Venus Saturn Meets Venus In Capricorn – Elsa Gets Judged

So here’s a Venus Saturn anecdote. My first husband has his Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the n node in Scorpio… and Venus in Capricorn and we were divorcing at my Saturn return. Now I initiated the divorce and sat down to break the news to old friend Leon and his wife who were our close friends. Though we lived at some distance we generally spent the weekends together, staying overnight one house of the other plus we traveled together constantly so everyone was very tight.

So I wrote my letter and was stunned when Leon (Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn in Scorpio) sent a scathing letter in return. It basically said, “How could you do this, you twit?” and reading the letter, I burst into tears. I was completely devastated and when my (soon to be) ex-husband came home and found me wrecked, he got pissed…and he stood up for me. There’s you’re Venus Saturn, see.

He wrote back to say he was shocked they’d sent this thing. He told them they did not know the whole story and that I was doing the right thing. He went to say I could really use some support, not this kind of diatribe from my friends and he would consider it a personal favor if they would get off my ass!

So this I mean about Venus Saturn being sturdy… and formidable. Can you imagine trying to argue with my ex on this? He slammed that gavel down and that was it. I never heard another peep.

Anyone got a Venus Saturn story? Post it!

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3 thoughts on “Venus Saturn Meets Venus In Capricorn – Elsa Gets Judged”

  1. That is such a Venus/Saturn in Scorpio thing to do . . .

    I recall standing up for a young woman from the Deep South that I didn’t much like because of her “do what you want, just don’t get caught” attitude. But she had been treated very badly by some arrogant a**hole guy and that did not sit well with me. BTW, she & I were both going off for weekends with our boyfriends but I walked out the front door of the dorm & she slipped out the back – waaay different upbringings.

  2. i kept my best friend from dying (it took the doctors a year to figure out she had brucellosis and in the meanwhile she dropped to 70 pounds with seizures if she forgot her meds…)
    i think mostly by will. she’d pretty much given up when she decided to tell me what was happening (she’d disappeared.) i had to convince her to want to try before i could get on to trying to figure out food she could eat and then fixing the problem….

    i’m really defensive of other people. particularly other women. i thought it was an unconscious way to try to protect younger me. but i also do that with all my little brothers and sisters…. more the sisters, though.

    i dunno’. never felt all that sturdy or formidable, really. maybe its my perspective. i always feel like i’m weaker than i should be. and throw in love and and i have to resist the way it batters me just to keep my head up. but there’s helpful and harmful ways of doing that.

  3. Oh that’s sweet!
    I always try to make amends between people, I can’t stand them being completely unreasonable with each other. It might be that, or as you probably know Elsa, simply Mars in Libra.

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