Heightened Sensitivity With Saturn & Neptune In Pisces

Pisces vintage t shirtI’ve become more sensitive with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces. You may have noticed this as well, especially if these transits aspect your natal planets.

Lots of tears, in my case; not necessarily of the “sad” type.  It’s more a boo hoo hoo, look at the love portrayed in the advertisement, kind of thing.

The affects of these transits are not limited to emotions.  You may find your skin to be more reactive.  A rash pops up – why? If you take your symptoms to a doctor, odds are they’ll scratch their head because it’s all so vague.

I put this out here as an act of compassion, so you can better understand, if you find yourself in a similar circumstance.  Compassion, because I vividly recall my first major Neptune transit, which nearly drove me insane.

Instead I figured out how to get myself in the boat, then to the shore. I can help, if needed.  What’s really happening here, is your blocks are dissolving.

Have you noticed a change?

17 thoughts on “Heightened Sensitivity With Saturn & Neptune In Pisces”

  1. almost done with a two year neptune transit. i cried so much it pruned up my fingers. But not depression tears, just a quiet mourning. It felt like I was in the middle of an ocean floating while surounded by a fog. The only thing I had left to keep me focused was my body.

  2. “What’s happening is your blocks are dissolving.”

    Thanks truly a post of compassion, Elsa. In 2008 Neptune was transiting my 2nd house: what do I value ? From where did I do this evaluation? Across the charts Saturn was in Virgo, 8th house. The lessons and questions were how my past/generation expectations home of origin fit the dissolving structures of life 2008.

    You suggested I float. Now you’ve got the stay in the boat dispatch and I get this: float inside the boat while the weather goes through big big extremes. At the very least there are blankets, dry bed and comfortable place to literally weather the incredibly intense dreams of blocks demanding dissolution.

    We built a land boat while Neptune’s tides came and went through my 2nd house and Saturn is on the early end of the same house. The elegance of this picture is in valuing the resilience of the boat; we’re talking about how she(the boat/ our home) needs updating.

    Old people weep in sleep because we’re no longer rusty but rusty. But the good news is we are learning what can and ought be trusted. Astrology has been a Saturn tool worthy of study. I am grateful to keep learning to apply the study in life.


  3. Love this. Esp the ‘boohoohoo …’ 😂 So me, right now. But then natal chart with Saturn in Pisces in a grand trine with Sun, and then Moon/Neptune conj. Water everywhere.

  4. i’m a saturn neptune type so i live like this daily for all my life. i can’t watch the news without tears flowing from my eyes and making a silent prayer for the despair out there. When the description of neptunian putting yourself in the shoes of others, it really is feeling/taking from their pov and deeply understanding. In terms of financial front, it sucks. i can’t be in charge of the the money lol or it will dissolve. my husband even said i’m terrible with money. so its good he is in charge. i’m always giving and giving and maybe my earth parts are helping restrict but its not as strong as water. I know water is stronger than earth (as seen with tsunamis with the earth or the story of the great flood)

  5. I love this. I do not think of you as a cryer, so this is a new perspective and I really appreciate it. As a Pisces with Cap rising, I have spent a life time boo-hoo-hooing on the inside and stone face on the outside.

    And with Neptune almost on my late Pisces Sun, I am preparing to melt. I love knowing that others are melting too.

  6. In the last handful of years, I feel like the overly Neptunian people are being Saturnised and the overly Saturnian are being Neptunised. I’m a Pisces Moon with Jupiter Pisces conjunct 6th h, I currently find it difficult to have a cry, I’m like made of steel, that’s a very new problem to have!

  7. Agree about the skin problems. When Pluto dived back into Capricorn in June I quickly developed a problem with a mole on my neck. Eventually went to docs and they put me forward to hospital. They were sending me letters about the big C. I knew it was not the big C, just stress, but of course, worry, had to check it out. I had such a long wait after they sent me the scary letter (thanks for that!) that I asked for guidance, my nerves were cracking. My guidance told me, turmeric. Started taking it and in 2 weeks problem massively reduced. Had to go hospital twice, as lack of consultant 1st time, and by then, it was gone and I persuaded them not to use the scalpel. So in case anyone develops skin stuff, try turmeric with black pepper. Great for the nervous system (and many other areas of body).

  8. Yes, I cry every time I watch tv. I cry every article I read. Painful empathy and ecstatic joy. I wish to save anything and everything- from recyclables to all animals domestic and wild. Spiders I’ve been feeding. My skin is always dry, but I’ve been really scratching since September. Probably because I take baths regularly and more so now. I never usually get phlegm response when ill; but this season I’ve had a constant runny nose and a chunky cough. Also I have been incredibly swept away at times with the wonder over the beauty of nature, artwork, music and philosophical thinking. I have boldly made double batches of an experimental recipe to fail horribly and what a waste! I’ve also been swept up in sudden tides of despair and confusion to be washed up on the shore of decision making. And the worst effect is being thin skinned to the point of taking random things personally to the point of causing unnecessary internal drama. I love Neptune, natally it is conjunct my sun. But Saturn now is in square to natal Neptune, and exact/strongest January 20 when Pluto enters Aquarius. After Saturn hits my sun Neptune it moves into square with natal Saturn. I’m ready to shed this old skin and flow like water. Or will I trek up a mountain? It’s hard to see up ahead in the fog! Compassion is for me too. I can’t be narcissistic about it as if I’m the only one having it. Thanks for validating my experiences. I will try to surrender to the dissolution. I think that makes this easier.

  9. I miss an old friend (a Capricorn) who cried at the drop of a hat. I think he flushed sh*t through to keep on. He’s not dead, but disconnected from us when we became too “different.”

    Your doughnut shop story shifts me, in a good way. You have a way with story teaching that slips between my armpit and my armor. Right to my heart!

  10. I’m glad you posted this.
    I really couldn’t understand what da hell was goin on before but at least now after reading both comments n your post it’s clearer.
    Neptune has been in opp to my Venus by exact as well as minus 1/plus 1 degrees for about 2-3 years now. Just sitting there with nothing better to do but oppose my Venus.
    Love n da like have been elusive.
    But love ‘things’ have not.
    I’m warm n comfy n still smell good n dress up etc just as i always have but nothing else is clear.
    I watch da damndest if not dumbest stuff n im either sniffling or out n out bawling…like this COULDA been me or mine.
    Whether the subject is utter joy or downhearted despair whatever da trigger I’m all in.
    So now i jes go with the flow. I’ve learned to approach things i used to love with caution.
    Cause whatever they were before there’s a huge possibility they’re no longer ‘it’ or quite da same in terms of da joy or pleasure brought.
    So I appreciate all joy that actually reaches me n glow on that.
    It’s cool.
    This is transiting my 6th house n squaring the Venus in 9
    Been thinking of goin back to work (6) but doing what?
    And why?
    Ppl say I should be doin something.
    I don’t really feel like it n it’s hard to shake right now.
    Also there’s occult kinds of illnesses based on my forays into foods ‘I shouldn’t be eating’.
    Clearly Venusian stuff here.
    My kidneys ain’t the best n while my diet n nutrition is cool I still want the crap I want when I want it. I tell myself it’s not dat bad or deep – I DO workout after all lol.
    And it’s not but sometimes the prescribed moderation turns into predictable excess.
    Mostly by myself.
    I’ll be glad when this moves on …at least away from my Venus

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