Pluto In Capricorn: Business Coming Back From The Dead!

pluto planet redWhen Pluto went into Capricorn, I started writing about businesses (Saturn) decaying and eventually dying (Pluto). I was very aware of this circa 2006. I watched my neighborhood rot, before my eyes.

I posted all of these cracked foundations pictures. I could just see and sense what was happening… and I could not, not see and sense what was happening so I wrote about it and everyone called me morose!

Post the pandemic, I don’t think I have to argue this anymore.  So many businesses have closed, it’s ridiculous. But here’s something I didn’t expect: it appears some of these businesses are due to rise from the ashes…

Is this not hysterical? I think it is.  There are these zombie companies set to make a comeback. I guess this is one of those things, if you know, you know.

I just want to put this out here, because it’s what I do.  Call me whatever you like!

Also, do you now what “cellar boxing” is?  You can search it. Cellar (Pluto) boxing (Saturn).

It’s akin to shadow (Pluto) banning (Saturn) which is what has happened to me so I guess you can puzzle out how I feel about this.

What business would you like to see return to it’s former glory?

28 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn: Business Coming Back From The Dead!”

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      Theresa Charbonneau Pelham

      I love a good hardware store
      Our town still has one
      I will visit any hardware/ mercantile shop before Lowe’s home Depot etc
      Also would like to see more furniture making

  1. They say de-globalization is bringing back manufacturing. I hope that happens. The new Arizona chip plant is a good start.

  2. This is so LOL. But history will repeat itself. It’s not linear, it’s cyclic.

    For every big movement in one direction, there is an opposite movement in the other direction 🙂

    I don’t know which business I would like to see rise again to be honest. But I like the thought of not being dependent on Asia for every technology and production of fashion and clothes.

    I knit my own sweaters, socks and t shirts, and I like immensely that we are forced to forgo the massive obsession with spending and stuff acquisition.
    The world is so polluted from all of this “market economy” approach, and I am growing sick of it.

    In 2016 UN released a report about the amount of electronic waste and how we got rid of it. That was the stuff of nightmares…

    Our obsession with “bigger, more, better” have resulted in a global e-waste amount exceeding 40 millions tons each year, just going upward.

    1. In some cases the electronic waste is dumped in the oceans, with no one upholding international standards.

      In other cases it goes back to Asia, where children are used to melt the valuable metals from printing cards etc. – which in turn causes all sorts of skin conditions and lung malfunctions.

      I would much prefer that we were able to use our phones, tablets or computers for more than 1-3 years….

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      Hildegarde's Noviciates

      Bang on Anette. This dependency on Asia is ridiculous. I agree it did cost us our quality of life in terms of pollution but our financial discipline as well.
      I would like to see businesses that support do-it-yourself like sewing machine stores to make and fix clothing, vacuum hospitals and other stores that make it possible to fix things like washers and dryers and other appliances.
      Of course trade schools to teach people to do that. This Virgo tends to push back on all the consumption and I try to live without all the gadgets. Less clutter. Buying appliances and tools that have multiple uses. Mason glass jars to store leftovers in instead of tupperware. Going to the library instead of buying books and DVDs.
      I’m hopeful there is a trend coming back for this. I even ordered a replacement knob on my box fan. Lol!
      It can be quite satisfying and a bit of a game. (North Node Leo)

  3. K-mart! I’d love to see Kmart reopen and reorganize. Many people feel the same way as it is part of our childhoods and actually a big part of our lives. It was always there. We grew up in Kmart clothes, chasing the Blue Lights, eating Kmart subs and holiday shopping. I actually mourned the deaths of the remaining stores as they closed one by one. I think there are like 3 left in the United States. So I would love to see Kmart come back, revamped, updated and ready for business!

    1. I had a friend tell me the same thing. I was surprised! I didn’t know they had fans! I would like to see Toys R Us. My kids had so much fun with a $10 bill and a toy store. Brown Amazon boxes are not the same.

      I think they are are also coming back.

      1. Toys R Us is coming back; inside another big chain store. I think it may be Macy’s but don’t quote me on that exact store,
        but it is coming back!

        1. I’m glad to hear it. There is this nostalgia about it but truly… fifteen years ago (pre-Pluto in Capricorn), you could work and then go to the mall or take your kids to shop at Toys-R-Us; it was fun and happy. Now everything is heavy, dark, isolating and depressing. It makes a person wonder what they’re working for – mere survival?

          We pretty much get out of bed in the morning and spend the day getting our asses kicked, one way or the other. I am all for a REWIND.

          “BE KIND – REWIND!”

  4. What will finally arise from the ashes? Sounds like another sequel of the return of the Mummy, or some great archaeological discoveries with mummies involved😁. Or maybe onece again new global trend of burying the dead in a certain. way? Interesting.

      1. If you listen to the video, skip the first 10 min to hear her guest as he will show ITS ALREADY SETUP IN MANY WAYS. If a lot more isn’t done soon, they will win. They are secretly setting it up already in many ways. He explains. Please listen to her speaker. He has a zillion degrees and background in related.

          1. He showed in SMALL TOWNS all over the US lighting & cameras installed. He shows a town in Montana only 2k population they have done this. Constant 24-7 surveillance and & control of most of us.

    1. World Economic Forum WEF. Shwaub, OBiden, SOROS, Gates, Fauci, Tedros et al. Eugenicists. Genociders. “You will own nothing and be happy” They showed their hand in their unrivaled Hubris. Now being brought down by Patriots GLOBALLY.

  5. ‘I would much prefer that we were able to use our phones, tablets or computers for more than 1-3 years…’. @Anette, so right you are! I’ve noticed this with bigger household appliances too. When we got a new gas stove and the oven started to malfunction, I was about to cry because it was expensive for us and new. Luckily it works now. They don’t do quality and durable things anymore. We had an old gas stove that worked for decades until it died. Sturdy as hell, still looking nice, I miss it lol but it lived its life. Imagine all these big appliances combined. The planet is melting.

  6. 1. Dress shops that aren’t part of a franchise chain nor marketed to uber-rich teens. Their clothes held up for decades…immaculate tailoring and style!
    2. Independent bookstores not in college towns.
    3. Restaurants not offering fast food nor bar food, that aren’t buffets and priced for everyone.

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    Denize Rezende

    Elsa love your posts. I haven’t been able to make an appointment with you yet. I would like to send some help, I don’t have these payment methods that you will come up with if you can send me your Iban. Gratitude. I love you.

    1. Thanks, Denize. I’m sorry but I can only take payment by the methods offered which include google pay, apple pay, credit cards and paypal. As a last resort, you can send an amazon gift card, purchased on the US site. Thanks! 🙂

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