All Eyes On Saturday Night: Pluto In Aquarius – Fun!

SaturdaySaturday, the sun will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn early in the morning while trining the moon, which will be void-of-course.

The moon will ingress into Gemini, one minute later, as shown.

Ten minutes after than, the sun will ingress into Aquarius and we all settle for a minute… where a minute equals about 11 hours.

At that point, Pluto enters Aquarius…

And here’s your soundtrack, ha ha!

Who’s looking forward to this?

38 thoughts on “All Eyes On Saturday Night: Pluto In Aquarius – Fun!”

  1. I’m waiting for it like Santa ..not sure what I think will shift but I will take it! Hopefully my perspective and my luck 🍀 who knows. It’s my second house so I been manifesting abundance in my life. I’m worth it and I been telling people I’m worth it. I’m not taking the crap of oh u think this of me oh well no I’m fighting back saying you are wrong! I’m a loving compassionate human who gets thrown curveballs just like the rest of us… Power I feel power that’s what it is…Someone who has a lot of Pluto in my chart, I think he touches every planet, and I work in a field of transformation so I know pluto is change or I will make you change…he doesn’t play …I hope this new era brings us all more spirituality and deeper understanding of our innate power we have inside of us to do all kinds of magical things in this universe. Bring it! And own it ..always own your story…I wish everyone a peaceful transition 🙏🏼

  2. Feeling it Elsa! Pluto abt to square LO’s mars… I think they think I’m pluto!!! Yikes! (Pluto is is travelling through my 12th!) … I joke, hopefully ‘higher octaved’the exchange!!!! It went fairly well considering very different world outlooks, gives me hope!!!

  3. I have Pluto entering into my 5th house, exactly opposite my Venus in Leo. The funny thing is, transiting Pluto is making a trine to my libra ascendant. So I have no idea what the meant…

    Until I realized my appearance has been transforming and I’ve been wearing all black… with ass padding, tight crotched pants, black leather jacket and sunglasses at night…

  4. I can imagine this song playing in the background as Skynet unleashes hordes of killer cyborgs into the world! 😂😂😂

  5. I have a a date to the fair Saturday night with a Capricorn – Lets hope it is all the fun you put out there after a rough DECEMBER .
    Thank you ELSA !!!

  6. It is my former boss’s funeral on that day. When Pluto dipped into Aquarius, we discussed succession plans and I said I would do it. They retired and the passed almost 3 months later. The effect of this has been immense… I will go to pay my respects, but I didn’t realize what a restrictive influence they had over my career and for so long. I’ve been quietly doing my own processing of all of that, especially since they were a part of the mobbing that happened 13 years ago. I tried forgetting but processing it (and gee, maybe forgiving) is the only way through.

  7. Since transiting Pluto is sitting on my IC and the moon is moving through 7th house Taurus before it jumps into 8th house Gemini (hubby is a Gemini😁 with Uranus transiting his IC)

    All I can say is last year was a doozy and I think this year will be even worse! I need a break.

    I really should take the time to write a post in the forum on some of the crazy astrology & coincidences going on. I do enjoy reading everyone’s take here.

  8. I’ve been boasting about looking forward to Pluto entering Aquarius…but the last week was one brick landing on my head after another…I only hope it’s the last loose ends of Pluto through Cap, my 4th house, it was the worst house transit by far (Pluto in the 11th equal houses).

    I’m rattled, exhausted, weary by all this last minute stone throwing but they belong to the earth and Capricorn, they even emit sulphur, I can smell it. Some AIR for a change will be greatly appreciated.

  9. Can’t wait!

    My Sun in 16° in Capricorn and Pluto in 4° Scorpio. My Chiron is in Gemini—should I be worried about the gemini moon?

    I’m thrilled that Pluto will finally take his boot off my neck. The past 16 years have been hell and I’m ready to let someone else have a turn 🙂

  10. It’s my birthday! 🥳
    I have scheduled a long massage at 8 AM! Starting the day early. And then after that I’m not sure haha.

  11. Avatar
    Deborah L. Strifler

    kiki – I don’t want a turn. lol. Elsa- That song, “Saturday night,” now has me looking forward to it! I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I have a lot of planets in my 1H. But, my 7HNN is in Aquarius, so I’ve already been shown what I need to do, I’ve been active in my women’s group at church. Cooperativeness and compassion have been the theme.
    I loved this post Elsa, and the replies have always been helpful.


    And the old King dies.
    transcends his mortal ghost
    to gain Olympian plains.
    “I am the mighty he;
    ruled wisely while I was allowed;
    sold my soul to please the crowd;
    withered on the vine divine.
    There is no more of me to kick around.”
    Drink from the golden Grail,
    oh New Found King.
    Adorned, adored, supreme.
    A bright dawn upon the now
    offers sparkling hope,
    better days aborning.
    Don’t despair poor peasant folk,
    though you think despair all you
    can cling to.
    The Fisher King has roared in, high
    on his desert adventures.
    He brings ebullient tides to
    slake the thirst
    of this arid land.
    I beg you yet again
    to take a stand.
    Take harness, plow your pastures.
    Believe that the seed will take hold.
    Listen to shamanic heralds
    shouting lines in the sand.
    They know great flood impends
    after many a hard rain —
    but don’t despair!
    It is a flood of fertility,
    a harbinger promising carpets of grain,
    lush vegetation.
    All this is foretold if you
    do your part.
    The old King, so long dying of dank,
    festering wounds, has poisoned our past
    with ill-fated rule.
    Cast out the poison from your hearts.
    Tend your fields with bold will
    of nobility.
    Never forget you are free.
    Never forget that responsibility.

    #poetry #plutoinaquarius

  13. For all those who have or will struggle with Pluto transition through the 4th house this article might be of interest:

    It makes some fascinating points about how dysfunctional families can be somewhat like cults.
    Pluto leaving CP can not come a minute too soon. It has ploughed through my 4th while squaring my Moon but trining my Pluto rising in Virgo. It has been painful but the trine to Pluto suggests that it has been a regain of personal awareness and emotional autonomy, finally relinquishing unhealthy family dynamics.
    Pluto into Aquarius will square my Mars but as it is in Scorpio I hope it will partly allow a release of productive and healthily assertive and not aggressive energy. Good luck and take care everyone.

  14. Thanks for the update – I am so looking forward to Saturday – the beginning of some of the best aspects I have ever had – Pluto will be trining my natal sun, mercury, jupiter 1, 2, 3, degrees of gemini, and libra moon! Setting up a grand trine!

  15. I feel like I’m gonna blow a gasket! So many things conjunctioning for me….Pluto, Uranus, Neptune. Heavy hitters. The angles. The foreplay is making me sweat. Sticky. Uncomfortable. Waiting for the orgasm. Hoping it’s good. For sure a release. Something’s gotta give. Maybe I just need to vomit.

  16. I used to love the Bay City Rollers…
    Hot water service installed today. Thought it was going to blow…they told me l was lucky. Saturn conj. ASC today. (Sorry) l just read Rascal…l hope it ends with a smile.I really do.
    Definitly a shift in the air.Sipping ginger water–letting things happen. No pushing.

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