Pluto Enters Aquarius In 2023 – Dark Side Of Innovation & The Internet

Pluto in AquariusRecently I wrote about featuring photos in blog posts that I have no right to use. This site has been here for years. I’ve spent many hours trying to bring this blog into compliance with the law.

I came across this article, while researching this problem: Google Program Can Automatically Caption Photos. It’s pretty impressive on Google’s part.

It doesn’t matter if people have lifted pictures for two decades. Pretty soon there’ll be nowhere to hide.

There is a lot of talk about “machines taking over”. It’s a dramatic statement but the fact is, my Kindle Fire has a pretty good idea what I am going to type. For example, when a new person come to the site, I welcome them. As soon as I put my cursor in a comment box, the word “Welcome” comes up.

How long do you think it will be before a machine can write in my style?

Continuing on the same theme, Google now endeavors to identify content written by a machine. If you ask me, most content is written by a machine!

For example, recently I searched a news story. I read fifteen versions…they were all essentially the same.  Individuals aren’t actually writing this stuff. Pluto in Aquarius – death of the individual, birth of the autotron.

Men are also looking to replace flesh and blood women with machine versions. We’re already half-way there, with men choosing porn over a real-life woman. On the flip side, women have replaced men with dildos…in large numbers.

There is no denying that our workplace is becoming more and more automated.  People want $15 an hour to make a hamburger. Meanwhile, the industry is developing a machine to make the hamburger. I expect the machine to win.

I say that because a machine (a plugin) can run through my entire site (blog posts, forum posts and comments) and find every broken link, in about an hour.  Can a person do this? Not a chance.

Singers voices are machined.
Actors have been replaced by CGI.
Industry is trying to get rid of the UPS man/woman at this point…delivery by drone.

I fully expect a machine to decide who gets to live and who gets to die, in the near future.  Plug your height, weight and DNA into some kind of algorithm. The machine will decide whether you’re worth fixing…or not.

What do you think we’ll see with Pluto in Aquarius?

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  1. This will hit 5 of my son’s planets (11th h)- Sun, Merc, Venus (and Uranus & Neptune like many others). I don’t know why but it seems scary. It should coincide with his first years out of college so I hope it’s a good transformation not a bad one. I’m personally tired of transforming- but then again, as an Aquarian, he’ll probably be happier in a different life than his current suburban, boring high school existence. Look on the positive side,right?

    Ugh, Pluto. ..

    1. The feared Saturn transiting Scorpio also crossed my 11th house, where I have 4 planets while I was away for university. Don’t worry! It’ll be awesome!

  2. For some reason, I find Pluto in Aquarius terrifying. I’m not sure why? Maybe because I keep a lot of secrets locked up on here (the internet) and they may eventually come out. I already loath the internet (and social media) for what it’s become. I can’t imagine anything good will come out of this.

    I also have a chart with many planets in fixed signs. Lots of squares from Leo to Scorpio, along with Moon & Jupiter in
    Aquarius… an 8th house north node in Taurus. I can imagine this transit will be life changing for any Scorpio or Taurus. I think I have many Venus/Pluto issues in my chart, and I think this Pluto transit will make it excruciating.

    I know Aquarius is suppose to rule over hope/aspirations… Perhaps this is the ‘death of our last hope’. Perhaps this is one step closer to the ‘end of the world’.

    My apologies for being such a pessimist. This is not a very good way to start off the morning!

    1. Then why not take those secrets offline, Mike? There’s still eight or nine years left of Pluto in Capricorn.

      1. Ya, I could do that. It’s not that they’re super terrible secrets… I think it’s a fear of my shadow side being exposed.
        At the same time, through coming to terms with it, I can determine how much power ‘the shadow’ really holds over me.

    2. The French Revolution took place during the Pluto transit through Aquarius, during Robespierre dictatorship was The Reign of Terror. It is logical to be terrified of Pluto in Aquarius.

      1. A little revolution never hurt anyone in the long run. Doesn’t Aquarius focus on humanity and it becoming the driving force instead of corporations?

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      Adrienne Kleyn

      Hi as an astrologer I find Pluto actually empowers. It takes away what isn’t true.

      So Pluto will create a rising of entrepreneurs and inventors and free thinkers. Where Pluto is in this chart will help you Define where specifically these impact you.

  3. How much worse can Pl in Aquarius be than Pluto in Cap?? Aquarius all peace and friendship beats the plodding Cap any day for fun transformations!

    1. Pluto in Capricorn sows the seeds of Pluto in Aquarius revolution. Pluto in Capricorn increases corruption, Pluto in Aquarius rebels against that corruption. The two are connected.

  4. Elsa…thank you for this profound blog…I now see the reason I’m not into organized religion…my Pluto is in my 12th house…since I was a child I’ve always felt God was sitting right next to me….again, thank you for this revelation!

  5. Wow, Elsa – this post more than a little bit more pessimistic than I’ve come to expect from you. Pluto in Aquarius? I see it more as the transformation of the collective (11th rules community) and birth of the new individual as part of that collective. A lot will depend on what happens during Pluto’s transit thru the last half of Capricorn, of course, with its emphasis on practical and concrete solutions to problems.

    The innovation that is typical of Aquarius holds a lot of promise, I think, and if there is an emphasis on machinery I expect it will be for the good – think of the medical advances that may become reality through scientific research. Humans living to 120 may become the norm! That would certainly require a transformation of the collective community that we call Earth.

    Interesting to think about but can’t spend too much time on it. Pluto directly square my Libra Sun while Uranus is opposing it still taking the vast majority of my time and attention. Back to the grind.

    1. Birth & tolerance of the individual in the collective won’t actually begin to happen until Pluto enters Pisces. What people believe is the birthing of the individual, is actually a sad descent into conforming to allowable archetypes (ie you will be allowed to be a trans-gender mutant, but won’t be allowed be a GOOD Christian, an obedient wife, a devout Muslim, an organic gardener etc etc). We have been seeing the selection process happening for many decades now, as TV & the internet have created more & more conformity to extreme & psychologically unhealthy archetypes, while condemning & rubbishing those of the old school civil society that we were once part of. I believe Elsa is right in fearing the oncoming transit of Pluto through Aquarius, as this will be the time that the extreme & unhealthy will seek to destroy the good & spiritually healthy people that are left. That is, unless our Society ACTUALLY wakes up in the next few years… it’s not looking too good at the moment! But there is hope, as predicted during transit of Pluto through Capricorn. But as predicted, the transit through Capricorn will cause an awakening, but it will go one of two ways… lead to true freedom, or extreme repression of true individuality & the ‘lock-down’ of our society. This is what we are seeing & people like you are welcoming… Humans living to 120 IS THE NORM in some places as we speak!!! And as we speak, Western Society is destroying these places & the cultures that create it! Then they will let us live to 120 with drugs & organ transplants (if we can afford it, which of course most won’t be able to)… UNLESS they CONFORM to one one of the sad freakish archetypes that the ‘system’ will allow us to be. This is the dark side of Aquarius, as even some honest Aquarians will tell you! Please watch the movie BRAZIL by Terry Gilliam to get a glimpse of what it will be like if you blindly follow the NEW RELIGIONS of Science, Medicine & Politics into the ‘Aquarian Age’. Actually, our society is already in even worse shape than he imagined in 1985 when he made this film, but so far too many are still blinded by the illusion created by mass media, and so haven’t realised it yet. The only way we will have a positive experience during the Pluto in Aquarius phase is if the ‘collective mind’ stops waging war on Good & faces the fact that humankind is the architect of his own undoing & we need to put our faith back in LIFE instead. This is the true revelation of ‘boring, conservative, plodding’ Capricorn. Thank you.

  6. Automated industry. Obsolescence of money. Freedom from labor. Global abundance. Restoration of nature. Free energy. Universal access to education. Let the machines have the “jobs”. We have much better things to do.

  7. I think we’re going to see computer chips implanted in our bodies to replace cell phones and computers. Kind of like the google glasses that people recently rebelled over. I haven’t looked at the position of the outer planets in 2023 yet, but I suspect depending on Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) that there could be a rebellion of man against the machine. Honestly, imagine a world run by robots and cyborgs and computers. It’s like a real version of the Terminator or a bad Star Wars movie. I don’t think the Earth or the Water signs will stand for this. Pluto (Scorpio) in Aquarius (Uranus) – not exactly a good cocktail mix. Look at us now with this waning square. I guess we’ll see how much worse it will get by the last transit in March. Am sure we’ll feel this for years to come. Am hoping we learn a big fat lesson from this – in the collective. The planet is Orwellian enough as it is. Hopefully some savior will be born to salvage our individuality and honor the human touch than an Apple icon removing that from existence completely. Hopefully, too, Pluto in Aquarius (which also rules medicine for the masses) will be a time of new discoveries in medicine. Virii like HIV and Cancer and Leukemia might be conquered by a cure. Finally. And perhaps the collective I.Q. will have risen. God help us if we’re paralyzed without our machines. It’s bad enough today with the rise of the Smartphone. I never see people look at each other anymore, they are always staring at the face of their smartphone. Perhaps Elsa is right. Pluto in Aquarius will be the dawn of the new ice age for the human being, but Pluto in Pisces follows eventually behind it and I cannot see a Piscean forgoing a warm embrace or a romantic kiss of human lips to the cold touch of a robot or a dildo. Yikes. Or genetically enhanced babies. That is scary. Really scary. Remember Hitler tried to do that during World War II and what did that acheive? Some blue eyed Aryan types. But also some horrific monsters that were buried in the annals of history. Be afraid, very afraid. But be vigilant too that history does not repeat itself in that manner.

    1. @gio, i agree in a way, in that it is scary. Although we watch alot of Star Trek…it is just that – it’s fantasy/sci-fi, wondering about the future. But to actually LIVE in it is frightening. Hitler’s ways were highly detached and he didn’t care about human life. but i also feel that pluto in aquarius can bring good (in it’s extreme as fixed signs can do – very good or very bad). In my view of looking at astrology in the sky, aquarius with the water flowing going into the fish — it’s like they need eachother to function.

      1. Aquarius is probably the most detached sign emotionally, as the symbolism reveals. The water passes through the vessel, but doesn’t touch the person.

        As to Hitler, he cared deeply about those he cared about,including the people of his nation. For instance, he set out to empower all Germans at a time when the British & Americans were virtually enslaving most of their people. But he hated those he saw as a threat to the unity & stability of Germany at that time.

        Don’t forget, hate can only exist where there formerly was love & the level of hate matches that of the level of the former love.

        Otherwise there is no feeling… simply neutrality & indifference.

    2. I am seeing this exactly the way you have described it. It is not a pretty picture for those of us who value the unique and inherent beauty of creativity and humanity. I do not see any value in a life if these things come to pass. An Orwellian society is no place for me as an artist and a creative independent thinking person. I do not need a machine or the government to be dictating to me what to think and do.God did not make any mistake with me. He gave me a fruitful mind and if I am no longer entitled to use it then there is no reason to continue here on this planet. I do not see anything exciting coming from this. When we devalue our own, god given nature as human beings, the place that it leads to is a very dark place.

  8. I don’t find this pessimistic. It’s true. Those who hold much of the power, money and prestige are very aware of this.
    Ray Kurzweil is a very intelligent man who helped bring computer programming and other inventions to the forefront. He is fully aware of the major possibility that machines may take over, which in turn will allow man to attempt to become immortal and he wants to not only be around to see this, but be around to implement the technology with his on body to live forever.
    Majority of the world is poor, hence, probably from the view point of a wealthy human, useless and easily replaced.
    Miss you EX’s penis? Why a replica can be made for a fee. Miss the cuddling session? Dolls who have few moving parts and voice commands are available.
    I got over the initial scare a while back. All we can do is wait and see, or gather in masses and do something about it. (Either way, many of us are probably and will be tired of waiting.)

  9. It will be transiting my second house, just as I am fresh out my first Saturn return. I actually welcome the changes Pluto in Aquarius May bring, because while we are rushing ever into the digital age, I hold belief that technology (and humanitarianism) will be the bridge that closes the gaps between nations and civilizations. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Aquarius signifies people over the person, brotherly love and impersonal relations (like communication through the internet).

    Maybe I’m just ranting and holding too much hopes, with my saggi moon and Uranus in first lol

    1. And I too entertain the idea of “replicas” of things associated with humans. From simple things like an increase in sex toy sales all the way to cloning humans for personal or medical use. It’s a strange frontier to imagine and it frightens some, but I embrace it.

  10. haven’t we done this before? what happened 260+ years ago? were there robots? there has to be something else more significant about this transit than cyborgs and technology.

  11. This blog is very HUMAN. I put my heart and soul into it.

    If you google, Venus sq Uranus (or whatever), you might read what I (a human) had to say about it.

    But what google is doing (I think) is gathering data…and eventually, when you google a question, google will answer it, independently, with no need for the people who provided the knowledge in the first place.

    The problem with this, is you’ll automatically become accustomed to this, which means you will only access views that google deems are appropriate or correct.

    This is already happening (censorship). If you get your news via Google, you only get a certain kind of news.

    I gave up on Google news, about four years ago, because I like to do my own thinking. But most people will enjoy asking google a question and getting an instant answer, even if it’s homogenized.

    Twenty years ago, no one would have ever thought we (most of us) would willingly join the Borg…

    The Borg used to be considered “evil” right?

    Ha ha ha, times change.

  12. Great post, love to look ahead and muse, let’s not forget that Pluto excavates diamonds wherever he exerts the pressure, so along with the automation there were be will earth moving(liberating)innovation – Aquarius is Uranus after all – My Mid-heaven and Venus are in Aquarius so this will be interesting …

  13. what can I say I am a Virgo with Aquarius rising so everything is out of whack right now. and this year for me is all about job money and how I use it and feel about it asking a Virgo to worry is asking her to jump off a cliff I already spend to much time trying to be the fixer of everything and then toss a husband in with Pisces with Scorpio rising its all interesting in my house hold

  14. You’re very pessimistic!

    The only thing that I can think of is: a new form of internet, a total reconstruction of it (perhaps after some global event- solar flare?- damaging it); terrorists aiming the internet, “disconnecting” a country/countries; more repression done by governments and large corporations (if you try to access it). Internet will be a necessity, nothing can be done without it – so by controlling it, the People will be controlled.
    *Happy* times.

    On the other hand, Pluto will conjoin my Jupiter, which rules my 2nd house, soo… I’ll win the lottery!

  15. My Libra is blushing… My Scorpio is smiling… hehe Wow! This is something to think about! I’m still trying to get over the hump of Saturn in Scorpio. But okay Pluto has to transform the human(atarian)… So perhaps it will be more an effort of coming together. An awakening of human consciousness. A Break Down in the society as we know it. A wiping out of everything man-made. Perhaps the next sense will be established during this period. That is to feel something without actually touching! Automation gone wild! ; )

  16. Avatar
    enlightened, reworked & right-side up

    The films “Logan’s Run” & “Soylent Green” do come to mind….I watched “2001:Space Odyssey” for the first time since I was a small kid when I had only glimpsed parts of it while sitting next to my dad in our living room before falling asleep…Psychopathic computers, eh? Eerily prescient? Seems so. But there’s a duality, as always in astro, isn’t there?…Individuals seizing the reins of who and what directs their own evolution? In other words, the duality may manifest as consisting of being an ideal (Aquarius) of a self-reliant, powerful (Pluto) human (Aquarius) or be dominated (Pluto), by and through technology (Aquarius)…

  17. Just thought of something else:

    Astrology (Aquarius) will be transformed (Pluto). I believe that Certification will be required by government in order to practice it.

    1. @fishvirgin, i looked up who invented CEO of Facebook. He’s a Taurus sun 9th house.Scorpio stellium. he has an empty 11th house. his other friends who co-founded it were not aqua suns, but other sun signs. don’t know if that’s relevant but found it interesting nonetheless.

  18. You are so right Elsa – there are a lot of warning signs.
    You can search for “Singularity” at Google the search engine and company which we have reason to fear..Robots will replace humans and in 20 years most of the middle class jobs will be gone.
    (Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind)

  19. The notions of “collective” and “individual” will be changed, I think. And when pluto enters Pisces the era of separate nations, races etc. will come to an end. I hope mankind will start feeling as one (Lennon), because we are by then. And I think it will be great to be an astrologer with pluto in Aquarius 🙂

  20. Something tells me Pluto in Aquarius will be a NIGHTMARE for Tauruses. LOL
    Hell, even food will probably come in the form of a pill or a disc. No need to grow anything!

  21. Here’s something fun! Uranus will be in Taurus at this time, but there will NOT be another Uranus-Pluto square! Instead, Pluto will move back into Cap for a lot of 2024 and there will be a Uranus-Pluto Trine 🙂 And then in 2025, Uranus will move into Gemini and there will be ANOTHER Uranus-Pluto trine! And Saturn will be sextiling them both in 2025 🙂 So Aquarius’s rulers are both positively aspecting Pluto in the beginning, and I thiink that would indicate goodness. Granted the trine could also mean laziness and contentment, but that’s a loser’s attitude! Not all of humanity is that lazy some of them I’m sure will do amazing Uranian/Plutonian things.

    Look at the current Pluto-Uranus squares. A LOT of them are about basic human rights, which is what Aquarius is about as well. Maybe we’ll be reaping the rewards of the square when the trines come. Also I think its really cool that they have an Earth trine AND an air trine back to back.

    1. Great counterpoint, Nymzie! Still, Elsa, we have a long way to go to worry about this AND there’s always two sides to a coin.

  22. I was just discussing with a friend (Intl Law attorney) about AI liability: if a bot commits a crime who is liable? The bot or the creator/programmer? It must be a Pluto-Aqua convo. A diagnosis bot is quite possible, Elsa. The main concern of healthcare is not health but cost efficiency in an overwhelmed system. Diagnosis bots are sure to come: their objective could be to determine patient liability. There might a time when there will be a distinction between ‘natural accurrence of disease’ and ‘self inflicted disease.’ Bot finds you weight a bit too much, have traces of use of carbonated drinks, etc. and your diabetes bill it’s all yours…bill not the system’s. Tough.

    1. “There might a time when there will be a distinction between ‘natural accurrence of disease’ and ‘self inflicted disease…”

      @Lili, that much is already in play. Down here in Au at least, insurance is thus calculated. For example, if you smoke, you end up paying vastly escalated premiums because of it. That’s just one example.

    2. I’ll compare this to airplanes because I’m in the aviation field and they’re also machines who can do everything by themselves.

      When an airplane falls down because of mechanical malfunctions, the airline takes blame because the maintenance is their responsability. Even the save&rescue services must be paid by airlines, despite that most of these things are public services The manufactor will obviously work on new versions so it gets harder for such thing to happen, but they don’t take the blame. Even when theres a “recall” for badly manufactored pieces, the airline has to pay for it, as weird as it seems.
      If a plane falls down and it was the pilot’s fault, the airline takes the blame because the crew trainning is their responsability as well.
      Here in my country, a plane didnt break while landing and hit a building. It killed some 200 people. The runway had recently been restored but wasnt really ready to be used during rain and the airport should have closed. The airline payed the bills.
      I hope it helps to answer your question.

      [OFFTOPIC] Elsa, 2014 was a TERRIBLE year for the aviation field, everywhere in the world. 3 big disasters, but if you pay attention to the small airplanes in your local area, they were falling like rain as well. Unfortunally, I can’t see how they relate to astrology and as Mercury is a fast moving planet, its hard to make the links. Does Uranus relate to it? (sudden events). During the first day of Jupiter in Leo, there was the terrible MH17 in Ukraine. Can you please give us some insights, maybe even a post?

    3. This is interesting terrain. I have a friend who is an artist that works with dna of trees…and I turn, h works with scientists who are currently revolutionizing the concept of medicine. Essentially, the idea is that medicine will no longer exist in its current form….a patients needs will be met with gmo organisms…aka, food will be grown that is tailored to your particular medical need, curing your ailments without the bed of pharmaceuticals. Imagine the fallout potentiential of a huge powerful industry (Pluto in cap) vs the revolution of medicine at its deepest possible elements (Pluto in Aquarius) over the concept of food and grown material (Uranus in Taurus)….just got he snapshot of what’s on the horizon in the medical field. It’s both exciting and scary. One thing I love about my friends work is that tree dna apparently has a lot of empty space…and science thinks about how to use its as storage. I.e. An endangered animal or plants dna can currently be stored in the empty dna of a tree, using it like a living hard drive, and when science and tech has stabilized its ability to produce sentient beings from the dna level, it’s possible that we can reintroduce lost species. I find that totally fascinating.

  23. I agree with you but at the office, it’s 1970’s Ma Bell, from the old fax machines to the secretaries screwing their managers. Never thought I’d be sitting in a gigantic office with this atmosphere, especially these days. Berkshire Hathaway, owner Warren Buffet. I think the guy with the money will trump the guy with the brain.

  24. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    On a lighter note, speaking of mechanical dildos, does anyone know where the band “Steely Dan” got their name? Hint: W.S.B.

  25. Hi Elsa.

    Very interesting insights, and I think you’re probably accurate with your predictions about where things are headed.

    I also think we’ll see a growing number of people slowly unplugging from “the machine”, as a result of its (over)power. As technology (in many cases) brings the death of individuality, we’ll also see the birth of more counter-cultural movements. We’ll probably see more and more major hacking incidents.

    Along with progressive and future-minded Uranus, Saturn co-rules Aquarius, and I think there will be a certain flip-side to all the extreme technological advances, especially when people see how shaky (and shady?) much of it is. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a growing underground movement in people who seek NOT to rely on machines, and do more things themselves.

    fun to think about…

    1. Did you know that a majority of people on this Planet still DON’T rely on machines and DO do more things themselves?

      They are referred to as peasants in our society. And so far they haven’t had a lot to do with destroying our Planet or the fabric of of the once strong familial culture that built the ‘civilized’ world. In fact, they serve to keep parts of it at least, stable & healthy.

      But part of Aquarian ‘humanitarianism’ is to force our way onto them because “we care’ and “it’s better for them”.

      Fun to think about….

  26. In the same way that structure (capricorn) is destructing, if aquarius is technology then I would expect technology to self destruct as well. The thing about the technology is that it is very expensive and that is why people need 15 an hour to survive. There are murmurs in the media about how far we actually want to go with technology. I really need to see that depp movie, I think it is called transcendence or something like that. How far we want to go with it is supposedly the question the movie raises. It’s a consideration in my life for sure. Technology for technology’s sake is the golden calf of worship it seems.

  27. This will only happen if we let it to happen.

    As someone with Humanistic Sciences training working in Communications Technology – so, a person approaching technology from a more philosophical point of view than your average nerd, but immensily more “technologically literate” than your average MA or PhD – I really don’t see all these things happening in 10 or even 15 years.

    Right now, if anything, I see governments and companies DECREASING their reliance on IT in the next decade. This is because of the major safety issues that are surfacing right now. We’ve had several major hacks in the past couple of months, under Pluto square Uranus. The thing is, major, and right now very hard to fix security issues with having all systems online, working in the same network I’m using to type this message, have emerged.It’s possible, but not really probable, that viable solutions will be found in the next 8 years. Just think about how your Internet was back in 2007. While it may seem like a lot has happened, for single users, in “internet” since then, we’ve actually only gotten more bandwidth. And while fiberoptic network enabling what was imagined as “virtual reality” now 30 ago (“Neuromancer” by William Gibson was published in 1984) is being build, the opportunities it offers are adapted more quickly by enterntainment industry than, let’s say, health care or energy production. Interestingly, I think this is because of technological illiteracy. Those who are technologically literal, have not been truly interested in spreading the knowledge, because it has guaranteed them work. Now, it may turn against them.

    Nymzie mentioned Uranus will be in Taurus early in this passege. But when Uranus will be in , and maybe we will have some breakthroughs, but maybe not in places we expected. For instance, maybe we will see a big leap in space technology. After all, V-2 rocket testing, which is even seen as the beginning of the space age by some, because the shuttle technology used consequently in space launches stems from them, took place the last time Uranus was in Gemini. And The US space programs were named Gemini, Mercury and Apollo – not by chance, I’d say!

  28. Candela, I completely agree with your statement “This will only happen if we let it to happen.” If one takes into consideration how dependent we already are on Internet technology though, they might find it difficult to imagine institutions backpedaling away form it. Sure, some may be a good deal more secure and exclusive than others, but wired or wireless networks are here to stay. Also, take into consideration… that a lot of the decision makers that will have some say about the future of networking (in the near future) will have grown up in a different time than you or I.

    Look up “Internet of everything” and your projection of the future might look slightly different. I think the dependency on tech is not going to decrease at all. Not when large IT corporations are focused on “waking up” all electronic devices. I would respectfully disagree with your statement, (correct me if I am incorrect) that the only increase we have had in tech is bandwidth exclusive… Yes, we (technologically forward countries) have a great deal more pipeline to transfer data, but the way the data is processed has, is, and will continue to evolve… probably at a faster rate than most can imagine.

    1. keewee, my reason to think the development will hold back is is that no institution can risk loosing money. And they will, with current IT Security. They are extremely vulnerable to different security threats.

      I live in a country that is even way more internet dependent than The US in many sense. For instance, nobody has written a cheque here in the past 10 years or so. Many people here laugh at how backwards The US Banking System is, IT wise, actually. Money is transferred electronically here.

      But in the past few days, all out major banks were subject of denial-of-service attack, initiated, it seems, by teenagers blackmailing.

      I suspect major banks know this could happen, and are wary of putting certain functions online because of this, to begin with.

    1. In a nutshell, this is exactly what we are dealing with here. It seems to me that there are a tremendous amount of people today, like in the era of Natzi Germany who are naive and trusting, generally not questioning who and what they hand over their power to. You are absolutely right about all of humanity being seen as a cancer. Everyone trusts that nothing will go wrong. Nobody sees any use any use in studying and remembering histoy. Tyranny it seems, starts out quite seductively to the populace. It is a seduction with a climax about as beautiful as the black plague. Thanks for your post Jilly.

    2. Jilly, also, it’s worth to remember Eugenics programs started in The US. Indiana was the first State to impliment an Eugenics program in The World in 1907. Immigration was restricted, too, based on racial factors, starting from the WWI.

      This isn’t discussed much, and neither are the 1950’s Nuclear Testings, in which especially populance of Midwestern and Mountain States North of testing grounds in Nevada were used as guinea pigs.

      I think these kind of practises are at least an subconcious base for the distrust so many Americans have for their Government and technology. This isn’t discussed, but it’s there.

      This is why I say it only happens if we let it to happen. It’s obvious people globally, need better scientific education. With Pluto in Aquarius, this is possible, too.

  29. If Aquarius as a sign is futuristic, dehumanized, detached, intellectual, etc., I would like to think that Pluto’s challenge/ pressure will ask us to “transform,” or “exorcise” those qualities. In the face of everything being mechanized or computerized or digitized, it seems important for humans to find and cling to the value of being human.

  30. Interestingly, my hubby is himself an Aquarius who works in the I.T. industry. He’s on track to retire the same year that Pluto enters Aquarius.

    1. My stepdad works for the local hospital as a systems programmer. He’ll be 67 by then. I expect he and Mom will be living on a farm somewhere, far away from technology and civilization. 🙂

      1. Hubby and I can’t decide whether to buy and RV and hit the road full-time at Pluto/Aquarius time (for him, retirement) or buy land and settle (we wouldn’t be rolling in dough, but could afford to pay cash for something modest). I was just looking at hubby’s natal again… he has Pholus, Mercury, and Sun all conjunct (5th house) + Moon conjunct Chiron (6th house), all in Aquarius. Across the way, these are opposed by Uranus and Vesta in Leo. For me, Pluto will be coming conjunct with my 8th house Saturn at Aquarius 4 degrees… I’m trying not to panic. 😐 Hoping that Pluto conjuncts are less difficult than squares, oppositions, etc.

  31. Avatar
    enlightened, reworked & right-side up

    This is a post that’s rather a tangent off the main heading above…Did anyone notice the recent incredible news story of the 7 yr old girl, by the name of Sailor, who was the sole person to survive and get away from a plane crash that killed her family, occurred as Mercury and Venus entered early degrees of Aquarius, in particular, that Venus is on the 3rd degree which is given the Sabian Symbol of “A Deserter from the Navy” (I don’t think Sabian Symbols are discussed on this blog but I find them interesting and uncannily on-point at times)… Sailor was able to walk through dense woods at night, supposedly due to the self-reliant survival skills her father had taught her, to come upon a solitary farmhouse where she found refuge…I can’t help but wonder if this beautiful little girl who, upon experiencing a sudden explosive event that propelled her into a deeply perturbing yet unique situation and comes out a self-powered survivor, as a kind of harbinger of the types of people, women in particular, who will come to the fore when Pluto enters Aquarius….?

  32. I think with Uranus in Gemini then trining Pluto in Aquarius, will bring new innovations that will help future generations, and the environment. Worth a guess, eh?

  33. Avatar

    Have you ever been to shenzhen? I would say that there is a different way our “technology” will turn on us. I think the actual direct loss of life both human and otherwise will be shocking by 2023 as most of the chemicals are the type that it takes a few years or so of exposure for the chronic or terminal disease to show up.

    We will be looking at very little ability to care for those humans who have been living in chemical soup for years for our technology. Exporting our waste from the US to China and the pretty baubles in return is going to bite us in the end.

    Corporate/government control of the internet will be “online” as it were by 2016 if everything continues they way the industry talks. You might not, like with the Snowden mess, really be aware of it until 2023 but it will be here in the next year or two and be more complete than you might otherwise think or see.

    As for AI or singularity, nice idea, scary idea, but it all requires electricity. Pull the plug and the robots are done for. Does anyone know how fragile our electrical grid really is? I’d pay attention to that first.

  34. Totally agree with the comment on the electrical grid. Pluto often represents death, and Aquarius is associated with electricity. Since Aquarius is “the water bearer” there will be “death by desert”, in California and other places. Also, since Aquarius is the collective, and the most basic unit of the collective is the family, there will be a death of the traditional family, with all manner of multiple wives, bigamy, poly quads, and what have you creating a free-for-all, for better or worse.

  35. You ask: “What do you think we’ll see with Pluto in Aquarius?” Well, with Pluto in Aquarius, what I will probably see is my death. I’ll be in my late 80s when Pluto transits over my natal Jupiter (at 22 deg. Aquarius), so I will probably be ready to transition. I imagine that the world will be too strange for me to stick around.

  36. I was thinking today, bank tellers will no longer be needed. You don’t have to go to the bank to cash a check…just snap a pic,..

  37. Would this be a negative transit for Aquarius risings? Pluto will be in my 12th house a few years after I graduate college. Will this negatively impact my job prospects?
    -Worried Millenial

  38. Hi Elsa

    Thanks for a nice update on Pluto entering Aquarius in 2023. Based on my recent research on the subject, I have something important to share which you must already be knowing.

    If you go through BIBLE chapter LUKE 22:10 “JESUS replies his disciples, “As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters”. A MAN CARRYING A JAR OF WATER is a symbol of the “AQUARIUS” sign.

    As you mentioned the beginning of the age is 2023 means 22:10 is closest to 2023. It’s time to enter into “NEW JERUSALEM” as per the GOD’s plan.

    What does that mean; the entire world is sitting on the verge of a big change. We all must look into ourselves and change for the better or be ready to face the hell.

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