New Moon In Aquarius Square Uranus: Expect A Twist

aquarius magnet pinkThe new moon in Aquarius will take place in the early evening on February 9th at 20 degrees.  Uranus clashes with the sun and moon. See the chart here.

Something is going to change with this one. If you have planets in Fixed Signs near this degree, something is going to change with you.

Uranus is known to be unpredictable and never disappoints in that regard. There’s no way to predict where lighting will strike, especially at a time like this where there are “fault lines” of sort, shoes waiting to drop all over the world.

This square is hardcore but the rest of the planets seem to be up for something intense. I’m talking about Venus conjunct Mars.

I’m also talking about Mercury conjunct Pluto, which is squaring Jupiter. Jupiter expands. If something blows up, it will affect the whole world.

The quirky thing about that, is we all expect it at this point. We’re just going to have to see how it plays out. But I don’t see a reason to be afraid. Fear has no value in this scenario, so I’m going with this for a vibe.

What do you want to see happen with this?

23 thoughts on “New Moon In Aquarius Square Uranus: Expect A Twist”

  1. in my 2nd house, trine my Sun, square my Venus. I would like to see good news regarding finances, but, well, Uranus 😁

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    Aquarius Rising

    My Aquarius ascendant and Taurus saturn are caught in this square. My neptune in Scorpio is a few degrees from it, too. Not sure what to expect, but I hope it will not be too bad.

  3. lands in my 4th (Aquarius IC) – my MC is at 16 degrees Leo.

    With an equal chart though, it seems IC and MC are not the same degree?

    So, I’m not sure if Uranus squares my IC also as my chart would have 11 degree (ASC) angles…

    Nonetheless, I’m anxiously awaiting shifts on the homefront, which are held up/dependent on professional shifts… shall be interesting for sure.

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    Deborah L. Strifler

    It will occur in my 7H. My north node is at 21 degrees aquarius. It’s a fixed sign. I have a lot in leo (pluto, sun, south node, mercury). It will probably involve a church group that I’m involved in.

  5. I LOVE Chubby Checker!!! And the Twist is my all-time feel good song and dance. Thanks so much for the post and retro vibe

    As for your question? I am learning this, for what I want:

    “I want to grow in my willingness to make room in my life for good times? having faith in their arrival, and patience in my anticipation.” It’s a gentle and powerful seed to plant. A challenge to change.

  6. It’s a powerful lunar cycle for sure. Starting with the square to Uranus, which in itself will cause that sudden jolt. Don’t look at just the day itself, but include and integrate the following two weeks as part of the New Moon.

    Condensed within the Waxing phase of the Moon ALONE, we will have much activity with Mars entering Aquarius and conjunct Pluto, then Venus entering Aquarius and conjunct Pluto, and finally Venus and Mars themselves will conjunct in Aquarius (and still close range to Pluto)

    This will draw in the Pluto Aquarius energies from the collective into the personal arena, and may trigger a new cycle in relationships too.

    It’s Aquarius energies on steroids!

    Plus, it starts the Chinese New year too. The year of the Yang Wood Dragon. Not too sure about Chinese New Years but the Dragon is the only mythological creature in that Zodiac, and quite a formidable force (well, the only animal that breathes fire!)

  7. -Let’s twist!
    Mercury, saturn, venus and especially pluto in my chart fixed around this degree. This happens in my 1st.

  8. I have Venus in Taurus @ 20 degrees, and I think Uranus has been transiting this point several times.

    So the square will be from the 8th to the 5th. I’m considering applying for medical leave from my work with children because it’s been overwhelming and exhausting.

  9. It will happen in the middle of my huge 1st house. Between that and an exact Pluto conjunction to my South Node in my 1st house, I’m expecting a really big, visible change in myself. Hopefully positive. We’ll see…

  10. First of all…int dat a vanilla creme donut on today’s original article?
    Y’all don’t kno that thing is my secret love/guilty pleasure. It’s bad.
    Thankfully only one bakery here makes em right. And it’s waaay on da otha side of town.
    So on fat donut Tuesday I’ll get a ride or catch a boat, plane or whatever it takes to get n enjoy at least two (maybe three?) then im ‘underground’ go lent.

    This moon etc will widely square my Taurus Sun in 8 but it’ll directly oppose Jupe in Leo in 11. All while Uranus has been sitting there squaring Jupiter as well so the attack will come on multiple fronts.
    Since Uranus has been in Taurus I’ve learned to not lean too heavily in any direction – especially when it comes to ‘desires’ for things.
    It could happen or not n when mind it does it might not look or feel as expected it could just change altogether.
    But at least I got a cream donut coming.

  11. Will my 82-year old Leo mom die this week or by the new moon on Feb 9? She’s on her deathbed in hospital, just waiting for the reaper. Things took a turn for worse a few days ago when she broke her hip, so in addition to having a tracheotomy helping her breathe after surgery for a large tumour in her throat in December, and being fed by a tube directly hooked into her stomach, she’s now stuck in bed, her broken hip painkilled by morphine.

    Check out my transits: Pluto is *exactly* conjunct my ascendant, to the minute. Pluto squares my 4th house Taurus stellium (Merc, Moon, Venus, Saturn). Jupiter conjuncts my Taurus stellium, and opposes my Scorpio Jupiter. Uranus conjuncts my Taurus Mars & IC. (Saturn & Neptune are sextiling my 5 planets in Taurus, so helping ease the loss of my mom.)

    So incredible, the transits and my mother’s imminent death. We didn’t communicate for 16 years until last month. I don’t regret the estrangement, it had to happen. But it was good to reconnect with mom at her 11th hour. Lots of tears were shed by me. Morphine helped keep her spririts up and stable while I was sobbing, thankfully, or she would have accidentally disconnected herself from all the medical equipment keeping her alive.

    Post-mom’s-mortem, with Pluto in my 1st house, who will I become? Elsa, I’m surviving the transit so far, as you are, but you’re ahead of me in the transit, and 2024 is not over yet, as Pluto returns to haunt my 12th house in the fall. Always good to hear how you’re doing with Pluto transiting your 1st, Elsa.

  12. It seems there are a bunch of new and full moons this year that directly hit planets in my husbands chart and in my own chart. My 20 degree aquarius mercury, husbands Saturn in Virgo, husbands Venus ceres at 20 Pisces, and then a direct hit of the 5 degree libra lunar eclipse on my moon. My lunar return late February has a 5 degree libra rising on my natal moon. I figured this 20 degree Aquarius new moon on my mercury was just the start of the story.

  13. I got a 19 deg Aqua Moon opposite a 22 deg Leo Sun and I’m kind expecting all hell to break loose. Not exactly looking forward to it though…

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