Pluto In Aquarius: Humanity Goes Underground

rock em sock emI woke up one day having a pretty good idea what Pluto in Aquarius would bring.  This was in 2015. I decided to post about it because I was that sure. It’s hard to believe nearly ten years have passed.

I think I have a superior handle on on this transit. I can see new things now, but before I stick my neck out here, I went back to look at the Pluto in Aquarius tag.  I was definitely dialed in back then. Here are the first three posts tagged, “Pluto in Aquarius”:


Today, I am seeing humanity be eradicated, along with death of individual’s creativity. I don’t know if you see what I see. I see a big difference between this blog and other places you can go, to supposedly interact.

I’m talking about social media but Reddit offers a better example of what I mean.  I can’t say I spent much time on Reddit, prior to just a few years ago. It seems I got there just in time to see it die.

I’m talking their removing access from third-party apps.  People dropped off to be replaced by AI, bots, shills or whatever. Digital characters or personalities, fake interacting with each other, to sell.

Let’s say you’re selling fruit pies. You’re need control of the “fruit pie” sub in order to steer the conversation to support your sales. It’s pretty obvious if you open your eyes to it and it’s anything but “organic”.  The site will have their IPO soon. It’s about making money in so many different ways, it’d make your head spin. It has nothing to do with people making friends or learning anything. You’re being steered.

This is a place with humans! It’s always been the “heath food” astrology blog.  Satori came up with that.  And, Cheers, the bar!

I actually think there are tons of good people out there, they’ve just been covered over by “influencer” entities in whatever form. This includes cartoon sex stuff my the way.  Follow me, follow me, follow me and be led astray.

From here, “individuals” may have to stay underground to a large extent. It’s the only prudent thing to do. You’re not going to go on platform and take out an endless bot army, being as you are one person, suppressed or shadow banned or whatever. It’s a lost cause.

There really is no need for humans to host a platform because the both sides of public discourse are controlled.  Garbage churned out to be consumed by the audience.

If you want to join the bots and make a comment, well go ahead, big guy! I’m sure they felt you, lol.

This is what the Rock ’em Sock ’em robots pictured are about. That’s a fake, contrived fight as well. Tune into Twitter and watch red fight blue! Uh…no. So what is a human to do?

People are beginning to gravitate here and you can see why. The people posting here are real. I have worked with damned near everyone.

There are beating hearts behind this site; mine and Satori’s. People come here and lend their energy as well.  It’s very different than interacting on Hedge Fund Site XYZ or the equivalent.   If you haven’t noticed, maybe now you will.

37 thoughts on “Pluto In Aquarius: Humanity Goes Underground”

  1. I think Pluto in Aquarius will be the absolute death of pretty much every single ideology there is. I also think Saturn in Pisces is there to handle parts of the “religious” part of the conversation. I have tracked the transit of Saturn in relation to certain new age figures whom are being discovered as frauds. BIG names.

    There was a documentary released almost precisely on the Pluto into Aquarius date, making the rounds on social media that made a good case for things that not even conspiracy theorists will generally touch. Re- wiring our history. There we are, the beginning of each and every narrative being taken apart beginning with where a lot of their mythological roots are… Our history.

    But yeah, I know what you mean, I was thinking of putting some stuff together myself on that… The ‘guru’ economy. Where because people are selling a service they want people to respond to them from a submissive space and go completely ape if someone in the comments says something that goes against their narrative. Or they just ignore it completely. “No bad vibes”.

    There are, thankfully, some small notable exceptions. But in general, the internet in many of these areas is not a place where people can go to commonly discuss things they are interested in, (which is a prequel to general cultural knowledge being increased) but is a set of separated areas controlled by “gurus” who don’t want anyone to go beyond their, usually not particularly original, insights.

      1. Maybe there are, like, I can tell you one I do believe is controlled. Alex Jones.

        But I had a tryst online with a manosphere creator that was recently executed by the Ukrainians for criticising the government there, I don’t think he was controlled. The video was about a “high value man” and it listed ten things. I said in the comments something like ‘Well, do women consider these traits high value? surely, even if they are things we don’t like, it’s them that makes that choice?’ More simply I’m indicating that money is what women mostly (not universally) consider high value and it wasn’t included.

        The guy went absolutely ape on me and it was then that I had that insight. The video was not being put forward as a conversation it was to sell the guys business and he used noticeably left wing tactics of smearing in order to make his points. He just abandoned all right wing principles and “frame” in order to alleviate his anxiety.

        The level of deception around who is or isn’t controlled is in the category of ‘too dark for me to understand’. But, economic incentives creating weird patters is something I can understand. Another group this refers to that I don’t think is controlled is individual content creators with like, 100 followers. I have made a comment (not an aggressive one but not explicitly positive) once or twice on those videos that hasn’t been received well.

        That might be fair enough because they are young and anxious about attempting to become an authority in a spiritual area to gain money. But it creates more of the same tension and infighting and such. It creates more “general theme” of a guru economy.

          1. It’s interesting though because for real discussion people need to feel safe with each other,to have some sort of sense of who the other is, before being able to tolerate that kind of challenge. The checks and balances of being physically with others aren’t a factor online, so how to introduce them? It seems on this site, you openly encourage people to contribute and discuss so there’s a tacit agreement that people can think differently, but also polite and open, which definitely feels safer.

            1. I have Mercury and Mars in my 9th house. In Libra no less! So yes. I love open discussion and different perspectives. It’s by far the best way to learn.

              I mean, I learned everything important, from someone who was not me!! We need each other, in order to find the pieces we need but lack!

  2. I hardly look at those other sites…unless l am chasing an idea and l end up at one. I am not a fan of the artifical. I am noticing certain changes…things being brought to light and examined. That is a Pluto Aquarius thing. Eg. Three ex Prime Ministers (here) a doco. in their own words showing them for who they really are. Or is that the end of Pluto Capricorn? But that clarity of vision and showing the world makes me think Aquarius. I not really good with crowd following. My house isnt painted different shades of gray…grey and biege. Cold and ugly like the inside of a plastic robot house. What? (Who?) made most want that as their backdrop to life…you said it Elsa. l am happy to stay here with the real people and all their colour and light.

    1. PS l looked up Gonzalo Lira and read his early posts relating to the beginning of the Ukrainian/ Russian war…l have nothing further to say…no politics here. On another note we (Australia) seem to be developing a bit of a problem with Neo-Nazis. The suggestion is to unmask them…put their faces out there for all to, friends, workmates…Why do they hide behind anonymity?(Masked, all in black) Are they afraid they will be treated as they treat others? Are they afraid of being made targets?Only seems fair. This is what l mean by Pluto in Aqu shining a light. They did it here (in Oz) as a way of dealing with a Russian hacker…very effective, apparently.

  3. “It’s all of them” – is absolutely true!!!!!!!

    ‘Influencers’ of all kinds both sides. The ones that swept in and carried many thru the ‘against the narrative movement’ these last 3-4 years plus the old ones, new ones and those that reinvented themselves to become the new influencers.

    Since Pluto went into Aquarius its become almost repulsive for me to even scroll for 2 minutes. I have always used a timer (clock) when online while checking any including ‘alternative news’. I consider myself pretty aware and awake and never really absorbed anything too much ( :-0 ) … but now I can’t even observe from a distance like I used to. It’s like a switch these last 10 days or so and I can’t do it and intuitively feel i should not expose myself to the internet.

    I am finding more and more tools to help me disengage from – i don’t even know what to call it…hive mind maybe!!?! Like the hive mind is now pulsing and very palpable ready to swarm.

    Reading Aquarius or Uranus key points is contradictory and confusing for me from as of late with what I am seeing/intuiting or maybe it’s not (shrug face).

    1. It’s like everyone is being ‘punked’
      I just researched the etymology of punk.
      16th century in archaic sense ‘prostitute’ (oxford dictionary)
      Fitting with Pluto, everyone’s mind is being prostituted

  4. I feel (hah, not an Aquarian word) we are seeing the increased presence of technology because we collectively want more masks for personas. People started doing it with being anonymous in chatrooms in the 90s, and then with leaving (anonymous) comments with Web 2.0. Then, we could make ourselves be anything we wanted to present (hello, been catfished lately?) and just about be anonymous or free of our daily, public selves and all the restrictions they have.

    In some way, Pluto in Aquarius is a quickening of a collective rejection to being human. People don’t want to be human, they want to avoid human things like pain, heartbreak, disappointment, danger, uncertainty, like the difficult things of being human. Aging? Oh, no!!! Especially not that! So what do we do? Create an avatar and live through that. It’s what gamers, anime fans, cos-players, and others have been doing for quite some time, and now the tech bro powers that be are going to launch virtual worlds more than they are now.

    However, there’s always a blowback and holdouts. Elsa, you lived in the desert if I’m not mistaken, with a distance from society and it gave you certain freedoms. Perhaps this site is a similar place but virtual… except we our still ourselves who are using this as a road for interaction rather than its complete substitute. Heck, people share and talk about tough topics on these pages than I usually see in the face-to-face world.

    1. You are correct, Kristina. People do not want to be human. Musk just announced the first Neuralink implant in a human brain today. Elsa’s newsletter is timely indeed.

      This will lead to human speciation, a group of humans who are no longer Homo sapiens, by the end of this century. Things could go badly for Homo sapiens if this is not shut down.

      I heard a prescient remark the other day. “The future belongs to the Amish.” It was a chilling remark. I don’t want to live the way the Amish do. Shutting down a human/AI horror hybrid would involve restricting all access to electricity.

      1. that would take us to the dark ages, living amish. I even read young amish go to dentists to get their teeth pulled and get dentures. A 20 or 30something having dentures. Aquarius rules electricity (the symbol of those waves). interestingly i would think AI /which needs electricity /charges want to be more “human”; i’m reminded of Frankenstein (mary shelly’s creation) Pluto aquarius themes, a monster wanting to be more human but is denied.also i think too, its about cheating death. as technology is spurring more and more of those themes to live longer, immortality. Andi think the story of prometheus who stole the fire from the gods, kind of fits in.

    2. Well said Kristina. To be human is to think and feel. There is no perection in nature and we all are all imperfect in our own unique ways (like here). I dont want the uniformity of machines. I might have more sympathy with the lifestyle of the Armish…but l do want a dentist a doctor, a phone and a real person to pick up on the other end.

    3. Im anti cosplay in which I dont get involved in a political party. I dont use filters. My family is so mixed race we dont fit into anything regarding race relations either. Its like this establishments worst nightmare. I AM THAT I AM. Im lil ol’ me who pays their taxes and takes up a hobby without filming myself trying to get others on board.

  5. I wonder what the future of the internet holds if there is no human interaction after while …will the World Wide Web evolve to something else…maybe someone will develop a way to discern if you are speaking to AI or a real human. I just cant see how this evolves. But right now it is dividing us I feel that’s the sole purpose of red blue…this that. And our constitution gave us one way we could fail and that was by being divided. They thought of everything in developing this great country and gave us one warning. Divided we fall. That’s where we are headed.

  6. Careful dentist are using fentanyl these days grandson had four teeth extracted before braces all this they expressed to me very much needed one of us all done and said they hand me a little brown bag said oh this is the left of her meds I said am I supposed to give him something he said no no you can throw it away right there. Then I decided to take it in later. I looked three vials syringes of fentanyl, so the next time I see them I asked them what the fuck why didn’t you tell me they said you didn’t ask make sure you ask you’re dentist lots of questions especially about your children’s appointments

    1. Wow this is very concerning considering the dentist was the first to give me Vicodin as a child at 13 and started on a life long opiod addiction. Fetynal is what’s on the streets now which just proves it’s the pharmaceutical companies pushing it. This is so worrisome after the opiod epidemic this country has been through since the 90’s

  7. Yes since healthcare became mandatory and children are invited into schools at 2 1/2 at which time they are automatically enrolled in a healthcare, they are heavily solicited by the health insurance companies
    Sending letters to young parents suggesting they visit dentist early on in life eye doctors early on when I was a kid we never went to a doctor or a hospital. We didn’t feel good Mom kept us in bed now the schools have an input that’s financially beneficial to them to label your child ,because the health insurance companies offer free of charge to solicit the federal government for these IEP grants$$$/labels they put on children at early ages yes children haven’t developed a language. Yes they may be hard to understand. Yes they will develop. Normally there’s just not a chart on the wall that tells you average 4 year olds should have a 500 word vocabulary. Oh they’ll be interested in reading before they get to kindergarten it’s malarkey. It’s called a money grab and it’s dies the child and family the robbing our kids my opinion that’s why they go back and shoot them up. They stole their precious childhood. You were not the first person to tell me that they developed a drug addiction after a doctor, who gave them something for a sports center injury or a dentist, who said they absolutely needed to have braces, it’s sad to learn the vulnerable are marketed, the young low income, and the elderly sad. This is what healthcare has done to us.

    1. I was thinking about this last night. I had three vacc when I was a kid, given to me at school. I saw the doctor once with a broken arm and other than that… well, we had plantar warts once; my whole family, and that was treated.

      That was it for healthcare, my entire childhood. I think I was better off.

      My grandfather did not see a doctor for 50 years. He fared well too!

      1. !totally agree with you Elsa! I had a negative medical experience in my 20’s and thereafter no doctors. For 40 years never even took a tylenol….I was very lucky….then an autoimmune thing hit me and now I’m back on “the treadmill” of the medical system….things are so much worse now than they were when I was young. Yes, as kids never went to the Dr. either…..and when you did, they were REAL and you actually knew them and they knew you……sad! Love your blogs!

          1. See how a random comment about vaccines derailed this thread into a totally different topic?
            How do we know that comment didn’t come from a bot, programmed to distract a dangerous conversation about conscious human agency into an easily-controlled topic?

            1. Raerae has commented here for at least two years, maybe three or four. I think she is real.

              I think she drives a school bus so children are front and center in her world.

              1. Thank you for that. I will let my comment stand, because the point is how easily a discussion can be *influenced* off topic into fear and anxiety. The human question is, do we know how much of our Fear is given Form (Saturn in Pisces?) by what we read on social media – which is now largely overrun by bots programmed to sell us a point of view?

  8. I think you are probably right, Elsa. There are a great many people at present – particularly the younger among us – that have confused conformity with unity. Conformity is decidedly NOT an Aquarian ideal or energy, the opposite is actually true, but another thing we’ve been steadily eradicating with things like mobile technology and social media are the ability to parse, and to think critically or creatively. Aquarius is actually penultimately human, the ultimate individual; not a mindless robot following a herd or an ideology. And indeed, even technology is misunderstood by the conformist mindset (a huge difference between the old guard of Silicon Valley and the new).

    Automation, due to its intrinsic constraints, might be great for getting products off an assembly line, be they car parts or hamburgers, but in complex matters that require more nuance and individuation, that level of distillation (including in much of what passes for modern astrology!) can only create entropy and eventually, collapse. We may have to learn this one the hard way if the past 20 or so years are any indication. I guess we’ll see. Thanks for the thoughtful post. Your honesty is something that has kept me coming back all these years. Maybe it’s my Aquarius moon. 😂

    1. I was remebering being a teenager and how we made our school uniform our own…with subtle changes, pushing the uniform code, until we pushed too far, said the powers that be…this is what young people should do…it is their job. Not conformity.l thank your Aquarian moon.

  9. I’m just waking up, waiting for the tiny seed grains to cook for breakfast. Fortunately, I remember the cereal and pull myself up from the tiny screen and save the meal! Common heroism ✌️

    Your post title is potent: going underground. My ancestors did that when their islands/ world and culture was hijacked in 1895. The last 129 years have been and continues to be remembering what is real true human and interconnected with truth from the inside out.

    It’s a journey worth being on, and not easy. So much to say about what this means But now…quinoa the tiny grains call !

  10. Quick thought: AI dominance of social media is the zombie apocalypse. Bots=zombies, Individuals=brrrraaaaaaiiiinnnnsss

  11. Again I can only say the world is big and the US is just a part of it. It’s mindboggling and horrible to watch this country which historically is the ultimate melting pot of people from all over the world pushes the narrative of nationalism and superiority – not the average citizen but the government and the ‘industry’ tech, social media, hard and software, entertainment, not to forget arms and digital surveillance on everyone and anything.
    From my perspective this is a last scramble of trying to uphold the USD as currency of world trade and the old order of east/west and 1st, second and third world thinking (and doing).
    What it will do to the US we’ll see but I do not see anyone in the rest of the world following the call for AI to take over. It is a hype and a scare – scared and angry people are useful, they buy into everything that promises relief. The 1.2 billion people on the continent of Africa care sh*t what Elon or Bill are saying and there are a lot of things that money can’t buy. Yes, Aquarius is about tech and innovation but it is also for the masses, for the people and is capable to see the whole picture of what’s happening – attachment has its safety but it generates mindless identification with nation, race, culture, left and right,male and female etc. That comes to a head now, it is so damn ridiculous that people have a chance to notice what a pit of horror it can create. Detachment is the antidote and no, I disagree, it does not mean having no feelings. It means stopping to project and placate and point fingers.
    We will see where it leads, heads up dear friends living in the US, please don’t believe that all the people around the world are potential enemies, parasites or terrorists, that’s a big lie. We have much in common and it will show. Thank you for the space that allows us to communicate as people, Elsa. You are not the only one but a beacon among the US based (and english speaking) sites.

  12. Aquarius has its negative traits and I am afraid that Pluto is going to magnify those. Aquarius represents collectivity but wants to be on its own. It’s about humanitarianism but snobs people intellectually. It’s full of contradictions. Pluto from Capricorn has divided societies to be able to control them and now Pluto from aquarius will follow that pattern. I can’t see how people are going to magically unite and oppose all these vile policies and energies against humanity.

  13. There is the article that expresses my take on Pluto in AQ much better than I can put into words. I hope it’s ok to share it here

    Aquarius is the sign of paradigm shifts. It’s about genius breakthroughs. Aquarian times are about getting out of bed one morning and everything in your life looks different, as if you’ve somehow awakened or grown up.


    Once “everybody knew” the Earth was flat. Once everyone understood that God created the universe in seven days. Currently, central to our cultural assumptions are the ideas that life is random and chaotic, that consciousness derives from the brain rather than the other way around, and that we can learn about how life works by studying the roll of the dice in Las Vegas. In that view, nothing is connected to anything in a holistic way, only sometimes linked by the basic “push-and-shove” logic that we are taught to call “common sense.”

    The trouble is that if all of that is true, then astrology could not possibly work. But astrology does work, and that’s where the subversion begins. Astrology is the loose end in the “official” version of reality. Perhaps that’s why it incites such ire on the part of many conventional scientists. The universe begins to look unified and coordinated. It begins to “look more like a great thought than a great machine,” as Sir James Jeans wrote almost a century ago.

    Read the article here

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