Pluto Leaving Capricorn For Aquarius: Generational Shift

Pluto god flowersJupiter, Saturn and Pluto are currently conjunct in Capricorn. Further, all three planets are retrograde. Virtually everyone in the world is stalled out or what I like to call, hanging like a loose tooth.

I would never choose such a thing but now that it’s happening, I realize this is the most interesting period of my entire life. You may see this too, if you think in terms of generations. With Pluto ready to change signs we’re on the cusp of a new generation. My heart clutched when I typed that.

I got talking to a client, who’s into history, finance and stock market and just general knowledge.  She’s in her late twenties, Saturn return age. Lots of Scorpio and Capricorn.

I found myself telling her about the orgies of the 70’s, wife swapping, and cheating in general. I explained, this was when birth control became available.  The pill made it possible for people to have sex without getting pregnant and it totally changed the culture.

Yesterday, I told her I could recall mortgage interest rates at 20%. I got that wrong, the high was more like 18% but you had to pay “points”.

historical interest ratesClick the chart to enlarge. Let’s say she became aware of “mortgage interest” in 2010.  Look what’s in the rear-view mirror. How would she know?

When I made the remark she couldn’t process it. I must have misspoke! It’s too unbelievable! How did people live with this?

I explained how people still bought houses; they refinanced when the interest rates dropped. I also explained, when interest rates are high, houses are cheaper. They go up when interest rates are low because people can afford a bigger loan. Maybe you can imagine the storm in head in that moment.

There were people living at the high point shown on that graph. It didn’t last did it?  This thing we’re going through now is also not going to last. It’s a point in history and we’re fortunate to know of astrology!

Because of astrology, we know these planets will turn direct, one by one. Eventually the will leave Capricorn. When they do, all this stuff will be in the rear-view mirror and eventually time will pass and there will be people who will have to be told of what happened because they won’t be living in what we’re living in now.

Can you feel this change too? What do you think of it?

17 thoughts on “Pluto Leaving Capricorn For Aquarius: Generational Shift”

  1. I’m preparing. 1991 – 1994 were good years. I met so many life-enhancing people, started my career, had a lot of fun.

    I remember the rates being high, my grandfather would get “interest checks” from the bank. Young people probably have no clue what that is.

  2. Goodness gracious Elsa, where were you hanging out in the 70s? Orgies really? I was in my sexual exploration phase and never ran into an orgy. The pill was great. Sexual freedom. Without it I never could have gotten beyond needing sex. And it allowed family planning. I do agree that birth control changed life for women. I now hear women complaining like ‘I have six children under the age of 8, it is impossible to work at home and educate them.’ I once asked my mom, you had 8 children how did some of these women manage to have only 2 or 3 or 4 children, no sex? She told me hysterectomies were very popular. The doctors vacation money.

    As far as the interest rates, people were making 18% on their savings accounts. Thank frickin goodness, my dad’s money could grow. My parents had enough savings to take care of them in their last years. I had enough savings to take time off to care for them, but I could not have afforded to support them too. But that was the depression era parents. My dad got a credit card once for a trip to Alaska in case of emergency, and then cut it up when he returned home. If you did not have the money, you did not buy it. Their first home, the guy told him to pay for it as he could. He knew my dad was good for it. It was a run down 80 acre farm that I think he paid $7000 for. Now that seems not much for a house. But my mom really got a good catch, he had a mill job making $22/week. Big money then.

    We all been running on very thin ice for quite some time now. To be honest, I think we are doomed and the crash is coming. It will come in ways we could not imagine. Like I could never have imagined this pandemic. It will take some organization. After all, the past great economy was built on those depression era programs, what do we need, what is necessary, start the funding there and rebuild, until the top gets too heavy and crashes everything again. It’s a cycle I think. You remember the game Monopoly.

  3. Exactly ^^^

    There are generations who have no idea it was ever worthwhile to put money in a savings account or buy a CD. A certificate of whaaat?

    But the potency in this is realizing that you currently exist on graphs of all kinds… you really don’t know if it’s a high or a low, when you get right down to it.

  4. Yes, I can feel the change. Liking it actually. Breakdowns everywhere & darned if they don’t lead to breakthroughs. Soon everything will be replaced with something better. I can see it. And when another breakdown occurs, I can’t wait to see the replacement. The process seems real smooth, like it’s meant to be and all I have to do is enjoy it. Can’t wait to get to the other side so I can use the term, “Hindsight is 2020.”

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    Half-panic. Quarter-anxiety. Quarter-glimmer of good changes and hopefulness. 100% Uncertainty. Hoping for people to do the right thing so we can survive this. Wondering what it will bring personally.

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      Still. Appreciate the context, Zelda. Innovate and build up from insanity, death, loss and destruction from almost everything we used to value. If it means we survive and take care of each other, I’m alright with that.

  6. I can feel the change. I am cautiously optimistic about some much needed progress. I think one of the joys of life is experiencing these generational shifts. It’s funny to see the surprise on younger people’s faces when you share what life was like in a certain period. Reflecting back also reminds us that no matter how tough the time was, we managed to get through it, and circumstances did change/improve. Quite applicable to where we are today.

  7. My mother passed in 1981. She left me $20k, which seemed like a fortune at the time. I put the money in the bank and spent the interest on fun. I had a lot of fun…

  8. I can feel the shift. Its a real upheaval at this point with the pandemic, political treachery, violence, and destruction of many of our “trusted” institutions. I think back to all we’ve been through since the 2008 Great Recession when Pluto first entered Capricorn. It has set the stage for the new normal.

    In the future, work will be more virtual. No more sitting in traffic everyday to reach your job. Companies have had to embrace virtual work situations because of the pandemic and they finally realize people can work from anywhere, thanks to technology.

    Education will become more flexible. Online learning will become more popular for at least some of the time. No more snow days (sorry kids!).

    More people will consider options other than a 4 year college degree, like trade schools, apprenticeships, etc.

    The importance of essential products and services available locally and within the country will bring many companies back to the US. Lesson learned from the pandemic.

    Goodbye salad bars forever! Knowing what we know now about how disease spreads, how did we ever eat anything from them anyway?

    Clothing has become more casual because of telecommuting. No need for suits and fancy work clothes, dry cleaning bills, spending money on gas, trains or other transportation for work.

    Older people in nursing homes, etc., got hit the worst in the pandemic largely because of poor decisions of Governments in some states. Reform will hopefully come as a result in how we treat our senior citizens.

    Many of these things are positive changes that have been a long time coming.

    1. I don’t know how or if your exact predictions will play out. You are one of the few people who realize that it is not going back to the way it was. It drives me nuts people waiting waiting for the past to come back. Face facts and get busy. It is forever changed.

  9. I think the big test facing humanity will be integrating technology with biology. Many ethical thresholds will be crossed in the name of “science”.
    With Darpa so far ahead of the curve many will easily be seduced by the convenience and entertainment factor. The pandemic is setting up medical tyranny…I mean…did you ever think viruses would be patented? What’s up with that agenda!Pluto= $$$ & power

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    I …just don’t know.
    Maybe because my return Aquarius Saturn is in my 5th house with my South node and I’m a double Virgo (sun ASC) with a Taurus Moon…whatever…not sure.
    But I actually LOVE the fact we all have to knuckle down and get slapped awake.
    I mean…Gee…good times??? A throw away culture, bullying and narcissism and the focus on personal agenda and self interest we see as “self confidence” without thought at how the guy next door, in the next town or country…or in the vet or nursing homes, is being affected by our bad behavior? Civic responsibility or Selfie? Really??

    SIGH!…I’m preaching I know (A-EMMM…(hand raised) VIRGO?))

    Yes..I DO find people are tired, fed up with masks and want SOME of the nice stuff back..(secretly me too!).
    And Yes… I’m also finding people are less tolerant of bad behavior.
    But I feel it’s a good thing in a left handed way. They are mouthing off or pushing back at strangers acting badly.
    Mouthing off at each other as a whole really. Getting old grudges off their chests. And we all understand it’s the hurt talking. ’cause we have it too…and will give it back. Nothing personal…

    Maybe we are all..withdrawing from the instant feel good and miasma we’ve been living and breathing in
    So it’s been a sort of detox in a way.

    I ALSO see people being more compassionate and empathetic…they can turn to that stranger sitting two seats over in the doctor’s office and nod their head and say “YUP…I feel you…I got slapped upside the head too).
    There is a chance to connect..’Cause it’s a collective suffering. None of us are alone in this.
    I hope we DON’T look at this in the rear view mirror someday actually…we didnt with the Depression, the wars, 9/11…
    I don’t want this discomfort to be too much of an other-world distant memory to be looked back on…like that VHS player in the back of our closets.
    My wish is for it to be that brick thrown at our heads, but a brick to build on top of going forward.

    Like yoga, I think we simply need to exhale, let go and lean into the pain. And like yoga we may surprise ourselves at how far we can bend and flex and breathe deep.

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