Pluto Transit The 11th House – On Being Contrary And Losing Friends Left And Right

Heather M wrote on Thoughts Contrary To The Opinions Of Other Astrologers:

“I like how contrary you are.”

Yeah, well I think I am going to lose some friends over this so not too cool. I have already lost a lot of friends during Pluto’s transit of my 11th house. I have lost a slew of them and with Pluto’s retrograde transit back into Sagittarius, I am hoping to survive with at least a few pals standing.

This is a dilemma for me because I don’t think it is possible for me to compromise my integrity and I may or may not be able to keep my mouth shut. One thing for sure, people get heated over these things and the last friend I lost during this transit, well it was over something just like this.

I lost a 9 year friendship I valued very much because we just did not agree on something we both felt very passionately about. It may sound stupid. You don’t dump your friends over a disagreement but when someone takes a contrary stand against something very near to your heart there really is no choice. It is sort of like not liking my kid. If you don’t like my kid or if you don’t like my husband I am going to have a very hard time having you in my life.

So anyway, I will take the contrary position if I must but I want to be damned sure what is driving me because it is damned sure going to cost me.

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  1. Hm. I kinda feel the opposite way.

    Although I’ll agree that certain fundamental differences, like the kids/husband examples, cannot be patched and will make a relationship untenable and much too draining, I haven’t found this threshold of mine yet. For me it’s more important to find the common ground, let the disagreement lie, and respect the individual viewpoint. (All at the same time!)
    My loyalty is pretty damn near impeachable in this, though I would regretfully drop the friendship if the other person couldn’t “agree to disagree” and kept pressing the issue against my will. One person by himself cannot create peace, after all — it’s a group effort.

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, if they’re dumping you then who the hell needs ’em in the first place? Isn’t a history of good, reliable friendship worth more? And if you’re dumping them, then I’m sure you’ve made your position clear before the final break (as was evidenced in the “amputating a friend” series of posts), and even though it’s painful I’m sure it’s ultimately better in the long haul.
    In any case, I’m sorry, E. It seems like you’re losing support when you could use it the most. 🙁 (((((Elsa)))))

  2. I agree about the integrity thing. In a professional setting though, would people really dump you because your astrological opinion is contrary? Seems like that would be a more detached situation?

  3. One would hope so, llama.
    The fact that this may be caused by an professional, astrological difference of opinion seems kinda silly to me. Doctors disagree all the time and there’s rarely hard feelings about it, unless there’s personal stuff entwined.

  4. Elsa, you are fabulous the way you are, contrary and all. I am sorry you are going through this, you know that I have been going through similar stuff, and unfortunately it really makes you question yourself. As I write this tonight, I feel
    like there is a little hope, and how long has that
    not been there! I believe if you are true to yourself, pain and all you will be happier in the
    long run. Anything less isn’t really you.

  5. >So anyway, I will take the contrary position if I must but I want to be damned sure what is driving me because it is damned sure going to cost me.

    Yeah, I understand that.

    I like that Donna Cunningham book.

  6. Pluto transit to my Moon was one of the most disturbing experiences I ever had. I’ve got the Moon in Sagittarius in the 11th house and my whole social environment and circle of friends disintegrated. Gone. The crack was deep and dark and right through my heart, I felt like an uprooted tree, and only a few true friends were always there in the midst of the seemingly never ending nightmare. I think it’s a test, the Moon gets an initiation, some friends don’t pass, true friends DO. We have to pass it anyway. When the transit was over I found myself in a new world.
    This book about Pluto is very helpful, I always recommend it too.

  7. Pluto is transiting MY 11th house and I just want to know when I can have friends again. Because it is getting pretty lonely.

  8. yeah, i guess there are ideas worth losing a friend over, but, my goodness, it seems ridiculous on the face of things. i mean, with any friendship i valued i’d at least take the opportunity to reexamine what i think and see if there’s some point of contact in our perspectives.
    but that’s me, and other people don’t necessarily approach their ideas that openly, i guess.

    and you think your take on saturn/uranus will do this?

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