Distaste & Intolerance For A Person’s Humanness

UranusHere’s a little known fact in astrology – Uranus sensitizes a person. I figured this out some years ago when I met a string of audiophiles and compared their charts.

One of them brought his brother to the furniture store so he could sit on couches and have him measure his ear height. He wanted his ears to line up with his speakers, just so.

I understand this better now than I did at the time. With Uranus and Pluto transiting my natal Mercury, my senses (ears and mind) are heightened. For example, I can barely stand current music. The voices sound machined and devoid of human quality.

Our tastes are dictated by media to a large degree. Normal is not good enough. We’ve all got to be fixed and photo-shopped.

Recently I posted part of a story I wrote, recalling a time when I was 19 years old. I was brooding to beat the band in that story. Over a man.

“Some guy,” I said.

“Are you going to tell us about him?”

“No. No, I’m not. He’s nothing. Forget about him.”

“It doesn’t look like that from here.”

I turned and glared.

“But okay, Elsa. We’ll try to not be so nosy. Right? Everybody stay out of Elsa’s business. She’ll tell us what’s going on when she feels like it.”

I looked over and nodded. “Okay. I’m sorry. I’m just trying to think.”

People rarely give the other allowance of this kind anymore. They won’t let people be human and individual. Instead they try to perfect them according to their own design and standard. I think this could be the new definition of “insane”.

Uranus Pluto has killed off the individual. I’ve seen enough. It’s time to come back up from the ashes.

What’s so hard about allowing someone to be as they are?

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  1. It shouldn’t be hard, but self-centeredness and assuming you’re the paradygm of a “normal” human being, can make it to be. Uranus can teach about seeing the “big picture” and detaching from your own self-absorption I believe? (Leo-Aquarius axis)

  2. I don’t know. Whenever I’ve ended up on the verge of being too heavy-handed with people, it was always because I had a lot of work to do on myself that I was avoiding.

  3. Might have to do with scarcity. On the small stage, you and me, I’m generous with your idiosyncrasies when I feel I have abundance. If I feel lack of abundance, I may notice you smell, or just piss me off that you take up air space.

    On the large stage, USA vs kids and moms crossing our borders, scarcity comes to mind…..not so much greed, just scarcity. Refugees crossing borders is nothing new. We see it on news shows regularly, it’s just happening in our backyard now.

    Sometimes, I keep a few hundred dollars in my pocket. I don’t seem irritated by anyone and I feel abundance all day long. It never gets spent, just carried.

    Interesting topic.

    1. “Sometimes, I keep a few hundred dollars in my pocket. I don’t seem irritated by anyone and I feel abundance all day long. It never gets spent, just carried.”

      How interesting! I usually carry about $150 – I pay my hairdresser in cash. But I so have a similar feeling. It’s (imagined) security – if I need the money (for a bribe or something lol), it’s on me!

  4. :/ I don’t think thats a uranus pluto quality so much as people act this way when they’re in groups. They prefer creating an ideal to look upon as a marker for who they should aspire to be and how to tell when someone is an outlier.

    Technology has improved thus the ability to manipulate beauty has improved so in that I do see a marked uranus pluto change towards crafting a particularly super-human image. Maybe we’re in the peak but we’ve been moving towards this my whole life – since mtv/ cable tv was created and images mattered that much more. People being people, I think something like this has always had the potential to manifest regardless of the era and the extreme exists today because the parameters have been manipulated so extremely by multiple streams of technology. If thats astrology related then its our natural progression and something else will manifest to coutner it soon enough.

    The sharper the Uranus -Pluto square hits my sun the more individualistic I become so its difficult for me to see the angle you’re coming from. I’ve stopped noticing and being bothered by group mentalities, joined other groups where I feel I fit better because we’re all distinctly individual and happen to bond over a common goal or interest.

  5. “Uranus Pluto has killed off the individual. I’ve seen enough. It’s time to come back up from the ashes.”

    So much truth!

  6. I think my question, as I rise out of the ashes is:
    When I allow people to be who they are, how much do I allow?

  7. As rupaul says ” if you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else”. I think it’s about acceptance. People who accept themselves aren’t threatened by others individuality.

    Something else (it’ll be hard for me to articulate but I’ll try). I’ve found that the new leaders of what is “ok” are these supposedly liberal minded people.

    1. Is this a Libran problem (as much as it is Aquarian)? Where the sun is weakened… It seems to me that Leo still tries to conform to a degree. Aries perhaps not.

      1. I dont think I understand what youre saying macateca. Are you asking if libra energy is responsible? Or that its a problem for libras?

        To elaborate on my comment from a few years ago: people who are happy, dont need others to be any other way, than what they are. I think theres a lot of spiritual confusion right now (so confused that in the one that suffers, it cant even be traced back to that. Its most commonly projected onto some archetypal entity.) They dont know who they are, so they try to make the world into their vision, when in truth, the world is more of a reflection of their beliefs, fears, and psychological/spiritual turmoil. Its hard to allow someone to be as they are, when you cant allow yourself to be as you are.

        I mean, its ok. That energy is accepted by the universe too. Without the concept of control of others, there would be no opportunities for one to experience individuality. Its the yin/yang principal.

        1. I think I understand what you were saying, but I was just wondering if strong Libra and Aquarius energy in a chart makes someone prone to losing their own individuality? Because both are weak placements for the sun. I found this article while reading the Pluto in Aquarius tag (or something similar), so that’s why I had that in mind.

  8. It seems people won’t allow others to be themselves because they aren’t allowed the same privilege.

    The unexamined life is a life not worth living, especially if you can’t be yourself in the process.

    I’ve learned that trying to cut yourself off from the public or people in general, it’s not really creating a sphere of security. Placing barricades around one self only creates more fear and solitude, not security. It’s false.

  9. From my perspective I work to allow people to be who they are and if it meshes with my values then we become “friends” and the relationship develops along that path. If their way of being does not mesh with mine I try to respect them for who they are but not become involved any further than just a casual acquaintance. It gets a lot harder for me to “accept” and “allow” others to be who they are when they are shooting up schools, blocking clinics that cater to women and facilitating wars. Any ideas about how to get past that?

  10. I say what’s on my mind whether if offends one or not and I am what I am 24/7 I don’t care a hoot what anyone thinks. I think people should feel this way about themselves it would free up the baggage they carry in their heart. Feel and do and express yourself as you please. 🙂 We are co-creators after all.

  11. Interesting opinions. I find other people’s habits annoying. My friends and I run circles around our own problems. My concerns are different from theirs and sometimes it’s exhausting to see what they value or take on their value system. Especially if they’re really seventh or eleventh house

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    In my experience, several reasons. They feel you being who you are doesn’t serve their agenda or they’re jealous and everything about you as an individual reminds them of what they view as their own failures. Projection. No one will berate you harder for not having more discipline than someone with an impulse control problem. No parent who is truly happy being a parent will have a problem with you not wanting children.

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    I used to think no one could be jealous of me for any reason because I’m not thin (Generation X, weight-obsessed mother,was a teenager in the 1980s,). Turns out, a former friend who has the slim willowy body I always wished I did said she was jealous of me because I was more at ease in social settings than she is. She’s always had boyfriends, I’ve spent my life alone. She’s far more successful. But, that’s how she felt.

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    Back in the mid-late 1980’s it felt like if you didn’t look like a ruthlessly slim and hot MTV video vixen, you were a complete toad. I also grew up in NYC which reinforced that perception.

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