Pluto In The First House – Lone Wolf

lone wolfI think it was, Jeffrey Wolf Green, who associated Pluto in the first house with the person being a “lone wolf” but I may have conflated the two things. In whatever case, I heard of this interpretation in the early 90’s. I am biased in favor in favor of relating to others so it disturbed me.

When my daughter was born with Pluto conjunct her ascendant in Scorpio, I recalled this and I wasn’t too happy.  Again, it’s a bias. My daughter is a Gemini, Mercury in Gemini, with a Leo moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Damned social, right? I thought, she’s prove this claim to be false but that’s not been the case.

Today, I have a Pluto transiting my first house. Sure enough, I stand alone on almost everything.

I am intensely uncomfortable with my situation but I understand it.  People don’t necessarily want to hang out with people whose pockets are stuffed with something akin to nuclear material.  See Negative Affective Presence. I mean, we live in an era where people urge each other to “be safe”!  And yes, that’s a joke.

It’s funny how I resisted this for thirty years but as the say, the truth will out.

Are you a lone wolf?


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  1. I once looked up the charts for a family of three. Every one of them had Pluto in the 1st house. They were intense. Their daughter was intense! A real handful at only 9 years old.

    I’m not sure they knew they were intense because the two parents had Libra risings, but their focus was a little scary.

  2. ridingthewaves

    I’m a 1H Pluto in Scorpio, Libra Rising. Inward, I’m a lone wolf and wolves were actually my favorite animals growing up. I rather be at home in my own space, away from people most times. And I do a lot of things solo, but libra rising makes a lot of friends so I do get invited to things quite often. There’s a wind up period I have to do though, like dancing, singing and self-talk to get myself in the mood to socialize. I’m like an introverted-extrovert. Been around people my whole and having worked in the service industry, I can definitely turn it on, but have to turn it off sometimes as to not absorb everyone’s emotional energy field especially when my battery is low. Definitely need time and space to recharge. When I tell people I’m a bit shy or feel awkward, they’re always shocked because on the outside, I have charisma? I dunno. Leo mercury, I guess.. People wonder how I do “xyz” or whatever. It took me awhile to reach that though. I used to be super shy (Cancer stellium) and get all kinds of averse reactions to me just being – I was different; wore religious garbs growing up, got bullied for it. I think after really learning how to engage my outward facing Libra, it all changed. I do have friends, but I am definitely not the friend you have to see all the time to maintain a friendship. Some of my best friends I can go months without seeing and then when we do see each other it’s like picking up where we left off. 

    I do sometimes get lonely and wish I had that one person, romantically, that just *knew me* that I could hang with and wouldn’t drain me.

    And I have always felt like I was *alone* even with a big family. Like, all the chains, all the whatever, I had to face it on my own. But I’m trying to be better at seeking guidance or help, or community. It’s just usually people asking me for my help, my energy, while I’m kinda just there, treading on my own.

    So, yes, a bit of lone wolf energy, but I can also turn on my “outgoing” energy too.

    1. You described it perfectly: introverted extrovert. My first-house Pluto is in Leo so I feel all of what you describe, just with a little bit of drama thrown in.

  3. Pluto in the 3d house, Uranus in the 1st…I’m a lone wolf who has worked hard to be neighborly and somewhat communicative…

  4. I hope you’re wrong about being a negative affective presence. My whole life is turning upside down with the death of my mother, selling her house and buying a place of my own, and having to forge a new life for myself. This will take plenty of cooperation with other people, professionally and socially!! I hope this doesn’t hinder my efforts.

  5. I saw the title and thought, oh that’s interesting… It’s also me. Am I a lone wolf? I’m not sure what qualifies. As a kid and teen, I’d prefer to do things solo but I think I was just shy and awkward. I’m not really a joiner, though. I like to know where the exists are. If there is something I want to do, I don’t usually need to wait for others to do it. I’m prepared to go alone.

  6. My mother also has a first house Pluto, conjunct her AC. She has a bit of a rebel streak but she does also look over her shoulder. That’s what I gather, based on all her stories. It’s not something she says, but more something I sense. She’s had things happen to her where she had to stand up for herself and face a bunch of angry people.

  7. With this placement a person experiences a lot of unconscious projections onto and into them, because other people meet Pluto when they meet them and it “does things”. It’s transformative for both self and other, but that is attractive/repulsive, because it doesn’t switch off. You have to learn to decipher the me and the not-me or your sense of self is a dire mess. Understanding how the unconscious mind works really helps. The soul is seeking to know itself very intensely with this placement.

  8. I have Wolf Green beside my bed now, Elsa. I cross read balance and step away in order to feel it…too.

    I had Mars whacking my Merc. rules Pluto on the 7th; it was whipping up all manner of trouble. I had to step away from here from everywhere.

    If l don’t stew in my own juice, l might give it to some one else to carry.

    It can be all consuming.

    I am alone and not alone.

    The good news– my niece is 90 days sober, after being lost for 6yrs.

    And as a side note, we here, in OZ have to thank your US army for alerting us to a war criminal-Roberts-Smith. He was our most decorated soldier. He was untouchable. No-one should be untouchable.

    12th house pluto whispering.

  9. Pluto Rising in Scorpio here, but from the 12th. I have a stellium in Aries and Gemini/Sadge, so I get it. But, yea Pluto has dominated so much of my life.

  10. Oh my, Elsa, we share so many Astro things. Now I’m adding one more to the list: child with Pluto rising. Glad to be on this Pluto first house journey with you!

  11. My son has Pluto in his 1st house, Capricorn.

    He attracts people, for whatever reason, aside from his looks. But he does keep a tight group of about 3-4 friends. He certainly watches others more than he participates in group activities.

  12. I have a Virgo stellium in the 1st which includes Pluto at 28°, Sun, Mercury and Venus. Natal Pluto is sextile natal Jupiter in Scorpio also at 28°. Yes lone wolf here.

  13. so true…and, I identified with sophiab’s post above– I have Pluto (conjunct Jupiter) in my 1st house and have been the target of other people’s projections — Pisces sun, Libra moon, so, idealistic me, it took quite a whiile to understand, and to also really take in the damage those false judgments caused to me.
    Astrology was so empowering, b/c it explained why some people just didn’t like me, through no fault of my own– they found me scary or even evil, with (they really thought this, I’m not kidding!) the power to lead others astray. Which is so far from who I am (or even what I look like, not that that matters)
    On the plus side, it made me a staunch defender of young people as they are exploring their own identities, and it helped to make me a really good teacher, reminding me not to make those harsh judgments myself in the few instances where someone’s behavior was really offputting.
    ***also, as a Pluto person (though Neptune is really my major ruler), with Pluto transiting my 6th house now, and Saturn transiting my 7th, I’ve been going back & reading some of Elsa’s old posts on all things Pluto, incredibly valuable! (& just started leaving ‘tips’, too, kind of like a voluntary reading room fee for her library!)

  14. Always a pleasure reading about your pluto experiences Elsa. I’m a degree or so further down the track than yourself with our Capricorn ascendent. F….. thankful that pluto is now more than 2 degrees separating. That ‘is it ever going to end feeling’ was with me more a than a couple of times. BUT, yes, concurrently I’m thankful for pluto’s hard-earned power each step of the way. He’s an awesome c… isn’t he, or she!
    “Lone Wolf”: I’ve tried too!…to assimilate into groups, to present to groups. The bottomline and need requires that I go it alone and instead catalyse groups, while I remain removed from them. That’s the leadership that I believe my 1st house pluto transit is driving.

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