Life After Being Cheated On

broken vowsIt’s been a long time since we talked about cheating; which in itself is interesting as it used to come up a lot.  I’m the one driving here, so I guess it’s my fault. In whatever case, I want to bring it up today for a fresh look.

I’m prompted in part by my recent experience working with two married women who we cheated on.  Both of them wanted to stay in their marriage from day one. I’m talking about, zero waffling.  I don’t think this is very common though that may be changing.

It’s not that marriages don’t survive an affair. They most definitely do, but the fact this is going to happen is rarely apparent from the get go.  The clarity on the women’s part was amazing. I’m talkin’ full blown, Loretta, You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man! Both of them flew into action.

What do you think about this? Is is a fluke? Or are attitudes changing?
If you feel attitudes are changing, do you have any idea why?
If your spouse cheated, would you try to save your marriage?

3 thoughts on “Life After Being Cheated On”

  1. My Italian Ucle Tony cheated on my Aunt Rose repeatedly.She had a special set of knives she used at those times.Family stories of Aunt Rose going after the woman in question and slashing tires of a Lincoln Continental, Aunt Rose pinning a woman to a wall by the material on her dress.. and more… I just grew up thinking it was an Italian thing.I have been married a very long time.My husband has not cheated, but if he did,although I am a very laid back Cancerian/Pisces rising.. I think I would pull an Aunt Rose.YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM HE’S MINE. The Italian side of my family says— you don’t get rid of your man, you go after the woman and make sure she pays. Sounds awful, to me too, as i write this.But there it is..real life in technicolor. I also have moon in Cap and my rose colored glasses only protect me so far….

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    Constance Walsh

    All the promises in the world did not stop me from doing what I would do, and I did. The decades brought a relative maturity. In a relationship with a man nineteen years my junior, he “cheated” ten years into it. Thanks to my seniority, life-experience and Astrology, the map was clearer to me than to him.
    I’d had much worse pain in my life, and witnessed his agony at her rejection.
    He’s Aquarian, I’m Gemini, our friendship was sustained throughout.
    Why would I interfere with an Other’s life or lessons?
    Two things: I’m lousy at holding people accountable, and good at trusting an Other’s own abilities to see, eventually. Just as I come to see, eventually. We celebrate 20 years this summner!

  3. Hmmm, there is always a lot to unpack in these situations…

    Love the Loretta Lynn song you chose to represent the scenario… Jolene is almost exact opposite, yet there’s still the acknowledgement of the man ‘stepping out’

    Have had a recent ‘veil drop’ re: my own “scenario/s”… pillow blushing is real 😱

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