Is It Hard To Partner If You Have No Oppositions In Your Chart?

love todayHi Elsa,

Do people without oppositions in their chart not have committed (marriage) partners? Is it hard for them to partner? I have had no oppositions in my progressed chart for nine years. Suddenly when Saturn got aspected again relationship opportunities came back into my life.

It has been horrible nine years with no opportunities for partnerships – no matter how charming and gracefully I tried. Oh yeah. I worked on it, with no luck. Is this finally over?

What does one do without oppositions in chart? Wait for the progressions?

Thank you,
curious lilith

Hi, lilith.

I’m sorry, but I think your whole premise is flawed. I have no oppositions in my natal chart and I have been partnered in some form, since I was child.

It’s true, people who do have oppositions in their chart, find others to interact with but they are not necessarily “partners”.  You can go back and forth with your neighbor, a sibling or your boss. “Partners” are more likely to fit together in a Sun trine Sun way. They support and complete each other, with some balance of challenging aspects.

You didn’t send your data so I am not sure what might have left you lonely for nine years, but I don’t think oppositions, natal or progressed, have anything do with it.

Good luck!

Does anyone else have experience with this?

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13 thoughts on “Is It Hard To Partner If You Have No Oppositions In Your Chart?”

  1. I’ve never heard of this (lack of oppositions causing zero opportunities for partnerships). I also think this is flawed. I have a few oppositions in my chart, but I can assure you I’ve never considered this a boon for my own partnerships/relationships.

    Initially my first thought was to see what was happening with their 5th/7th houses, but then actually any number of transits in any of the houses could be contributing to this, plus there may be a natal aspect/placement to wonder about too. I wish they had included the chart because that would have been more helpful!

  2. I have a couple of friends, born in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, when there were years in which all the outer planets were within a very compressed alley in Scorpio through Aquarius. Sometimes, even within 70 degrees span of each other, and were born from November to January, with a Moon mixed there. Interestingly, some of these people have been “partnered”, even with the same person, even, since they were teen. I don’t have the exact time of birth for them, but I’d say their stelliums fall to “partnership” houses. Because, from what I’ve seen, people with this kind of extreme bundle charts tend to be very focused to certain areas of life. And if a relationship house is hit, that will be a focus.

  3. Hm. Well, speaking for myself, I had a progressed Mars-Venus square for a number of years in my 20s, and I had a devil of a time trying to get into a relationship then. I’d meet someone I liked, finally get up the nerve to try talking to them only to find out they were leaving the country in a few weeks, or something. One guy I met at work I tried to find any excuse at all to be around him. I didn’t have much success and then lost my chance completely when he got into a serious car accident and, after being hospitalized for months (and obviously out of the office so I could never see him), decided to move on to a different company. That really upset me, I remember. It really felt like the universe was screwing with me. That’s probably not correct, but that’s how it felt.

    Once this square resolved, things started to get a little (just a little) easier in that department. At least I’ve run into people who express mutual interest and have had some opportunity to actually get to know them. Even if things haven’t panned out into a serious relationship or marriage yet (I’m a Venus-Saturn girl, after all), it’s definite progress.

    I agree, the no oppositions theory doesn’t make much sense.

  4. I think I once read that George Bush, Jr. has no oppositions in his chart. He’s married, but one could imagine that he’s not particularly great at compromise.

    1. I never was the biggest fan of the guy, as a politician. But to me, he really seems to be devoted to his main relationship, and even accomodating. There’s astrology to back up this as well. He is a 12 house Sun and Saturn – his ego drive is minimal, he would have never been a pubic figure if his family hadn’t been very high profile. And, he has a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Libra, in a mutable 3rd house. I’d say, he is a very accomodating partner.

      1. I agree with you, Candela on George Bush. You can tell he is more the devoted husband and good father, than he would be in the public figure. Some people just suck in the public eye and they do better in their private. And the opposite is true.
        I have oppositions in my chart and I too have always been partnered since I turned teenager, and before that, boys always seemed to like me a lot. And I liked hanging out with them but we clashed in the playground. i’m too girly.

      2. I think it’s because of his libra and 12th house. Both Pisces/12th and libra/7th love to partner, be with someone.

  5. With moon in 7th opposite Jupiter on Virgo ASC. Have always been overly aware and analytical of others, and other people’s situations/vibes/motives

  6. I def “go back and forth” with people, I wonder if this puts a damper on the depth of my relationships. All of the squaring off of our values.. then again, I am having a rough coupla transits..

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