Neptune Mind Tricks & Blurred Reality

Neptune charlie chaplin mirror maze 2It’s been a long time since I wrote about my hologram, but Mercury is and will be highly emphasized over these next few months. Things come to mind and some of them seem worth sharing.

I’ve used the phrase, “mistake of the intellect” which tracks to astrologer, James Braha, who I greatly respect. He states in one of his books, the job of an astrologer is often to correct things like this. I think he’s right. But these mistakes come in different flavors. I’ve found, Neptune-type errors resist correction and I have a story to illustrate.

I want to point out, I have hundreds of stories like this, firsthand experience, so this is not at all rare and it’s worth understanding, because it can happen to you and it probably has.

So this is about, Scott, who I met while working in his mother’s bar, when I was fifteen. He’s widely considered a genius, or a geni-ass, as his Nanna used to call him. He’s a Cancer. Clearly, I lied about my age to get this job. Wildly so. I became absorbed into this family to a degree and eventually confessed my lie. But this is not the lie, Scott was obsessed with. He was obsessed with a different lie that did not exist.

For some reason, Scott, because convinced that I was not Italian, but Mexican. I have no idea where he got this notion, but it became a thing in his family, unbeknownst to me. I mean, he and his mother and his sister and whoever, all thought I was, Mexican, claiming Italian. This is something that would never have occurred to me in a million years. I’m fifteen!

So these conversations go on behind my back. “Why does she lie? We don’t care if she’s Mexican. We’ll still love her…” They debate it, amongst themselves. Should they tell me they know I’m lying? Or just silently know?

Meantime, there is daily interaction with these people. I’m telling you, I had no idea. But this burned them up to such a degree, eventually, Scott started asking me things.

“Are you really, Mexican?”


“Are. You. Mexican?”

“I’m Italian!” I’d say, like doesn’t he know this?

neptune charlie chaplin mirror mazeHe goes back to his family, to report that I am Italian or that I am continuing to lie about this – I don’t know. Eventually he comes back again.

“You’re Mexican, aren’t you?”

I’m curious at this point. I look at him like his face is swirling around. “No, I’m not Mexican. I’m Italian. You know that.”

“But you’re from Mexico?” he says, leading me.

“From Mexico? I’m from here! Why would I be from, Mexico? What is this!”

“Well, I’m just wondering if you’re really, Mexican and not Italian.”

“Are you out of your mind? Didn’t I tell you I was Italian?”


“Then why would I be Mexican? I said I’m Italian. Do I look Italian?”

“Yes. But you could also be Mexican?”

I laugh. “Yeah, but do you hear me speaking Spanish?”

“No, but maybe you can.”

“Well I can’t because I am not from Mexico and I am not Mexican and I am Italian. Is my name, Italian?”

“Yes. But it could also be Mexican.”

“Something is wrong with you, Scott. Get away from me!”

Fast forward, five years. By now, Scott had extensive dealings with my mother. Her mother was first generation Italian. Her father was, Henry, from West Virginia. French and English, primarily. Not Mexican. But still…

“Are you sure you’re not Mexican?”


Fast forward another five years.

“I’ve come to believe that you actually are, Italian. My family was convinced you were Mexican…”

“But why..?

“I don’t know. We just thought you were a Mexican, we were all sure of it.”

Fast forward, ten more years.

“I still can’t believe you’re not Mexican.”


“I know, I just can’t believe it”.

Neptune is some serious shit. Don’t delude yourself, otherwise.

14 thoughts on “Neptune Mind Tricks & Blurred Reality”

      1. Can it possibly be as hard as when it hit my Cap ascendant conjunct Chiron?! We shall see. As a Pisces I wonder if it might be easier for us than for any other sign? Neptune on the Sun may be a kind of coming home, or like a refreshing swim.

        I will report! Your intrepid reporter on Neptune.

        1. i have a few close family members that went through Neptune conjunct their sun in pisces. It was not bad at all, I saw them progress in life so I guess it depends on the rest of the chart and how hard the rest of the planets hit the chart or not. There were not addictions involved or brain fog or mystery illnesses. I m having a bad brain fog and Neptune has been sextiling and trining my planets. Hardest years were when it squared my Venus three times..

  1. Got to this page several times in the last months. Kinda read… Kinda but not really … until now. Today I def read a lot of your posts. Incredible! Well … Neptune conjunct my MC all in Sag (conjunct a Cap Jupiter).

    Oh wow! It is a thing! Grateful for your page, Elsa!
    Greetings from Germany

  2. i wish Neptune would trine again my natal moon. it was a very supportive aspect when I needed it. Neptune can bring spiritual protection but it is not to be trusted what will bring.. At the moment it sextiles my natal mercury which quincunxes my natal Neptune. I can’t feel the energy, maybe because there are a lot of bad ones going on at the same time..

  3. Learning over here! I got a natal Sun/Neptune and my face confuses the hell out of people. I thought it might be my Venus/Mars trine sextile Uranus, but that prob doesn’t help either lol

  4. Funny I’m laughing out loud thank you I needed that ! I am also Italian, Sicilian, and my whole life people thought I was Mexican. Not to this degree but people speak Spanish to me often and I look at them like wtf I got so used to it I started pretending I understood and started answering them …. neptune on ascendant

  5. I am really looking forward to Neptune moving out of my 3rd house. The brain fog has been so bad for the last couple of years. I’ve gone through intense periods where people just weren’t understanding me or where I could not articulate anything worth a damn. I’ve also healed A LOT about myself that was hidden and deeply psychological. It hasn’t been all bad, I’d just like to think clearly again on a consistent basis.

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