What Does It Mean If I Have Planets At 29 Degrees?

29 degrees29 degrees is astrology is considered a “critical degree,” and is usually given an extra layer of interpretation on top of the normal sign, house, aspect, dignity, etc. The general interpretation is that there is a sense of urgency in the planet’s expression, and I think this is apt. In some cases, though, I don’t think this goes far enough. I would liken it more to an extinction burst.

An extinction burst is a sudden ratcheting up of a behavior as soon as expected outcome doesn’t arrive. For instance, say your ex calls you every day trying to get you back, and every day you pick up the phone even though you’d really rather not talk to them. On the day that you finally don’t answer, they won’t call just once. They’ll call over and over and over with increasing urgency, leaving longer and more unhinged voicemails until they eventually give up and admit defeat. That was an extinction burst. So, when we’re talking about planets, they operate as if time is running out because they are at the very end of a sign.

In my own chart, Jupiter is at 29 degrees. I am obsessive about knowledge. I always need to know more, more, MORE. There is no such thing as having learned enough. There is always more to the story, and I am going to uncover it!

And it’s more than stockpiling knowledge. I’m always working to understand the broader context and synthesize disparate pieces of information into a greater whole. I’m also driven to teach and help other people gain perspective. It’s no surprise that I’m an astrologer. Astrology is all about taking a million data points and transforming them into something that can help other people navigate the world. And my Jupiter sees to it that I spend my life doing exactly that.

That’s what a critical degree placement will do! When you have one, you know deep down that time is limited, our lives are finite, and if there’s anything we need to accomplish, we’d better do it now. Depending on how we choose to express that energy, it can be the driving force in our success or it can lead to our ruin. But either way, it’s leading somewhere, and FAST. Time is short, after all.

Do you have any placements at 29 degrees? How do they play out?

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  1. Very true.

    To me it’s the omega (29 degrees) energy that coexists with the alpha (0 degrees). When I see either in a chart, natal, progressions or return charts, I get very excited – they carry an enormous build up of energy that can often override all other.

    1. Hello I have Scorpio rising with Pluto in first house at 29 degrees and a Scorpio north node and Gemini sun with Taurus moon can anyone tell me what it means to have Pluto at that degree ? A medium messaged me saying that the plutonic energy was negativly impacting my life and that I need to have her do some ritual thing before the 21st of this month could this just be a scam or is there potential truth? It’s not much money to have done but I don’t want to harm the energy in my life also tho by doin this does anyone have any insight weather or not this is really necessary to have done? I though that I could draw power from this placement to positively impact my life but reading that from that medium or physcic gave me doubts I wish they wouldn’t say stuff like that just to make money off of ppl becuz it plants seeds of doubt but some true feedback from ppl could really help me thanks

  2. I have my north node in scorpio at 29 degrees in the 8th house. I do feel a sense of urgency to understand my strange karma and act accordingly. I’m not exactly sure what it means, though. I would appreciate some feedback from you all about what it means. Thanks

  3. neptune, pluto and north node (also scorpio, but 2nd house) all at 29 deg 40 and 50 mins. lots of endings but who is not human who doesn’t have that same experience. some strange experiences where the universe changed my life experience suddenly. glad for this post, have always wondered about it.

  4. I’ve always been curious about this because my entire family has this. My Mercury is 29 Aries 12H. My husband has Venus 29 Sag 1st & Mars 29 Cap 2nd. Son 1 has Uranus 29 Scorp 8th. Son 2 has Pluto 29 Libra 6th & Neptune 29 Sag 8th. Son 3 has Mars 29 Taurus 12th. My mind doesn’t stop much. I’ve always felt like it needed to be fed. I earned 2 MS degrees concurrently for political reasons. I considered one mostly worthless, but didn’t want to piss off the wrong people. Should have saved myself the trouble. They got pissed off anyway. Two of my sons have very active minds as well. I attributed to ADD. I used to worry a little that we should have focused on contentment. Maybe we prioritized the wrong things. Perhaps the 29 degrees is to blame.

  5. As for my brother, his Juno is 29 Scorp 4th, but his has Jupiter Neptune, Pluto, Pallas, & Juno at 28 degrees. Not sure that computes, however.

  6. My son has his Sun exactly conjunct his mars at 29 degrees Libra. He’s still young so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. At urgency to partner?

  7. I have Pluto at 28 degrees 54′. (in case this can be rounded up to be 29) guess I’m obsessed with death and cannot wait to die haha.. (of course, along with obsession with extreme experiences, secrets, and sex – Pluto at its home sign and house here).

  8. Dear Midara I have Venus and Vesta 29 Taurus 3rd house (Placidus)sextile 29 Saturn in Cancer 6th house. I am devoted, obsessed collector of knowledge and information, usin g it in my daily service at the hospital.
    I have Chiron 29 Aries in 2nd house square this Saturn – I share this probably painful square with my father … but I don’t quite feel my Chiron, I dont understand it.

    1. Alice, maybe chiron is you using all you’ve got (2nd as personal values and resources) with a sense of urgency to heal people (6th, service/work)?Perhaps that saturn square there is boundaries you have to keep not to fall ill yourself? Alleviated by Venus and Vesta, sounds like THE nurse 😉

      1. Incredible analysis- very insightful! I am taking care of cancer patients, I am a therapist, it is 20 years already. Now I am seeking the ways to leave that partially to teach more if my karma allows me.thank you so much I am very grateful.

  9. Pluto in scorpio, smack in the middle of the 10th house, loosely square saturn in aquarius in the 1st. I’m obsessed with my career (can’t wait to know it ALL and manage all the people) and an with ego death/self-destruction. My desire for transformation often clashes with my need for consistency, also.

  10. Thanks Midara. I have Saturn in Pisces at 29 degrees and I am always trying to understand this degree. I have struggled with depression my entire life and it feels like heavy but I assume necessary.

  11. True assessment Midara! I know a man who has a 29* Jupiter in his Libra 2H. He is all about amassing wealth – he is an obsessive reader of financial and economic periodicals.

  12. Avatar

    Wow, synchronistic as usual. Probably going to be quite a technical post.

    I also have Jupiter at 29 degrees. However, it is just a few days before it retrogrades, so on the movement of Jupiter I was born at, Jupiter did not actually progress to 0 degrees of the next sign.

    It is also opposing on a wide angle my Pluto in seventh house. So the way it works is this: Jupiter in Aries combined with Mercury on a close orb square turns up, very enthusiastic and warm. Really pushing forward. However, it manifests due to experience there is always some sort of ‘penetrating’ effect I have. Either through directly asking people things, or simply doing a job very well so people start relying on me. Even not talking to people effects the group, there is no way to escape it.

    But, it also ruffles feathers, and there is a resistance from the group. I say things that undermine peoples belief systems with solid proof or reasoning/ experience behind them, and so we work our way over to the bane of my life which is Pluto in the seventh (sextile Neptune). Which starts to work on theorising why I might be getting this resistance and Pallas also in the seventh a general strategising. Correctly in some cases finding really quite dark motives.

    In the end it just makes me exhausted. Pluto in the seventh bores into others until I make some sort of insight which can be quite upsetting and exhausting. Right down into how they think which I have put together in about one hundred interactions with them. Uranus exact conjunct Neptune.

    It’s like I’m doing overkill what a lot of people do naturally and because I don’t use normal strategies to do things normally, I use abnormal strategies to, sometimes more slowly figure things out to a more extreme level. So most people will deal with a group of people and get a simple, and in my view not altogether correct justification and move on; I will deal with a group and through dealing with the individuals in that group, finally reach a very deep conclusion, one that it often feels like the individuals in the group on my side are trying to help me reach. Once this conclusion is reached it can’t be denied and it stamps on other peoples laisez faire morality in an unforgiving manner. Starting the cycle over again and recreating the cycle for me and future groups.

    There is a way out of this perhaps and that is to run with it. To play mind games before they are played. To counter the very predictable move of women who provoke in reference to attention and then cry victim by having access to groups of people elsewhere. Immediately boycott groups that capitulate to women that over egg stories for attention. Always have secondary, and third, options to such groups. To be very clear about what the boundaries are in a relationship, to perhaps go home on time on a busy shift if the business has not given what I have asked for. In a work situation to take detailed records and then respond to any assault with a full list of available dates and times, and paying attention to a lot of such specificities; and perhaps to give people the occasional stare, a practiced one, with a smile but the cold dead eyes of a shark.

    Also, generally stay quiet and read a lot.

  13. Hi Midara. It’s my first time on this site. I love it! I have Uranus 29/24 8H Cancer. Also, Uranus 29/24 opposition Mercury in 2H as part of a Kite formation. Conclusion, I’m a psychic asshole?

  14. My Mars is in Leo at 29 degrees, in the fifth house. Art is my job, and to address this extinction degree issue, it seems relevant to mention that I went “pro” early (museums etc.), but though I have an urgent need to create I’ve been so self-critical and conflicted that it has been a challenge to sustain a consistent career, earn a living etc. My early work was quite intense, I kind of flamed out and found it hard to switch gears. With maturity and confidence I’m able to sustain the work but in more nuanced, less personally explosive vein. Other fifth house concerns such as romance, have had to take a back seat as they were so engrossing that they interfered with my mission. Now that I’m older, being more methodical in the art practice has also helped me have better relationships, but I have to keep the intensity dialed down just to get close to anyone, or I’ll either flee or repel right away. Slow and steady is getting better results though it doesn’t come naturally, and my fear that taking a more regulated approach would damper the quality of experience and output hasn’t proved true. Both the creative and interpersonal continue to provide peak, euphoric rewards. Transcendent even. I don’t know why I’m this way but your explanation of a planet, in my case Mars, at the “nth” degree seems consistent with my reality.

    1. Wow. Thank you! I too have Leo Mars @ 29° in the 5H. Although i’m very young, I tend to feel pressured and feel like I NEED to rush into things because I feel like my time will run out. Not to mention that this placement is my chart ruler because I have an aries rising lol. I recently have been trying to establish “boundaries” and give myself time that I think I “don’t” have to deter from those feelings and I *think* for the most part it always works out for me when I do. I don’t know, I guess i’m scared that time will actually run out if I don’t do anything NOW because I have so many things I want to experience. But I also don’t want to burn out fast. I KNOW, I need to learn patience and this reassures me that it is possible (and beneficial). Thank you!!! I appreciate you.

      1. Martian, so cool this comment connected! You didn’t ask for advice but I just want to encourage you to build stability and even routine in your life – sounds dull maybe but if you’re like me you know there’s not much chance of that haha. Pacing yourself and taking breathers does wonders too, when you have this intense sense of mission. Time doesn’t really run out as long as you are alive so you don’t have to do everything at once. Taking care of the boring things like health and money gives the stamina to sustain a creative life for the long haul. Enjoy!

  15. 29 Gemini moon here. I definitely have an obsessive need to acquire information, and just talk about and analyze my feelings and everyone else’s feelings in general.

  16. Very interesting read. Thank you.
    I always wondered about my:

    Sun at 29 GE 48 degrees
    Mars at 29 GE 57 degrees
    conjunct my Gemini Ascendant at 29 GE 46 degrees.

    Would this play out as an urgency for self-expression and an urgency for assertiveness?

    1. I have the same exact placement of Mars at the 29th degree in Gemini. I always wanted to know what it meant since it forms a Kite/Grand Trine in my chart with Pluto, Moon and sextiles Taurus in my chart. I imagine this energy has something to do with something much bigger than myself.

  17. I have Uranus at 29 degrees Leo conjunct my 2 degree Virgo ascendant. I passed up SO MANY sincere offers of marriage because I was just ready to cut someone off for the slightest thing. I couldn’t negotiate. It was my way or the highway. Or it was someone just awful, and I couldn’t get rid of them. I wonder if the 29 degree “extinction burst” is responsible? It was the bane of my existence as all I wanted was a stable relationship.

    1. Can I ask, did you ever take anyone up on their offer, or do you think you’re more suited to the freedom of a relationship not being confined to a legal contract?

    1. Avatar
      the laughing goat

      PS. I feel like this placement plays out with the acronym of F.E.A.R. – F*ck Everything And Run.

      Again, I need a consultation with you.

  18. Wow, love the way you put it… extinction burst. I have Pluto in Libra in H3, sextile Neptune in Sag H5, both at 29 degrees. My Neptune is exactly conjunct my SN. Neptune squares my Pisces Sun (chart ruler) and Moon conjunction in H8, and rules over them both. Also rules my 8th in Pisces. Pluto opposes my Venus. Pluto makes a bQ to my Sun/Moon and Q to my Asc… which is An aspect formation called a golden yod. Pluto is also the apex of a yod from my Sun/Moon sextile Chiron…. with Venus opposing Pluto forming a boomerang pattern.

    That was a lot, sorry, pretty sure no one will be able to follow that. But Pluto and Neptune (in combo) basically have a strong affect on me. I have always felt a strong sense of urgency, particularly around 5th house themes-but in a way that goes deeper into the soul. The unfortunate thing for me, is this whole energy got very focused on one person who entered my life as a major part of my destiny. If you really look at my chart as a whole, it’s easy to see it there. This certain type of love that I have experienced in this life is apparently not common, and I am not saying this because I think I’m special or something— it’s just something that is. The whole experience, over time, actually humbled me because of the special kind of torture it generated… and I believe it has a lot to do with these 29 degree planets being connected to my Nodes. The hard thing is, and this is an 8th house thing- is that I am very alone in this- people don’t understand, so I don’t talk about it, ever anymore…. it confuses me to talk about it because others don’t get it and I’m a Pisces… easily confused… impressionable,etc. so being an 8th houser, by keeping a lot of it to myself, it has transformed me, multiple times, but it’s painful… very painful and isolating. I’ talking about the kind of love that literally makes magic happen… the kind that teaches you that this universe is magic and how to use it. When you see magic, you have no choice but to become a believer- so I have been on a quest for a long time. This has been both bliss and torture… mostly torture. But it’s made me strong as steel.

    Anyway, the extinction burst, I feel it ever present within me, but I’ve learned to control it. I am repressing it, and I have resolved that it’s for the best. I do feel a level of repression within my soul, but over time, you learn if something doesn’t work, you stop doing it. And Pluto is all or nothing. So everything stays in and nothing is let out.

  19. Another long post, sorry. This is probably an effect of the extinction burst ?. I wanted to also say that the effect of the urgency of the 29th degree, probably in combination with the 8th house/Pluto energies, in the past, has made me into that person you mentioned that calls 100 times in row. That is 100 percent accurate in my experience. I was a compulsive texter, and I am not exaggerating in the least bit- I texted this certain person all day everyday, probably 40-50 times a day on average, sometimes more, sometimes less. And since we had a psychic connection, I would literally respond to their thoughts, and this sounds unbelievable, but this person loved this. Told me so, told me in plain language. Was also in love with me, and it was obvious. Told me in plain language things of unmistakable love, so it was not in my imagination. It was also obvious in their eyes, their entire presence, But for unknown reasons, they would rarely respond to me- and when you tell this to people they say “that means they obviously do not care, they would obviously respond if they did, forget them blah blah” but they don’t know shit, lol. Not only that, but people had a tendency to degrade my whole experience that was actually very sacred and deep. But they don’t know any better so…

    So anyway, this texting/messaging dynamic went on for years and years. The sense of urgency was off the chain. This persons Saturn in Leo is at 29 degrees, aspecting my 29 degree planets. But they also set off other things in my chart.( For instance, we had double whammy Sun/Merc exact trines- my Sun/Moon trine their Merc- their Sun/Uranus trine my Merc. Etc…)

    If I could do it all over again, man I would have changed the way I approached that whole situation- I went in head first and head strong, very naively. I should have calculated much better-

  20. I worry about my aquarius rising son. Ive always felt his time here may be short. & his 29 degrees uranus in aquarius (conjunct mars 0 pisces) squares 29 degrees moon in sag.
    He is volatile loose cannon but can be the sweetest but is never settled. Hes just made it to 16 this year. We have had really hard times with him but im always looking for a moment to treasure in case its my last with him. But he is soo hard

  21. What’s the story when the planet is retrograde at 29 degrees?
    Mercury Rx at 29 Aq.
    Second extinction burst? Back from the dead after the first one?
    Needing to communicate my story- does the Rx make that MY story, or telling it TO MYSELF? Repeating a story?
    I do talk to myself a lot ? and love to write.

  22. My Rising Cancer ♋️ and my Mars ♉️ are both in 29 degrees and i’ve been trying to do a lot of research to understand how this affects and it’s like nothing is out there

  23. What if two planets are conjunct at 29 degrees in Synastry? Someone I’m extremely attracted to have Venus in Aries at 29 degrees and my Mars is in Aries at 29 degrees. Is this degree add more potency to this aspect?

  24. I have a Jupiter at 29 degree too!
    I love teaching and learning so much that I can’t imagine myself stop doing these things.
    I also love reading and try to understand complex topics.
    The longer time I need to take to understand the more I love it. ?
    Now I see why I’m also obsessed with Astrology.
    I also try to analyze people and collect my own data of people I met regarding the astrology point of view.

  25. Hi Elsa,

    So I have one question. Seeing as the 29 degree is a degree of urgency, does that mean when the solar eclipse passes over my 29 degree moon , the urgency would be extreme? Thanks

  26. I was wondering if this applies to the progressed chart as well. I had my progressed mc at 29 Taurus and it felt really bad I m so relieved that it has now moved to 0 Gemini. I hope that the professional change I wanted to do for so long can finally happen..

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