What does a man with Venus in Leo want?

Leo is the 2nd fire sign and brings refinement to the all-out go go go of Aries. Leo wants to have fun, but is proud and loyal. A man with Venus in Leo is looking for a partner who knows how to enjoy herself but not to the extent that she embarrasses herself, or God forbid, him. While Leo is known for drama, this is not someone who is going to like it if you throw a hissy fit in public, or air dirty laundry. Remember the pride; Leo doesn’t like it when the attention is negative!

It goes without saying that he’s going to be mesmerized if you have an incredible head of hair– it may sound trite, but it’s true! Bring out your sexy, ladies, if you’re looking to land a man with Venus in Leo! And “sexy” means “confident”. You don’t have to have a body like Aphrodite to let sexy ooze out your pores!

Fixed fire is an interesting combination; while the creativity and spark is there, this Venus can be extremely driven to achieve goals. A man with Venus in Leo isn’t likely to sit around and let his partner have all the limelight though, he’s very likely to have creative talent himself and as long as everyone gets to shine, it’s all good!

You want to make him happy? Be proud of him. You could praise him all day long; he’d never grow tired of it. Don’t take him for granted, ever…. you’ll have a grouchy lion on your hands and when they turn their lovelight off of you, you KNOW it. Brrrrr! One of the few ways to get back in the good graces of a miffed Venus in Leo is to sincerely apologize. If you’re too proud to do that, then you most likely won’t pass muster. It’s worth it. Being in a relationship with someone with Venus in Leo is like being Queen for a day, everyday!

There is a good chance that a man with Venus in Leo likes sports and games of chance… a lot. Maybe you’ll be his lucky charm. Venus finds her joy in Leo, so if you’re the serious type, with a predilection for serious discussions and deep, meaningful conversations, you might not enjoy the goofiness that Venus in Leo prefers. Come on, lighten up, have a drink, throw the dice, let’s RIDE!

Oh, and one more thing: He is a very ardent, passionate lover and if you tell him what you like, you can be dang sure he’s going to try to give it to you, and again, sing those praises!!!

I once loved a Venus in Leo man, who was a musician. On stage, he was the best entertainer… I was mesmerized. It wasn’t that he played exquisitely, it was that he was a showman. Goofy, irreverent, I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched him. The best entertainment there was. If you can revel in his joy, he’ll love you for it.


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  1. Diane, I reckon you got that spot on. Not a mention of “needing to be the centre of attention” or “going to the most expensive restaurants in town” or “childlike romantic” or whatever the usual stereotypes are.

    Between this and your Venus in Cancer post I reckon you nailed my 4H Venus in Leo.


  2. my husband is not leo venus but some of the things mentioned here reminds me of him. just wont tolerate negativity and hissy fits in public. lol but nope, doesn’t like the center stage like a leo venus though, prefers privacy. but I like your analsysis on venus series, there’s certain parts that remind us of our SO. you have a great handle on honing in on charactertistics.

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    Dating a Leo Venus guy. He does like a little shimmy and shake with his romance. As a mega-6th house Scorp, I’m like what do you want to do with me? I’m just here… can we not discuss/debate controversial topics? I want some peace… Can I get some vegetables instead of that 10 oz steak? My tummy’s getting so round! But my Sadge Venus still keeps saying, “This is fun. And he’s so cute. Play ball!”

  4. This Venus in Leo guy agrees. I pride myself on loyalty big time but being on a leash, being the topic of constant criticism or revenge gossip or partnering with someone who has no sense of joy in life is painful. Live it large, laugh and keep your heart open to new possibilities.

  5. Classy women who aren’t shy to look nice, grow out their hair, and ready to have fun with me are totally my type…
    Do I have Venus in Leo? Yes.
    Am I a man? No not really…I’m too cool for gender normativity.
    But I do believe I am hot as f***

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    Brandon McNully

    HA! I am a 5th house Venus in Leo man and I can attest to ALL of this. Doing some calculations to correct some karma stuff and came across this page. The showing off part is a way to connect to the soul, instead of just saying it. It’s a way of showing you that I see you and then literally touch your energy, like riding a roller coaster on horseback. LOVE it when I connect and make her squeal with delight. For most women it can be overbearing at times so I want to find HER. I’m tired of being shackled and really want to let loose. I am a full blown, roaring, large mane, horse sized lion with a a nice helping of Bruce Almightly for pomp and circumstance. Pretty much all you can do is get on my back and hold on to my mane as tight as you can. It’s a wild ride.

  7. I got my Venus in Scorpio and my bf has his Venus in leo … total clash ! Very confusing ! One minute has no money for adventure , then suddenly planning his adventures all alone and with friends! Lots of female friends! As soon as I encouraged him to go have fun with his friends during his time off he suddenly is planning his weekends going on trips with no mention of me in his plans
    He gets offended if I say what about me ?! We have never been on trips Bcz he kept saying he needs to save

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