Transits & Placements That Disrupt Your Sleep

sleepI was up overnight, recently. I was okay with it, because I’m having a Uranus transit. I know this is normal. It prompted me to pull this up for others having this issue…

You can expect to lose sleep during Uranus transits. Uranus is called, “The Awakener”. Stupid sounding, but real! You have this electrical-type current running through you. Bam! You’re awake.

This can wreak havoc on a person but it may help to know that a person doesn’t require as much sleep during these periods. You waking up for reason!

Planets in the twelfth house, natally or by transit, tend to mess with your dreams. It’s pretty common that Saturn in the twelfth house (transit of natal) produces dreams that scare a person.  The fear can actually disable you.

I’ve had Pluto transiting my 12th for years now. The other night, I dreamed I died on the table during my spine surgery.  There are two surgeries planned, over the course of two days. I died during the first one; I could tell by my position on the table. I understand, you breathe in life. In my dream, life was expelled through my mouth. Gross, I know but I want to make a point.

When your sleep is disrupted, there is often a silver lining. This is the case in both examples provided…

When Uranus wakes you up; often enough, it’s with some brilliant idea or insight. There can be some junk in there too, but some of the stuff that breaks loose is truly interesting and advances you, dramatically.

In the case of my Pluto-death-dream, I don’t think that what I dreamed is what’s going to happen. It’s what I am afraid will happen, subconsciously.  This stuff surfaces in a dream so it can be processed.

Obviously, there are more transits, placements or astrological situations that will disrupt your sleep. I figured I’d start this and invite you to share your knowledge or experience.

What can you tell us about astrology and sleep?

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  1. I am waking up every hour on the hour. dealing with restless leg syndrome.The rest of the day is spent groggy. My daughter thinks its sleep apnea. Probably is. Uranus is having a transit to my 6th.

    1. I completely sympathise with your situation. Restless leg syndrome is awful. I started getting that recently. The legs take on a life of their own and it’s impossible to sleep. Then I read on an RLS forum that liquid potassium citrate helps. Tried the suggested dose of 5 mil in 200 mil of water. Problem solved! A few doses and I was cured. It does mean more frequent trips to the toilet, however. Magnesium oil sprayed on the calves also works well. Hope this helps.

    2. I was doing this too until I started taking Gabapentin. I started with 100 but have been stabilized at 300 now for quite a while. I also take either Tylenol or Magnesium Threonate or valerian along with the Gabapentin. I am totally a non drug person – that tells you how radical this was for me. But after years of not sleeping at all, now I sleep through the night. I feel alert and sparky when I wake up.

      AND I do it in spite of having Uranus squaring my Moon!

  2. It’s the mars in pisces and Neptune transits that pushed Pluto in my 12th to produce shitful dreams. I have Uranus in the 4th so I sleep badly because of my room conditions

  3. When Uranus first entered Taurus, it was squaring my sun & mercury. The increased nervous energy made it very difficult, and often impossible to sleep.
    I have never been a long, deep sleeper. This is funny, because I do have my natal sun in 12th. I guess you could say, it’s harmoniously aspected (trine moon pluto). Maybe the Pluto energises me.

  4. that eclipse in sagittarius at the beginning of the month? i couldn’t sleep.

    i woke up at like 530 pm the day before, left on a 9 hour drive during the hour it was active, tried to sleep at 1030 that night and barely managed 4 hours of restless sleep before i was awake again.

    slept fine the next night tho.

  5. I have transiting Neptune in my 12th house and my dream world is very rich. MOst nights I remember my dreams but I still have a hard time figuring out which are just my subconscious dealing with the day I had and which are telling me something.

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    I have virgo uranus in my 12th conjuncting my virgo pluto natally. I occasionally wake up from my dreams with an emotion floating on the surface. They both trine my taurus moon in the 8th so it usually involves someone Im deeply emotionally connected to…about something they are going through. Ill mention it to them and they stare and talk about something they just experienced. Usually involving death or dispair or some strong emotion.I also sometimes wake up spouting something or rather about some random country. Next you read in the news they had protests or a forest fire…or something.. I mostly process them as manifestations of some anxiety of mine but I think when I sleep I on occasion pick up earth vibes. But I attribute that to the 12th house I think.

  7. Saturn just went retrograde over my ascendant, having a hard time staying awake this week. I can fall asleep at any time during the day even. Has anyone associated this with Saturn, or am I looking at the wrong cause?

  8. I have natal Uranus conjunct Moon and Ascendant from the 12th house and have had bouts of insomnia most of my life, very often when I’m either getting a transit to my natal Uranus or when transiting Uranus is in aspect to any of my natal planets.

    1. Thanks Les. I also have Mars at 1 degree Aquarius on the ascendant, so perhaps Saturn conjunct my Mars, as it did last week, was more of the cause of my sleepiness.

      1. Yeah, I would think Saturn transiting Mars would put a real damper on physical energy, especially if your Mars needs rest. Saturn would tell Mars to cool it if you’ve been overdoing!

        When Saturn transited my Uranus it nicely slowed down my Uranus over-amped energy and actually was calming. Saturn moving into my 1st was so much better than transiting my 12th where it’s hidden – with Saturn being in your face in the 1st it’s clearer what to do whereas it feels out of your control in the 12th.

  9. I was pretty wired during the beginning of the Uranus transit, didn’t sleep much last summer, but I blame that on karaoke and falling in love and whatnot.

    Nowadays, without either, I am sleeping fairly well.

    1. Almost ALL my progressed planets are now in Capricorn – my natal 12th house. Only my progressed Moon is in the natal 1st house along with Mars.

      Insomnia, sleepless nights, anxiety – you name it. I have some serious cleaning out to do.

      Transitting Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn (12H) is squaring my Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Libra. Lots of fear, anxiety, bad sleep etc.
      Jupiter only make the problem bigger…

      As I have Uranus and Saturn-ruled Ascendant in Aquarius, every f*cling transit to them activates their natal constellation as well. Something’s gotta die and I know I will be well for it – but gawd I am tired of sleepless nights ?
      Eating melatonine like candy these days….

  10. Generally I have a hard time to fall sleep when transit moon is in aries, it squares my moon and stuff in 1st house. Had transit saturn in 12th, no bad dreams. Had transit pluto in 12th no bad dreams but some sort of panic while trying to sleep, it was just for 3-4 weeks, whilst it was conjunct my rising from the 12th and then it was gone.

    1. “You have this electrical-type current running through you. ” As a matter of fact, I do. It happened last winter as well, as it can happen sometimes due to climate but these days it’s so much more pronounced. I get small electric shocks from doorknobs, from tap water and from my cat’s whiskers. Transit uranus conjunct mercury in 4th. Natal uranus conj asc in 1st. My hair is always frizzy as f.

  11. I have Venus and the moon in the 12th house natally. I am a heavy sleeper and will fall asleep before my head hits the pillow. It’s bad, my son’s have all taken advantage of this and I will wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and my boys will be up at 2 am watching tv! Same thing with lovers, I will be in the bed cuddling and talking, hoping something is hot around the corner next thing I know it’s morning time! I just can not help it and think sometimes I go to sleep when I blink!

  12. Breath = Pneuma = Spirit = Life
    Your dream was correct.

    I hope you come through your surgery great.

    When Mars was transiting my 12 house a few years back I had a nightmare that Cheney was going to drop an atomic bomb on Iran, and it was
    goi to be a huge conflaguration. I was so upset about it I posted about it on a different forum than this one (it was about 12 years ago). Someone who answered the post stated it was because Mars was transiting by 12th house and not to worry about it, as Mars was stirring things up. Years later it came out that Cheney had discussed dropping an atomic bomb on Iran, so the fears were not unfounded. Thank goodness it did not happen.

  13. Saturn in the 12th with Pluto lingering right on the 12th house cusp. I’ve had disturbed sleep and torturous nightmares just not connected with the present but maybe the past? Stuff I had long forgotten. I sleep in spurts now and take a short day nap when I can. I’m lucky to get 4 hours at a time. It’s the new normal.

  14. i have it in natal chart,Saturn..
    I wake up about 2/3 times at night and the nightmare are like a form of subconscious my fear is:Saturn will leave my 12 at January 23 but pluto will stay until it enters in Pisces!!
    Im very curious how a scientist can justify life isn’t bad like years ago but this dreams conditioning my present a like a train in a horror tunnel..i hope to see a reply!bye!!

  15. Pluto has transitted almost all of my natal planets (houses 7,8,9,10,11) and none have been a picnic but by far the absolute worst has been house 11 with Mercury. OMG it’s been awful. Losing most if my friends and not being able to make more, sucked. Losing my ability to focus and write (i was a writer and it was my greatest joy) has been a nightmare. Nit being able to think clearly. Lawsuits. Having someone try to steal my work. Betrayal of friends. Discovering that I have a form of celiac disease that attacks my brain and having so many memory problems that I was diagnosed with borderline type 3 diabetes (aka alzheimers disease) has been as bad as it sounds. But the worst of all has been years of tortured sleep. At its worst I was only sleeping 3.5 hours a night and waking up 4 to 6 times at that. I have literally felt like I’m living in some twilight world between wake and sleep as I slowly experience the onset of dementia due to lack of sleep that no doctor, not even the fancy brain specialist, sleep specialist, endocrinologists etc could help me with. Even prayer has not helped. And all the while it’s felt like I cannot stop thinking. My brain will not shut down. Day and night for years is been booming away. Even in sleep I am thinking. Thinking why can’t i stop thinking..?!! This has caused unbelievable stress that has led to all manner if autoimmune problems. But… now that pluto is just 7 weeks from leaving my 11th house, my brain which has been on fire for years has at last, stopped its incessant chatter.a few weeks ago I started not only sleeping again but sleeping a solid 12-16 hours a day… and its been heaven. All the stress is gone. At this point I don’t have any local friends left and crazy as it sounds I’m actually grateful fir that because I can just be alone and sleep and Take walks and focus on my health. I feel like all this rest is beginning to repair my brain and my memory is starting to improve. Finally I have enough energy to start working out again. So far the 12th house has been a godsend. I just pray it lasts. Dreamwise, I have noticed that some of my dreams are about people from my past, and some bring up feelings of longing and loss but whatever. I’m sleeping!

  16. I have had Uranus transiting my 12th house and have had disrupted sleep ever since. I sleep in three hour increments these days. I do remember my dreams though and I’ve been keeping a dream journal which has been very insightful!

  17. Natally, I have Uranus conjunct Sun and Mars.Opposite Moon in Capricorn. As a child I always had vivid,sometimes precognitive dreams. I also walked and talked in my sleep to a point where sometimes I would sleep walk right out the front door of our suburban home and be found in the neighbors’ yard. My parents luckily were night owls, and often caught me as i headed for the door. But not always.

    As an adult, I stopped being plagued by sleep walking but my husband says sometimes I seem to wake up and be talking to him in another language.. not an earth language,lol! I never remember this!

    Currently have a Uranus trine to my Cancer planets..and conjuncting natal Venus in third.. over the past year I have been waking up at 4 or 5 AM instead of 6.. so I just stay up and meditate very early.. I write in my journal and generally savor the peace of NOONE ELSE AWAKE YET.. deep dark and quiet… then later in the day i take an hour nap. I also meditate twice a day for 20 minutes.

    My unconscious,subconscious, have always been highly active.

    i often wake up with premonitions, like i just “saw” the pregnancy that is happening in extended family, one morning last week. I woke up with the premonition of two differenc stock market crashes.. (also got wind of them AHEAD OF TIME luckily..) The minutes when I VERY FIRST WAKE UP I can often access psychic information.

    Lately,I have been dreaming of ministers,churches,spiritual groups, and missionaires.

    The Uranus energy was/is always like an electrical current going through my system that I have mostly learned to channel (lots of creative pursuits,exercise, spiritual studies..good diet,meditation..) and live with this energy.. but as a young girl I had horrific migraine headaches and sensitivity to time changes and disruption in schedules,routines,circadian rhythms..

    All verrrrry interesting! I feel I live a unique life and feel and see things that others do not, yet I maintain a “normal” family life (CANCERIAN, here) and enjoy my pursuits as a householder. I had several careers, lots of ambition and achievement, but am now retired, happily!

    Experimenting with “two sleeps” is an interesting pursuit if you are retired and able to do so!!

  18. I have to admit, Uranus is transiting my 12th, and I slept like a baby last night…Natal Uranus is conjunct my ascendant, so perhaps it’s part of my nature….

  19. I am a big dreamer, usually. I always have been…but lately–nothing. I have Uranus transits.So many transits active atm. (Dreams cooking underneath and that can be exhausting…)
    Your dream struck me, Elsa…made me think of pyschic surgery(for some reason)…rebirth too. 2 days…2 surgeries…to breath ‘in and out’ To die in the first…to be reborn in the second (?) How close is that Pluto to your asc. now? ( l can literally feel that Pluto getting ready to tick over into Aquarius) You called it ‘gross’ (matter)…but this was breath…life was expelled (Yes?) Spirit/ matter another pairing. This is only useful if it resonates with you. That is the thing with dreams. Forgive me cant write on today.Not succinct.

  20. When Uranus was crossing over my Asc I would wake early in the morning ready to get up so I used that time to do chores around the house before work.
    Now Uranus is squaring my Aquarian mars/sun/mercury and I’m sleepy as hell. Probably because I am so incredibly tired all the time and I blame that on everything in the 12th house (some progressed planets and Neptune and now Saturn are not doing me any favors there).

  21. Uranus has been transiting my 4th house and going back and forth over Saturn, my chart ruler and opposing my Venus, Jupiter and Sun in Scorpio. I’ve had chronic insomnia now going on 10 months and have not only trouble falling asleep but wake up almost every hour and I’m on sleep meds but still wake up. I wish Uranus would just go past my Saturn but right now it’s stationing right on Saturn:(

  22. Uranus is transiting my 6H house and I’m struggling with i insomnia. I’ve also been lucid dreaming, yes, I’m buzzing.

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