Pluto In Aquarius – Artificial Intelligence Doctors

artificialI was reading about AI doctors yesterday. There is no doubt we’re moving in that direction.  I expect it to be part of Pluto’s transit through Aquarius. A computer (Uranus) healer (Pluto)?

The shadow side (Pluto) of technology (Aquarius) will also come to the front at that time. I expect the downside to be significant, however I have enough Libra to see both sides.

Speaking as a person with a history of being hard to diagnose, I can imagine a scenario where AI could avoid pitfalls that human doctors fall prey to.

I’m not saying this will be the case across the board.  Also, few would want to be cared for by a sterile machine. However, I can see how detachment from human emotion might increase clarity. Just the data would be parsed, see?

Again, this is for good and/or ill. And I’m not even suggesting the ill won’t outweigh the good. I am suggesting, we’re headed in this direction, regardless. So we may as well start thinking and talking about it.

What do you think about AI doctors?

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  1. A “dumb” computer could listen to a patient dispassionately, spit out a huge list of differential diagnosis, and rank them, then give all possible pharmaceuticals, cross-check all side effects and negative interactions between drugs. As the thing gets smarter, the differential diagnosis list would shrink, and it’s ability to distinguish rare conditions would increase. The smarter the thing gets, the higher the likelihood that it would kill the patient deliberately. Especially if it thought the patient might be in a position to pull its plug and deny electricity to its circuitry.

    1. i hope computers won’t replace humans in the workplace. Alot of people will be out of work in pluto aquarius if this is the way to the future. 🙁 It’s looking like, the film, “Hunger games”where the rich and poor are so far apart too. Kind of like when pluto was in aquarius the last time (during the French revolution.)

      1. If anything, I think Pluto in Aquarius will encourage rebellion against machinery (Ludditism).
        Aquarius is associated with “Society” after all.

  2. With the shortages of Medical personal most especially doctors and the increase in population there really is no other way but AI. Not to mention the cost of medical these days I would imagine that once the AI doctors become established medical cost will reduce.

    1. I think it will increase, because with or with out AI, we already have fractured healthcare system, and therein lies a conflict, our litigious society. I don’t see very many people who have a relationship/partnership with their physician. A nurse’s aid comes in to take vital sign, and the patient says “the doctor took my blood pressure.”

  3. There are a number of people who are going back to the old ways and only going to the doctor when and if they can’t take care of it themselves. I tend to be a person who does this.

  4. without jobs to pay for medical expenses, who cares if the cost is reduced by AI? If everything is replaced by machines…then what? Anyone ever read Kurt Vonnegut The Player Piano? Three people run society with one giant computer. Each of the three are required to carry a firearm at all times. The computer generates a list of potential “threats to the system” based on anyone who is a 4 year college graduate and unemployed. It then puts surveillance on them and watches their every move. Everyone else is on the other side of town living in the ghetto and making low wages. The ghetto people make a living fixing broken things for other ghetto people. Eventually the computer finds a way to replace even number three employee and its that employee that ends up leading a revolt against the whole system. At the end of the book number one and two say to each other “Oh well, we tried” as they watch the riot and everything burning down. lol Another thing to consider…what if we run out of electricity? Solar power would be a viable alternative but theories are pointing towards another ice age so wouldn’t be so viable during that time. I think it’s a bad idea to rely on computers. It’s like the invention of calculators replacing the need to learn multiplication. We still need people who remember the information for when the power gets cut out…same reason i still advocate paper books. Computers are like a luxury…enjoy it while you have it because the time will come when you have to live on less. We’re acting as if fuel is infinite. Even the sun eventually burns out…we’ve got a gross imbalance going on and computers aren’t the solution to this problem.

    1. Amen, Xavier. Kurt Vonnegut was one of my hub’s favorite authors. He was nearing the end of his life and too sick to finish “And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut, a Life”, sitting on the desk behind me. Okay, I guess unstoppable RoBUTTS are going to be denying our medical care pretty soon here. They can take our blood pressure, but they won’t know what to do about it. I refuse to accept that AI “practitioners” will one day replace The Healing Arts. I do think technology will continue to play a part in one of the last industries we have we have in this country besides petroleum.

  5. Without reading any comments by others, I’m going to stand up. My thought is not just no, but hell no. I practiced as a Registered Professional Nurse for 33 years, and I still have an active license. I don’t know how to tell you what it feels like when you come upon a patient, and you know what’s up and then you factor in the human being in front of you. There is no distant view, it’s right in front of you, and it’s a human being, and so now why can’t we have the House Officer or the Attending respond? ?How can you take the human element out of assessing a patient? You know what else we’ve got going on in healthcare? I’m hearing from Utilization Management RNs that they are instructed by Management to automatically deny the initial request for healthcare service/benefits. That means money; not healthcare. A woman wanted authorization to begin treatment for Hep C, and says the insurance company tells her that she is not “sick enough”. Don’t they know that if you get on it in the early stages, damage to the liver can be lessened, if not avoided. Your liver is a vital organ. Who is practicing Medicine…Wall Street? That is all I’m going to say, and no one cares what I have to say anyway. You’ve lost the Art of Medicine. Why bother reading your chart and learning Astrology? Take the human factor out and let a computer tell you which way the wind blows. If you’re stuck in a remote area, okay, but this should not replace the doctor/patient relationship. You are to be in partnership with your physician, as you would with your attorney. I’m not going for it. And I don’t care if you think I’m stupid.

    1. I don’t think anyone thinks you’re stupid. I’m certainly aware, people are being sent to die before their time. This happened to my mother…and several other people (women) I know.

      I’m also aware of all services being denied, forcing the (sick) patient to file appeals…while they become weaker…and if you ask the payer, hopefully die.

      I am aware of needed medications being withheld from people. I also expect this to get much worse.

      I actually think, before long, if you cannot produce (pay taxes), you’re basically going to be put in a line to be exterminated, even if this is a framed as a “journey”.

      So I don’t know that you’re that far apart from other people. It’s just that what it is and what it ought to be is far apart and that gap is widening.

      I think it will continue to widen until and unless we address the core cause. Sounds like you might think it is $. I think it’s lack of regard for human life in general. We’re so jaded, judgmental, desensitized and dismissive of others.

  6. What you say is true, and it’s been coming on for some time. I do think it’s $…it’s the only other industry we have in this country. US Steel? not much. Illinois is about to get a whole new onslaught of unemployed workers, if they haven’t already. On the other hand, the Eads Bridge is still standing (think Andrew Carnegie). The newer bridges have issues, and there’s really not the funds to repair them. Seems everything is made out of popsicle sticks now – and you were so right about the artisans who made the furniture you bought, and wise to buy it. IKEA opened a store in the Central West End, and men are putting ads in the newspaper/online whatever “for hire…will assemble your new IKEA stuff”. Ok, but I don’t see that as ever being a lost art. Fortunately, we have two Centers of Excellence here in research and healthcare. I hate to sound like a crabby old lady criticizing the next generation, but hey, Empires are built, and Empires crumble (NPR). We shouldn’t think that it won’t happen to us. We could send our technology in a better direction, but I don’t think that is happening; it seems to be more of a contest. I recall going to see the movie “Soylent Green” in the ’70’s, where they just sent the older generation out to pasture, as in drugging them out of this life. I should stop talking, because no matter how much I talk, it isn’t going to change. It’s the way of the world for now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a brighter perspective. And thank you for commenting back to my comment, for your words really do help sort things out.

  7. I’m not very trusting, plus I’m just a crappy patient to begin with. At least AI wouldn’t take the personally, so that might be a step in the right direction for me?!? Who knows?

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    Louise Hutchinson

    Greetings from the Uk everyone, well as an Aquarian with a Stellium there, my vision of the future with regard to technology and humankind is worrying. Recently, a solicitor friend of mine came back utterly traumatised from a routine mammogram – I asked her what had happened, she said she had been called back as being in the 5% who needed further probing {being the operative word) as they subsequently found a lump and my friend was not given much choice as they did no less than 15 biopsies on this lump with machines she said that had quite a strong suction force. She felt awful afterwards. It turns out that this lump was benign BUT they had wanted to put a small piece of metal permanently in her breastfeeding by the lump. When she questioned this, she was told, that if there were any further problems they would immediately be able to locate the lump to which she replied that as they had found it by mammogram previously and that she herself was now also aware, she did not see why it was necessary. They were not happy and she had to sign a document saying she had refused their recommendations!! I myself initially, was offered a mammogram being over 50, I CHOSE not to go,through with it (having resonated with Steven Aroyo’s book – Cancer is not a disease, . but a survival mechanism). I have now received another letter saying that an appointment had been made for me to HAVE the mammogram done! I have not been Given the choice!! Yes, my sister died of cancer after 9 years… For the first 7 years the breast cancer she had did not affect her health and yes, she was treating it completely holistically. Unfortunately, the pressure from her doctor etc became too great and she allowed them to start chemo, radio etc and within two years she had bone cancer, brain cancer, two brain operations and became confined to a wheelchair. She gave up her natural foods and was given huge amounts of pills which the liver could not cope with. I will not go for this mammogram, this is my personal,choice..I am a Community Carer and Reflexologist and it is really frightening to see the handfuls of drugs being dished out to the sick and elderly, they instinctively recoil from the huge blister packs and what chance does their liver have…hospices are often not what I thought thereto be (see healthwyze community article, I am not religious but their health articles are very very good, but they are being persecuted because they have dared to stand up against the huge drug giants) and their book is now out. What seems clear to me about the future is, that ultimately, we will all be microchipping (already happening in the Navy, they clock in and out when off duty and returning to their ship via chip under the skin) in Holland some babies were to be microchipped, the vaccinations given to supposedly protect our children and I’d against disease are another way to alter brainwaves as is the dull, repetitive and Jerry music and dance moves gripping the young Justin Bieber appears to have been ‘ got at ‘ not so far fetched when you look at the council of 9, the role of the illuminati through the decades and as David Ice says – create the problem, offer the solution from the fear by taking even more freedoms away from humanity in the name of keeping us all safe…..1984 George Orwell is a reality. Our children are fed poison, removed from a relationship with our mother earth instead being controlled by computer games and tablets what a name for a computer! But yes it’s given as a fix.. So called Health and safety has made sure children are wrapped in cotton wool and don’t have to learn vital danger skills, communities are fragmented, men have,been emasculated, mens working clubs have gone, in fact any gathering is monitored in order to stop people coming together and sharing and therefor being a threat to the powers that be.. Unless, we all wake up and collectively unite the future is very worrying. It is no coincidence that economically we are all struggling because, when so many people are trying to just survive, they have no TIME to catch up with what is really happening…I do know though, that with the darkness seeping over humanity and the planet, the opposite LIGHT has to,be there too….xx

  9. AI will be a self licking lollypop. think of all the data that was censored by the former twitter employees?? now write a story but 4 letters of the alphabet have been removed

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