Help For Your Saturn Return In Sagittarius

sagittarius centaur capI got an email from a gal seeking help with her Saturn return in Sagittarius. I know she’s not alone so here you go:

“You’re right,  I don’t have a computerized report on the Saturn return.  Sorry about that. I do have some options though.

First, you can search “Saturn return” on my blog for general info.  You can also search “Saturn in Sagittarius” or check out this workshop on the topic – A Real Education.

You can post your chart along with your question in the forum here. Someone is sure to weigh in.

Last, you can buy a consultation, which will allow me to answer your questions and give you specific information, personal to you as well as allow for a dialogue.

Good luck!

Are you having your Saturn return in Sagittarius? How’s it going?

8 thoughts on “Help For Your Saturn Return In Sagittarius”

  1. My second Saturn return in sag has been very uneventful. .the only thing that comes to mind is being more money conscious and trying to save for dome kind of retirement when I’m 70.

    1. Fingers crossed, Watergal – hope it’s the same for me this month. My second Saturn Return apexes on December 16 – three days after the Gemini Full Moon. I’m bracing for change. In fact, I feel compelled to finish all my holiday tasks by the end of the week!

      1. I will have Saturn squaring my sun starting at the end of the month ..just complete the Saturn square moon transit..maybe that is why I’ve been very concerned with my security for old age, haha , security in general!

      2. Tr Saturn has separated 2 degrees from my natal Saturn. I got off easy on this second Return: replaced a broken tooth (Saturn) with a dental crown and caught a bad cold on Christmas Eve. I did complete my holiday tasks before December 16th as my energy level was flagging the entire month. Now I’m looking forward to a new astrological year when the Sun crossing my ASC on January 25. Right now, I’m making plans while in a Capricornian “hibernation” mode.

  2. Living the second Saturn Return. In my 6th. Been sick…coming around the corner though. Punched a huge hole in my business. Not easy to run a one man business when you are so sick you cant hold your head up. I feel lucky to do the small amount of work I am doing. Haven’t gone down completely yet…. but, who knows. The first one was harsh. This one has just been about work and illness. That’s the 6th for ya! I do however feel like I am coming up for air and I get a little better every day. Its been a full time job doing it though.

  3. Just finished mine! 🙂 It went well. Dramatic, annoying at times, super stressful, definitely had a few breakdowns, but I ended up in a wonderful place and I am very happy now. Since I have Saturn, Moon, and Sun conjunct (within 2deg) it was a lot going on at once.

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