Pluto In Capricorn: The Government As Co-Parent Of Your Child – UPDATE

If you want to catch up on the provocative topic, click the link above. I get in terrible trouble writing this stuff but feel compelled to speak up about this and I want to tell you the latest.

Apparently things are slowing down in the family courts. Very light docket these days.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“The county doesn’t have any money so they’re cutting back. Just like everyone else, they don’t have any money so they’re not filing petitions, taking kids from their homes anymore unless the circumstances are very extreme. They used to file petitions left and right,” she added.

This means the government is getting out of the parenting business. I think this is good but I also think enormous problems will be exposed as a result. As I have been saying for several years now, parenting is BROKEN and I think people are going to be more and more aware of this as time passes.

The government is filing fewer petitions to take children into state custody. Good or bad?

7 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn: The Government As Co-Parent Of Your Child – UPDATE”

  1. considering I got a visit from cps when my daughter couldn’t tell the teacher where her bruise came from (she didn’t KNOW), well, sounds like not necessarily the worst thing in the world.

    talk about a waste of resources.

  2. Coming from legal background, there are people who should not be allowed to care for a pet rock. My best friend and my sister-in-law both worked extensively in child abuse cases.

    When a child is being seriously harmed by physical and sexually abuse or when the neglect is life threatening, the government must intervene. I personally have been involved in cases in which children were saved when they were removed from an abusive or serious neglect case and placed with a loving foster home.

    OTOH, I have been involved in cases where the real problem was a self righteous social worker was making a trumped up case.

  3. Good and bad, just like everything else. There will be less frivolous cases filed, true, but serious cases could slip through the cracks as well. Not that they don’t, anyway, but you guys know what I mean (hopefully).

    Overall, I think it’s a good thing. Part of the reason I think parenting is so broken is that decent parents have had to look over their shoulder to make sure they were “complying” with what the government expected, sometimes unreasonably expected.

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    curious wanderer

    Mixed bag. Considering the quality of some foster homes, many kids are better off left with the family.

    Where I live, most cases are serious neglect due to the parents being addicted to alcohol/drugs. I think more of these are just going to get referred to rehab services for the parents and counseling for the kids.

    All in all, given the success rate of all families that end up involved with CPS, I think it’ll be a wash. Though hopefully, more parents will be given the motivation to clean up. When they don’t have to face their kids each day, I can imagine it would be harder for some of them to remember why they’re supposed to get clean.

  5. Good. Only blood matters. Foster family means jack-diddly. It doesn’t change the DNA. It doesn’t change the astro chart. It doesn’t change the past. Snagging a kid from his or her family doesn’t turn him/her into a blank slate to rewrite.

  6. The US Government forcing pregnancy upon women it’s definitely making the State a co-parent. There will either be a lot more children going into adoption or social security will need to increase to help women raise unwanted children. This is awful.

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