Jupiter and Uranus – Light Speed to Your Destiny!

I am the very model of grace.

On my last post, Neptune – What are Your Dreams Telling You?, anonymoushermit was kind enough to write, “As for Midara, wow, she feels like she’s officially a part of Elsa’s team now!”

Thank you! I definitely am, and I’m not going anywhere! Writing here is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me – getting to do what I truly love and helping people along the way. This is no experiment. This is my vocation. But what’s interesting is how I got here.

Some of you may recognize my name – I’ve been part of this community since 2005. This blog is one of the ways I learned astrology (along with so, SO many books). Once I got a taste for astrology, I was hooked. This is clearly what I was put on this earth to do, and there are few things in life I love more than listening to people, looking at charts, and helping to clarify and solve problems so that they can live empowered lives. But even after 14 years of reading and commenting on this blog, I still never, ever, in a million billion years dreamed I would actually write here!

Enter Jupiter And Uranus.

I had written to Elsa writhing about my career. I hated my day job with a passion. There was just no way to for me to do what I was meant to do within that environment. So I laid all of this out in excruciating detail and waited, hoping she would be able to help me find a thread, some way that I could be remotely fulfilled where I was. What happened next was better than I could have ever dreamed.

On the exact day that transiting Uranus was conjunct my natal Jupiter and transiting Jupiter was conjunct my natal Uranus, she wrote back to ask me what I thought about writing on her blog. After going into the bathroom to hyperventilate for a few minutes, we got on the phone. When she asked me how I was doing, I quite gracefully told her that I was about to pee my pants from excitement. And the rest is history!

But look at the astrology. First, I’d been here for 14 years, half a Saturn cycle. And during that 14 years I had been studying and training and reading and working and doing consultations on my own. Laying a solid foundation.  Once Uranus (sudden) and Jupiter (luck) began their dance in my chart, I was ready.

And this is possible for all of us! These planets have a natural interplay, and they’re each necessary. Had I not done the work behind the scenes to establish my credibility, there would have been no reason for Elsa to trust me enough to make this offer. There would have been nothing for Uranus/Jupiter to light up. Had I not decided to act on my freedom urge (Uranus/Jupiter) and write to her (a Saturn figure) for perspective, my dreams (Jupiter) would never have been made a reality (Saturn)!

When you work with the energy of these planets, great things can happen. Put in the Saturn work, and Uranus and Jupiter come together to send you hurtling toward your destiny. I never thought it could happen for me, but here I am, talking to you now! It can happen for you too. Find your path, lay the foundation, and watch the magic happen. See you on the other side.

Have you ever been catapulted to your future? What was the astrology?


15 thoughts on “Jupiter and Uranus – Light Speed to Your Destiny!”

  1. He. Jupiter tranitted my natal Uranus shortly after going into Sagitarius.

    But the issue is, my progressed moon was having a real relationsh*t with my Saturn-Pluto conjunction around that time, and that Saturn was conjunct my Mars in 12th house. So, the following luck, erhm… I am not sure, but I think it got a little drowned out due to all the flatulent aspects here.

    I can hope that Uranus and Jupiter in Jupiter’s retrograde will send each other certain vibes as my MC is also close to Uranus. I hope to find a new job, and currently, Saturn is sextiling my Venus-Jupiter-Sun conjunction in the 10th.

    You know what they say… wish me luck! 😉

  2. Tr Jupiter and Tr Saturn were conjunct in my Libra 8H and widely conjunct my Sun when I accepted my first job after college. My Pr Cap Moon was exactly squaring this conjunction. The job was with an international corporation as indicated by Tr Uranus ingress into the Sag portion of my 10H. It all happened very quickly (Uranus) and I (Sun) felt (Moon) quite fortunate (Jupiter) to find a (Capricorn) job as there was an economic recession (Saturn) at that time.

    1. My daughter has Tr Jupiter conjunct her natal 9H Sag Saturn on November 15 then Tr Jupiter is conjunct her 9H Sag Uranus on November 19 of this year. She is a big world traveler so I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes another overseas trip at this time.

      My son has Tr Jupiter conjunct his 10H Cap Uranus on December 29 of this year. Tr Jupiter is conjunct his 10H Cap Saturn on March 4, 2020. His Pr Uranus will be exactly conjunct his MC and conjunct his natal Cap Uranus on that day. He probably will change jobs or assume significant responsibilities in his current job during this time.

      Thanks for challenging us to research this transit in our charts, Midara. Interesting exercise. Time will tell.

  3. Thanks for sharing your great story! So happy for you!!
    And…I have Jupiter/Chiron on ascendant opposing Uranus & square Saturn natally: very inspiring message for me 🙂

  4. I have Jupiter square Uranus natally and I have to tell you I’ve sat on many a Jupiter transit.

    Jupiter sextile Pluto cleared its throat and said “get your shit together,” Jupiter sextile Saturn is doing the same.

    I guess this thing I’m freaking out about marginally relates. For my solar return I have a grand cross and mystic rectangle. I’m a bit stubborn about where to be and I love certain places..

    I’m not sure if I should be in one of two places.. in one Mars/NN and Mercury will fall in my 7th house (opposing Saturn/Pluto in the 1st)… in the other Mars/NN and Mercury will fall in my 8th. I know it’s “shock astrology” but I’m scared of too much in the 8th house. (For the usual reasons.. also Saturn/Pluto in the 2nd is mildly dire.) But, I am such a weak person that I don’t want to outsource my energy (Mars in the 7th) to the point that I’ll need a “buddy” to make any changes to my life.

    1. I was wondering if you could input anything. Do you think Mars/NN in the 7th is less.. threatening?

      I do like the Scarlett O’Hara “I will never be poor or hungry again” energy of the 8th house and I also know I can’t always depend on people.. but shit, I’m scared cause of the Capricorn stellium coming up (puke noise.)

      1. Hey! Thanks for the question. That’s a lot to unpack in comments, but I make sure to keep my prices for 30min consults low for just this kind of thing. I can answer that and then some. 🙂

        1. Sorry to “cadge,” I was really freaked out that night. Thanks for being so nice about it. A tempting proposition for me to consider 🙂 in this weird part of my life

  5. Cool??
    Really love Satori and Elsa’s post , they are so different from each other. Specific feel to them both and it’s so impressive how you were able to come in and have another very unique vibe and rhythm too. Love it!! It’s very upbeat and rich!! Exiting reads?????
    Feel I’ve lost gut feeling years ago , it’s hard because I’m really ready to be of use , but I’m on the fence at all times about my studies..

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