the unsolicited suggestions. Thought these words might help a bit.

  8. Haha, this is SO spot on!!!

    Just this weekend my BF and I went shopping for perfume and while he was shopping I fell in love with a women’s smell. As the sales clerk calculated the price I still chose not to buy it, even with discounts because I couldn’t afford it.
    Bring in the Sun in Taurus, Mars in Leo, Mercury Aries, Venus/Moon Gemini man!

    “I’ll buy it for you honey, of course you should have this scent, you seem to like it and after all, I’m the one who’s gonna be around to smell it on you”… awwwww <3

    Yup, these men are very sporty! And he always says "Just ask if you need to know or have something to say – just say it"

    I guess that's even more fitting with a Mercury Aries ??

    1. Of course my 8th house Libra Moon is worming and squirming when she has to express her needs, but that Mars in Leo and the Gemini planets fots her oh so well and make her happy and shining <3

      Even if my Sun/Mercury/Venus and Jupiter are in Scorpio they live in the 9th house, which lighten the scorpio load quite a bit! It's impossible for me to brood (too much) in the long run ???

  9. my first husband was a Venus Aries, as were my ex’s, all with different Mars. First husband was Pisces mars, the next Aquarius mars, but strangely he wasn’t as “detached” as the first husband, the first husband was super detached, and always wanted to go out and I wanted to stay home. the last one was Mars Sagittarius, which worked awesomely, trined his venus. he was a very healthy relationship & long term, but we had different views of love styles.

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    He was argumentative and petty, he has Mars in cancer. I know, I know, I have a Scorpio stellium but I have an air ascendent and an air Aquarius Mars so all these ‘feelings’ trumping logic got on my nerves. Nothing was straight forward, it was complicated. Questions were met with double speak and no answers.

    This post of the Venus Aries sounds more like me with my Aries descendent. Give it to me straight, tell me straight, I cannot read minds so open your mouth. The Venus Aries couldn’t get it hence why I left.

    1. Question… do you find that people attach to you and dont let go even though you want them to?

      I got in a conversation with a scorp stellium dude and it is an effort to detach from him. Hes not interested in being anything to me. I dont want to be hurt, but i feel myself starting to slink back into communication
      The energy feels very penetrative

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        Yes… People get too attached. If I break things off then the person is chasing me busting all kinds of boundaries.

        Scorps are about boundaries. They can be subtle or downright brutal. But once the boundary is laid, respect it. I know there are some Scorps who don’t respect boundaries at all. I did date a Venus Scorps with Sadge sun.

        1. Thanks for confirming that Scorps aren’t simply about sex and perhaps death. Boundaries are a topic, which mustn’t miss when talking about Scorpios.

          1. Avatar

            Of course… Scorps are not only protective of themselves but of others too. Some people don’t get it. If a Scorp breaks things off it can be for 2 reasons… To protect themselves which in that case, the person needs to look in the mirror. Or to protect you, which in that case you need to thank them for the lesson.

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    I got to know a guy with Venus in Aries but forgot the formations it made with other planets. He was very quiet but opened up when he talked to me. I’m pretty cautious when saying my feelings (Cap) but like an adventure (Venus Sadgie) so I would call him up. I think this why he talked to me. However, I could never really tell if he liked me (Aries falls in my 12th house) and like I said I’m cautious and I need encouragement (and so did he, also had Cap), so it eventually didn’t go anywhere. I know he was involved with a girl who was quite bold before, so I think this description is prob accurate!

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    Andrew Goldsmith

    With Aries rising, I have attracted quite a few women with Venus in this sign, but Venus is not well placed in Aries (same in Virgo and in Scorpio). Aries is a masculine sign and Venus is feminine. In classical Astrology, Venus is in detriment here. While there are positives and negatives to having Venus in Aries, my experience is that most people with Venus in Aries are quite challenging, very demanding and get bored when their lovers “surrender”. As long as one keeps the facade of not having “surrendered”, things go well and the Venus in Aries person stays interested. The other party has to keep the challenge up. A few members wrote wonders about their spouses with Venus in Aries; one needs to assess what made their marriages good as it may not have been their Venus chart placement. Remember that rams “ram” their heads against each other and are very confrontational and independent. Male and female rams spend together less than ten days per year and only during the pairing season. The rest of the year, they live alone or raising their offspring in the case of the females. Other difficult Venus placements are in Virgo (stingy with affection and reciprocity) and in Scorpio (lots of intense drama). This comment only refers to the variable of the placement of Venus. As we all know, there are many, many other variables to consider when evaluating a chart.

    1. Aries venus needs a lot of independence though which I notice. that’s why they seem so perfect with Aquarius venus, Gemini, Sag, and other fire/air venuses in general. that’s a good description of rams out in the wild and don’t spend much time together. lol

  13. Andrew Goldsmith – Yes, I agree with your comments – and the description of the ( animal) rams’ habits does tally with their human counterparts’ relationship….Something no-one has mentioned is the fact that they can be very childish if they’re not getting everything their own way……all cheery and friendly when it’s all hunky-dory, but what a turn-around when they have been/think they have been thwarted, or they can’t get/have what they want…

  14. I am Venus Gemini and this keeps him on his toes. Although later my Mars in Virgo kicks in, he starts to cut the chase. This placement makes me more sensual. I vibe well with Venus in Aries, and we have done things for the sake of never doing it before, isn’t that funny?

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