Pluto in Capricorn: My Job Is Dying

Vintage card“…I can see my current job is dying and I am so tired of holding onto a dying thing. But the dying thing is still helping pay the bills. I want to make a career change. Not totally sure what but have a few ideas. Those ideas require training or volunteering with that path and then training. Do i try to start down that path now?”

mudlikesubstance on Pluto In Aquarius Effects

It’s a terrible situation and you have A LOT of company.  There are legions of people in a similar predicament whether they realize it or not. I think this is worldwide, but I live in the US so I know more about the situation here than I do anywhere else.

If your job is dying, yes, you should be looking ahead and trying to leap, but only if you can identify a field that will not also be dying, as soon as you’re installed. In other words, fantasy jobs are out at this time.  This may not be something you realize until you’re out there looking!

It’s hard to answer your question without knowing the specifics, but we’re living in a world where everything is monetized and scammers are everywhere. I know this is not reassuring but it’s true. I mention this because while you can certainly work for free, having it result in anything down the line is iffy. There are plenty of people who will take your free labor and not even blink.  If you’re going to learn a saleable skill for free, on the job, that’s a different situation.

If you don’t have a career idea that is likely to be viable going forward, I would probably keep working for cash flow and pick up useful skills. This can be done on the internet in many cases.  You want to focus on skills not easy to automate, which does not mean counting out tech…

I can tell you this for sure, because I have issue on this site, that just keeps getting escalated, because it resists being fixed at a lower tier.  Lots of people can “run a scan” and click around. Very few can deal with a mess!

Looking ahead, I don’t think “a degree” is going to matter the way it has in recent years. We’re likely going back to a situation where the man or woman with talent and skills is the one everyone wants.  I say, get more skills and also, hone the skills you have.  Make yourself “genius” at something, or a jack-of-all-trades.

It’s pretty simple, really. If you need a job, make yourself into someone people want to hire. If you get this done, you’ll probably be thrilled and happy so while it may not be easy, it’s probably the way!

Good luck!

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    Thank you for this. I might check in for a consult here when I come up for air. Funny bit. I have skills, I just, well, yuck for a lot of the actual work (this is probably related to burnout holding onto that dying job).

    I spoke with tax prep gal today. I went over all the various bits and bobs and how I have my sheets organized. She asked me if I wanted a job because their shop is desperate for someone who can do this stuff that I am already doing for the hubby’s business etc.

    It was really funny because I don’t *want* that job and actually cannot right now because I am still dealing with the current one. But it was funny that I put out that comment and then today got offered something based upon my common-sense approach to organizing a mess.

    It made me realize I will probably land on my feet because I’m pretty earthy/practical/common sense with most stuff. If people want someone who will get the grind done I’m their person. But I looked at one career that would take me away from some of the stuff I hate about my current job, ASL interpreter, and yes, ASL would take me a few years to learn but I thought, hey I could be helpful to people. A week later my husband said they have ASL to text and text to ASL demonstrated at the computer trade show this year. Well, wipe that one off the list of potential careers in a few years. There is just so much like that out there.

    1. FYI tax prep is also a dying business, so it was a great reaffirmation of you viability but good that you couldn’t take the job to jump from fire to frying pan. I work in an accounting office and we are phasing out tax prep services now.

  2. Add ESL to the list, especially if you’re a fourth-generation American or at least 50 years. The largest market for ESL learners isn’t always your European/Asian/African language background! I took ESL Tutor training, hoping to help teach ESL to new immigrants…but old immigrants didn’t want to learn from a newbie to Spanish…

  3. AI will never replace plumbers– or people who sew clothes! And AI cannot change diapers or provide loving care.
    They have to be done, hands-on❤️

    1. That’s so true! I think Elsa nailed this by talking up those kinds of skills! My mother taught me how to sew, crochet and knit. Baking and essential cooking skills are also going to be in high demand. A.I will also not be able to handle pest control. God bless those exterminators!

      1. totally agree, Melissa B! And your post made me think, hands on skills & family traditions passed down through generations, are also priceless & cannot be substituted by AI

  4. Practical stuff, trades, hands on work…that’s the future for most people..and do emphasize your bedside manner so people will like you…

  5. hey, isn’t “mudlikesubstance” a synonym for Saturn in Pisces? I love it. Based on the name pick alone, I vote becoming a jack-of-all-trades. Blur those lines, do it all.

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      Lol. My chart is earth, water, more earth, more water but then this aquarius midheaven and gemini asc.


  6. It’s not cheerful, but my shorthand for Pluto in a sign is “death of, death by”
    So Pluto in Scorpio brought death by sex (AIDS) and Pluto in Sagittarius brought death by religion (9-11). Death of work/employment fits nicely with Pluto in Capricorn.
    Time to think what death of/by Aquarius could bring….

    1. Pluto in Aquarius: death of freedom; death of community, unions, tribes; death of friendships, alliances…sorry, dismal outlook.

  7. ‘If you need a job, make yourself into someone people want to hire.’ A very earthy, sensible advice, it reminds me of the title and the main idea of this book ‘So good they can’t ignore you.’

  8. My husband and I were just saying we don’t really know how to advise our kids. They’re still young, but everything is changing so fast! We know what to tell them NOT to do. But what will a 10 year old today be doing in 10 years?

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