Pluto Transit Conjunct The Ascendant – At What Orb Does It End?

pluto pendantI had a client with a late Capricorn rising. She asked me how many degrees beyond her ascendant, Pluto would have to be, before this was over. Excellent question.

I am 25 degrees Capricorn rising. I consider my Pluto transit behind me as far as my physical body goes. My body is now slowly recovering. It very much feels like I have gone through something and made it to the other side.

I began to feel there would not be another “impact” with Pluto three degrees beyond my ascendent but I was still suffering quite a bit, in part because Pluto had switched houses and I had yet to acclimate.   I mean, it’s fine, if you don’t mind being an ugly, repulsive troll which is how I felt. Pluto in Capricorn this is. Deep and very painful rejection and unfathomable loss.  There are plenty of nasty people out there and when you’re observably weak and hurting, they come for you in droves.

I don’t know what to say. At least I have astrology. I knew what was going on, but point is, I began to get a handle on things about three degrees past. Four degrees was better and when Pluto changed signs, I felt I was through this transition.  To better explain, I felt I was no longer in the primary hot seat, in part because I was able to detach. Pluto (power) of detachment.

Now Pluto will retrograde back to 29 degrees and I can tell you, I’m not worried about this on a personal level.  It will be the “devil I know”.

To be clear, Pluto felt solidly in my 1st house, one degree beyond my ascendent.  This was a shock in it’s own right. I’ve accepted my situation and I literally feel a little better with each passing day.

It’s an incredibly traumatic transit.  I expect things to continue to slowly heal and resolve now.

What do others think?

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  1. I dont even know where to start! Just gettng accustomed to my ‘new’ next computer 2 weeks now and a settling into major physical self care… My 26 Aries sun had forgotten the Retrograde about to happen!! Been considering writing to the Astro Fairy, but its all been so much! I’m cooking and eating and sleeping at last and had a long weekend visit from my niece and family. Even more significantly my sister and I long estranged are really talking…I live in Jamaica, they are in Florida…my choice, long story.
    73 yrs old w/ Aqu Asc 26!! Leo Sun 28!! Elsa you have been very much a part of keeping me sane these 5 years especially – I laugh, learn and enjoy Satori and your erudite online family!!

    1. Actually I WILL be 73 next month! on the 17th…have been blessing my Jupiter28 Pisces even if !!! opp. my ruler Saturn26 Virgo. There’s also a YOD from natal PlutoLEO to Neptune VIRGO17 to my North Node 18 Pisces!
      my intense Astrology ‘study’ sort of tapered off as 2023 came to an end. I was really just liking my natal placements more and more!

      1. Havent listed the loss of family and close friends here since 2020!! But here’s what I call the overlapping Yod – Sun & Asc to SaturnVIRGO all at 26deg..Sweet Saturn is thankfully Trine my GEM Uranus at 5deg..

  2. I am 27 degrees Capricorn rising. Unfathomable loss of family and friends, plus knee surgery in the past 2+ years. I thought I was done once Pluto advanced into Aquarius and starting to trine my moon, but now you say it’s retrograding. When does one catch a lucky break?

  3. I’ve decided the best way to get through the tough transits is wearing bright colored clothes and cheesy quotes.

    “No man is an island” unless his wife passes away.

    My father has Aquarius 7 degree rising and Pluto transiting his 12th house right now, it will finally make its last pass over his Asc Jan 14, 2029.

    When Pluto was transiting Capricorn, (while in my father’s 12th house) my step mother’s dementia had progressed to the point she needed to go into memory care. A few months later and Covid hit and my father wasn’t able to see her in person. He lives about 2 hours away from me and other than an older step brother, I’m the closest to him.

    In June 2022 and Pluto was in the last degrees of Capricorn and getting ready to move into Aquarius my Step mother passed away. At least my father had been able to see her in person before she passed away.

    Tootie’s ( stepmother) funeral was June 15th. I had Saturn transiting my 4th house and exactly conjunct my Chiron. That same day when we left the cemetery, we received a call that my stepfather had taken my mother to the ER and she ended up with a pacemaker. ( I really don’t like Saturn)

    My father is now alone and lonely. I’ve tried to talk him into moving into a senior living either in his town or up by me and my family. But so far he is resisting. Twelfth house sucks.

    When Pluto passes over his Asc the final time it will be around mid January 2029. At the same time Pluto will be transiting my 4th house and within orb for an opposition to my natal sun in the 10th. My dad will be 91 by then. Yes, I know.

    That’s a long time to be alone and lonely. I don’t see an out yet to get him to move up by me so we can help him through these next years.

    So when I think about Pluto finally getting out of orb of my IC it will be in opposition one right after the other for all my planets in Leo.

    I sometimes wonder if not knowing what is coming is worse than knowing. My knowledge of astrology is rudimentary at best. But I try.

    What I have learned is that what we experience in these tough transits we don’t really experience them by ourselves.

    (Insert Cheesy quote about a butterfly flapping it’s wings…..)

    Those around me are experiencing their own tough transits and I’m finding my tough transits are like the resulting whirlwind from what others are going through.

    My hubby’s transits are scaring me, because how critical Pluto and Uranus transits change him, will affect me, our family and our life.

    Hmmmm time to break out that bright coral top. Some glittery jewelry and bad jokes…..

    1. What you say about wondering if it’s best to not know/ rudimentary knowledge….totally rings a bell with a book I’m reading – anne whittaker’s postcards to the future – it has some sections which correspond to this and some examples, really helpful …. I’m loving the sync that I’ve literally just read that part! …. we got to remember we really don’t know till they happen …I’m experiencing similar atm …the j-u is dinging a family I love’s chart … elsa’s blog on remembering j-u can be positive is helping me neutralise and uranian worries!!!! ….remember we can control nothing! Worry does not work!!! May aswell put some hopeful vibes out! So I keep reminding myself!!!

  4. I know it’s not the same but I continued to feel the effects of Pluto opposing my Ascendant at an 8-9 degree orb, separating. At that distance I was conscious of the problems without them stressing my nervous system excessively. I think the heaviest blows hit within 2-3 degrees on either side, and you may feel them a little further away, but as the separation grows you feel stronger and clearer about how to process the damage.

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    James Slattery

    Pluto just went into my 12th and I hate it already! Thank God I likely won’t be around to see it hit my Ascendant in Pisces. Hidden enemies out of the blue and looking health issues. Jeez.

  6. In my experience is seems to go hand in hand with other transits, helping to facilitate and/or add depth to what they usher in. In 2010, Pluto was 2 degrees beyond my ac and i had an accident resulting in a broken hip. Major surgery ensued which was a botch job… Then, when pluto was 6 degrees beyond the ac i had a total hip replacement which helped healing – physically. But soon after, with my chiron return (as well as chiron transiting Venus) i lost several female friends. Another degree or two on and i lost my father who died quite suddenly, at the same time as losing my home and having three days to find another one! Then i had to say goodbye to my mother…. Pluto was 16 degrees beyond ac before life became bearable and i felt the semblence or beginnings of some peace and healing. I/my life still very much a ‘work-progress’ (and pluto yet to transit my 5 planet stellium in Aquarius! 🙏) I have faith now though ❤️ thankfully. Kind wishes to all. Cheese alert 🔔 it really does help knowing im not alone! Blessings to all 🩵

    1. Shelley, we should get in touch. We seem to be about the same age, going through the same transits, and I’d like to keep comparing notes.

      Pluto just came off my 26 Capricorn descendant, and is heading toward my 2 Aquarius moon (my son has a 1 degree Aquarius moon that it is already on, but it seems good for him).

      My Chiron return was spring of 2022, and I came across a few books that finally let me come to terms with my need to completely let go of my toxic family of origin.

      Pluto on my descendant showed me I would need to get out of my marriage sooner or later, but I’m a stay at home mom so I’m taking some time getting my ducks in a row, finishing healing and starting to support myself again.

      Leave me your email if you’d like to get in touch!

  7. really nice posts above…. also I’ve heard people say we all ‘feel’ different transits to differing degrees depending on our natal charts … people with more ‘plutonic markers’ may feel this stronger than those without? though I get it is a pretty significant transit for all … I know two people that had the pluto opposite their sun, one barely battered an eyelid, but was very different for the other & both cancer suns one degree apart.

    1. Avatar
      shelley sheppard

      Good point mich. I have Pluto opposite sun natally, so though I did feel the effects very strongly, I’m kinda used to having intense experiences throughout my life! There ARE riches here too…!! Life can be fantabulous 🤗

      1. That’s a great read! I’ve heard pluto opposite sun can be a ‘psychic marker’ too???!!! … and experience in our wisdom gained through experience seems to be a factor too re pluto transits?! Whether we get wise to Pluto’s demands maybe (you doubt like you have had lots if practice with that configuration!)and know how to work with them! …same with saturn!

  8. I have a 24 cap asc, so Pl in the 12th was cray cray, it hit my asc in 2020 and that’s when the endocarditis came about. We watched and tested to see when I would need the aortic valve replacement.. FF to 3 weeks ago Mar 8th and I completed the surgery…. Well it was easy peasy, not any significant pain and my recovery has been amazing, Elsa y=told me I would be fine:) I am walking 4 miles a day and cleared to drive, will start gym next week! I honestly feel so much more energy with my new valve. I have Pl op My 2 Ven in Leo so we will see what that brings, but right now onward and upward!

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    the laughing goat

    “I mean, it’s fine, if you don’t mind being an ugly, repulsive troll which is how I felt. Pluto in Capricorn this is. Deep and very painful rejection and unfathomable loss. There are plenty of nasty people out there and when you’re observably weak and hurting, they come for you in droves.”

    Yes, Yes, YES! All of it, every single word, is the truth. You have put into words what the last 15+ years of my life has been. Pluto still in my 12H, however away from my Sun and Mercury, and I have been able to learn to detach and not feel crushed on a daily basis.
    “Fuck ’em” has become my motto. I see who deserves my time and energy and the rest can all follow each other off a cliff. The losses have been astounding but necessary. And the strength I have developed/uncovered is a treasure.

    Thank you, Elsa, for sharing your trials with your Pluto transit, it has helped me push through mine.

  10. This is really good to know. I think Pluto is exactly on my Ascendant now, at where he is right now.

    I too have to agree on the pain and rejection I have faced during his stay in the 12th. I don’t want to ever go through that kind of thing again!

    He was born in Libra, and on his way through my horoscope he has now passed every single planet I have – including my progressed ones (except for progressed Mars in Aquarius and my progressed Moon) – so, now it’s only aspects and not straight out WAR with this or that planet!

  11. Ugly repulsive troll, yes that is how I feel. Cap rising 22 degrees. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when Pluto was on ascendant. Medication changed and I swole up without gaining weight. Weirdest thing ever. My face looked like a chipmunk. But it wasn’t a rash so deal with it and be seizure free was my option.
    My spouse was going through it grieving his father’s passing. He passively rejected me for 2 years. During Covid no where for us to go but ignoring each other and grieving for different reasons.

  12. Always nice to be able to touch base with a fellow late Capricorn Asc. I have it at 27,06. In the last 10 years I’ve had Pluto conjunct moon, square sun and then the Asc. It took a full 5 degrees separating to move past the trauma left from the moon transit. The same with the square, and I feel the Asc to be the same….just finishing it now…I’m tattooed all over and have a Mohawk and feel like sex on legs most of the time. Pluto in the 1st transit is relentless but I don’t give two fucks about my repulsion now…that in itself has been a deep and brutal process.

    1. Daniel, can you explain a little about the Pluto conjunct Moon transit trauma, then subsequent healing? I’m heading into it now, and am trying to understand possible dynamics better. Thx!

      1. I also a late Cap descendant rather than ascendant, and I’ve made decisions that I have not yet executed so dust is still settling as the Pluto-Moon conjunction approaches. It’s helpful to hear as many perspectives as possible.

        1. Hi A, Pluto transit conjunct moon – well look at Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. All the shit went down during his Pluto-moon and then took years after to resolve the trauma through the Courts. That’s an example of when things go really wrong. As for me, I have my moon in the 12th house, the aloneness was palpable because of that and Pluto’s need for me to go deep into all my emotional connections from birth. Abandonment issues with my mother, cancer diagnosis and eventual unsuccessful treatment of my father, and then myself dealing with the darkness and eventual exorcism of demons which took 2 years for me to again sleep properly. In short the transit felt like literally everything was being pushed to change and thus transform. The subsequent healing came directly from the challenge to work through things to come out the other side. A reliance on faith was paramount during the survival stages. After about 3 degrees separating I was able to competently manage the emotional energy. But, really, it was only once the full 5 degrees of separation occurred that I could look back on it and say that it finished.

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            Anna Risingsign

            Hi Daniel…
            I too checked Johnny Depp’s chart when he had all of that going on. Was the first thing I did when it started.
            Yes Pluto to his moon. Pluto conjuncting your 12th house moon must have been a nightmare… And at times impossible to put in words! Good for you that you are through it 🙂

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    Anna Risingsign

    Ugly repulsive troll…. Yep know this feeling too. Had so many Pluto transits the last years… Square my Venus square my Jupiter. Conjunct descendant and opposing my moon.. Opposing my moon 27 degrees has left me feeling horrible and I look completely different too. … Even to the point that when I try to smile i even look like it 🙁 When will the ugly repulsive troll pass?

    1. I never got over that feeling. I had to have an “I’m ugly and I’m proud!” type of moment, and then learned to accept the compliments people gave me.

      1. Avatar
        Anna Risingsign

        :-))) now that just made me laugh out loud literally! Thanks for that Katyusha x but yikes…. So it is here to stay?!

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