6 thoughts on “Lecture #15 Falling In Love With A Figment of your Imagination”

  1. Love that closing advice. You actually become the dream lover when you can blow off some small transgression that your spouse expects you to blow up about.
    Is there a term in psychology for the delusion that Only You can understand or cure the philanderer or alcoholic? Savior complex perhaps?

  2. “The man thinks he’s dating the Goddess of the Century and not some Bitch like their last girlfriend.” LOL Well my SO has this and has been disappointed in me many times. Even when I used to be dead honest with him, he wouldn’t believe me. I think he sees the real me now. The veil has dropped but for the better for both of us.

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    Natalie Smith

    Elsa you are a gift !! Thank you for your clarity and good humor about the human condition and the cosmos and sharing it with us !

  4. Think this can work in reverse also. One can become the object of another’s delusions very easily. This can cause great distress if another is determined that you will play the role that they have cast for you.

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